A/N: This is TheMaskedMarmalade on Ovipets, for her game/challenge she came up with. It's a brief littleā€¦I am not even entirely sure what this is. But it's for her.

The music pounded loudly in her ears, thrummed through her blood stream and reverberated to her core. The base buzzed and hummed with a near techno like sound. The mass of bodies writhed and moved together to the ongoing rhythm of the night. All in all this was NOT a place she generally found herself on a Friday night, but she had a job to do and that job led her here.

She allowed her jade eyes to scan the night club even as she kept to the walls, nearly hidden in the shadows. The spot lights on the dance floor lit up the surrounding area, but she had no trouble keeping herself hidden, she never had any trouble remaining unseen. She wouldn't be able to do her job if she was seen.

She continued to allow her gaze to shift around the room, taking in every little sight she possibly could. She spotted him finally, the man she was after, sitting back in a dark corner off of the dance floor.

She moved closer towards him, keeping herself tucked away and unseen. This job was going to be an easy one she could tell, even though the man had two burly bodyguards with him. Instinct told her this would still be a quick touch and go job, get done what was needed and get gone before anyone really noticed anything had happened.

She perched herself up on short pillar even further back in the corner and simple watched. The night was still young, and she might as well let this man have a little bit more fun while it lasted. She sat and watched as he watched the crowd.

With perfectly combed golden brown hair and a thousand dollar midnight black Armani suit, he stood out quite a bit from the rest of club goers. Simply how he sat clearly screamed of his wealth.

She didn't know who this man was. Didn't know his name, didn't know where he lived, what his age was, his social or political standings or anything about his life really; just knew that he was her assignment, one she never had any qualms about carrying out.

Her clientele if you would; usually consisted of drug kingpins, warlords and arms dealers. People this world could simply benefit without. They always seemed to give off a vile and foul aura, this man did not.

She was slightly perplexed by the situation at hand. Pushing a chocolate brown lock behind her ear and continued to watch the man, her fingers absently tracing over the blade strapped to her right thigh.

She watched as a beautiful young honey blonde made eye contact with him and silently flirted from the dance floor. The blonde moved a little closer, swaying and gyrating her hips with an almost hypnotic twist. She watched as the blondes eyes lit up as he smirked at her, but with a slight flick of his wrist his gorilla of a bodyguard stepped forward and halted the steady progression the blonde had been making.

She had to concentrate hard to stop the chuckle she felt from bursting from her mouth. The poor blonde thought she was going to get lucky but had no such luck.

She sat and continued to watch for the next two hours as he slowly sipped his scotch and turned down woman after woman after woman. Either this man was gay, or extremely loyal to someone else. Fuck, she knew that couldn't be true, no man would ever turn down that many beautiful women, he had to be gay and this was just a game to him.

The night continued on, and she found herself becoming bored. Well it finally looked like this man's good time had come to an end; it was now time for her to go to work.

She eyed the two hulking bodyguards that stood to either side of him. They both were several feet away from him and by time either noticed something was wrong it would already be too late.

She favored the cut through the carotid artery. Simple, clean, quick and a zero percent chance the "client" would live. This would take her less than five minutes to actually do. She could be home in less than twenty, showered and in bed within the hour. She would be collecting a nice sized payday for such a simple and easy job, but what did she care.

She dropped down from the small pillar she had perched herself on for most of the night. Easily she kept to the shadows as she made her way towards the man. He didn't even have a clue.

She could feel her heartbeat quicken with every step she took. It wasn't from fear, nor would she say it was excitement either. Maybe it was from pure adrenaline.

Again her fingers danced along the blade at her thigh, readying herself for the task that would be at hand in just moments.

A deep chuckle hit her ears when she was less than three steps behind him, her blade finally out and in hand.

"Took you long enough." A male voice said low and with a bit of a husk to it. "I was wondering when you were going to get on with it."

She froze. Froze in almost mid-step, and stared at the back of the man she was sent to kill.

"Never falter, not even for a moment." The man said with a slight almost amused chuckle. "Do what you are supposed to do and get on with it."

Panic now coursed through her blood stream as she quickly made her way back to the shadows of the club. Now what was she supposed to do?