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Genre : Action, Martial Arts, Ecchi


*pant* *pant*

I'm running with all of my strength, as fast as i could.

The direction i'm heading was the place that is marked on the map on my right hand.

On my left, was the letter of acceptance delivered to me this morning.

Finally, the result of those grueling trainings and hard work finally paid off.

*giggle* i can't stop my laughing.

I turned right on the crossroad, and then turn left to finally reach my destination

A big, wide western style house.

It's a house that looked like a place where really, REALLY, rich people live, with exquisite exterior, beautiful garden, expensive car, and all that.

My childhood friend is living in this place.

And from this day on, i will be working in this place.

Protecting her, serving her, i'll do anything that'll make her happy.

I pushed the doorbell of the big house.

I heard the sound of the door opening.

Part 1

The front door opened, but instead of a girl, what comes out of the door was a big, bald man, with ripped muscle that could easily tear apart his black suit.

He looks at me intimidatingly.

Suddenly, a gun was pressed against the back of my head.

I looked back, seeing a man with silver hair and a cigar on his mouth.

Then from the bushes, suddenly 6 men in black appears and held their gun towards my direction.

"W-W-Wait a sec here...!" I frantically raised my hand to the air and said to the guys who had me at gunpoint.

"..." The silver haired man didn't say anything the men in black also didn't respond to what i'm saying.

As i was about to explain who i am, the silver haired man asked me.

"...Who are you? What business do you have with Ojou-sama...?"

"I'm her new bodyguard!" I answered to his question.

The silver haired man raises his eyebrow in disbelieving manner.

"If you don't believe me, then look at my left hand!" On my left hand was the letter of acceptance of me being her guardian, sent by Emi-chan's father, and the person that tested me for the job.

The silver haired man grabbed the letter and opened it.

"..." He reads the letter then took a glance at me, probably to check if i'm the same person as the one in the letter.

Obviously it's the same! There's only one person that has this handsome, stylish look, and that's me!

I unconsciously let out a laugh at my own praise, and the silver haired man looked at me weirdly like i'm some sort of a retard.

"Boss." The man in black said to the silver haired man, as he handed the cellphone on his hand to the silver haired man.

The silver haired man take the cellphone.

"Hello...ah...i see...then that stupid looking person is really...yes...i understand...bye" The silver haired man handed the phone back to the man in black.

"Hey! Don't call a person stupid when said person is standing in front of you!"

He didn't respond to what i said, but at least he lowered his gun after the phone call.

"Get in." He pointed at the direction of the house.

I did as what was told.

As i was about to enter the house, i noticed that there were frightened kids and housewives looking at me.

They probably thought that i was someone who is being threatened by these guys.

Well, i don't blame them, if i was in their position, then i would probably thought of the same thing.

One of the housewife then pulls out her cellphone, then she started to dial a number.

"Hello, police..."

Crap, did she just called the police? This is going to be really bad, because what happened is not what she is guessing!

"Ma'am." One of the men in black suddenly appeared in front of her."We would appreciate if you can...cooperate and not interrupting our work." The man in black said intimidatingly. "Do we understand each other now..?"

"Y-Y-Y-Y-YES! YES! I'M SO SORRY!" The housewife said in fear as she immediately ran inside her house.

The rest of the people who were watching also enters their own house as fast as they could, out of fear, obviously.

*sigh* I sighed with my head on my hand. This is going to be very troublesome to clear up.

But that can wait, as i have more important things to do.


I entered the house with the silver haired man and the other men in black.

We are at the second floor.

*knock* *knock* The silver haired man knocked on a door with a door sign that has the word [Emi] written on it.

"Excuse me, ojou-sama, your new bodyguard has arrived."

"He's here already?! W-wait a second, whatever you do, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!" The girl shouted from inside the door.

*chuckle* I let out a small laugh, looks like Emi-chan didn't change one bit.

The first time i met Emi-chan was when both of us are in the same class at elementary school.

She is a very kind and friendly girl, but very clumsy and has a knack of getting into trouble.

Like during the time when she almost got kidna-

I heard the sound of a door opening.

A beautiful teenage girl came out from the room.

"S-sorry i'm late!" She said while apologizing again and again for some reason.

"GOOD MORNING, OJOU-SAMA!" All the men in black and the silver haired man bowed down. I also followed their action and bowed down too.

"Jeez, i told you guys that you don't have to do that! It's really making me feel so uncomfortable!"

"Nonsense ojou-sama!" The silver haired man said in response. "It's how we show our utmost respect to our young lady!"

"Geez...this is embarrassing..." Emi-chan then looked at me. "'re my new bodyguard, huh?"

"T-that's right!" I replied.

She said to me with a smile "Well, it's nice to meet name is Miura Emi. I'll be in your care , i'm sorry, what's your name again?"


It feels like my heart just got ripped apart to pieces.

Did she...forget about me...? has been a really long time when we last saw each other.

She transferred to another school after that incident.

But...did she really forget...about me...about our promise?

Kuuuuh...dammit! Even if she doesn't remember about the promise, i remembered it. It's fine that way, i'll still fulfill my promise no matter what!

"Ehehe, just kidding!" She said suddenly "Of course i remember you, Shou-chan!"

"R-REALLY?!" She nodded her head while laughing. "Ha...ahaha...thank God..."

"Geez, even now, you still can't take a joke..."

Haha, of course she remembered, to think i doubted her...

"Don't tell me, you're..."

I heard the silver haired man muttering something, but i couldn't really hear what he said.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"N-no, nothing."


Well, whatever.

"Well, milady, i suppose that we'll take my leave now." The silver haired man said to Emi-chan.

"Oh, are you in a hurry?"

"Well, we need to get back to your father...the master's place."

"Oh, then why not have some tea first? I'm sure papa won't really mind."


"I agree with milady! We should have some tea first!"

"The tea made by Minami-chan is the best!"

"The head maid cooking is also the best!"

"IDIOTS!" The silver haired man yelled at his underlings.

"Don't think just because we're in a peaceful situation means we can relax! Remember what we are paid to do! To protect our employer 24/7,365! Don't forget that!"

I agree, that's what a true professional bodyguard is all about.

"And besides, the thought of leaving master with that...that smiling idiot...enough! I am sorry, milady, but we must leave right now. MEN! Let's go!" The silver haired man with the men in black walked away.

"Hey kid..." The silver haired man said to me.


"Take care of our ojou-sama...treat her with the utmost care and respect."

"What am i? An antique?!" Emi-chan madly responded too what that silver haired man said.

I agree, it sounds like he is describing how to take care of an antique. I know he meant well, but still, he needs to choose his words better.

"No, you are much, much more valuable than even the world's most expensive antique, ojou-sama." He turned his head to my direction. "If she got even the tiniest scratch on prepared,Hirayama Shou , be very prepared..."

"Heh, leave it to me, i'll make sure nothing bad happens to her."

"Heh..." The silver haired man let out a little laugh. He then proceed to walk out of the house with his men.

"Hihi..." I heard Emi-chan laughing behind me.

"What's so funny?"

"No, nothing...i'm just glad Shou-chan didn't really change that much."

"Hey! I'm taller now!"

"Yeah, but other than that, you really didn't change that much."

"Well, you're the one that really changed, for the better of course. You look much more cuter than when you were kid."

"What's that last part supposed to mean? That i'm not cute at all when i was a kid?"

"Haha, no, of course not!"

Huh? How long has it been since i and Emi-chan talked like this?

Wait, she's my master now, i should call her more properly from now on.

"Well, i think we should reintroduce ourselves first, to make this official."I said to my new ojou-sama.

I cleared my throat

"Ojou-sama, my name is Hirayama Shou, from this day on, i'll be the one taking care of you, Emi ojou-sama."

"Mmm, and i am Emi Miura, from now on, i'll be in your care."

Both of us smiled at each other.

"Hihi, it's kinda funny..."

"Yeah, it's a bit awkward reintroducing ourselves like this..." I replied back.

I take a good look at her.

She has really grown.

Especially her breast.

"Hehe..." I let out a laugh as i stared at her chest area.

"Hmmm? What's wrong?" Emi Ojou-sama said as she leaned closer to me.



I can see her boobs from here.




I can't look! Even if i want to, i can't look no matter what!

It'll be bad if she saw me ogling at her.

It'll ruin our reunion for sure.

"?" She stared at me. "What's wrong, Shou-chan?"

"N-no, nothing, i said as i tried my best looking away from her chest area.

"...? Well, here's your first duty, come with me for a walk."

"Of course, i'll come with you anywhere Ojou-sama."


Looks like there's one person following us.

Someone wearing a hoodie is following me and Emi ojou sama ever since we left the house.

We are currently at the town's market, while being followed by that suspicious person.


What's this?

I just sense...this is...killing intent!

It's coming from that, a there are other people with the same killing intents from other direction.

I looked to my left, and indeed, there are 2 suspicious person.

One of them is observing both of us from a narrow alley, and one of them is observing from the top of a building.

There are also a few suspicious guys in front

"What are you looking at?" Emi ojou-sama asked me.

"Milady..." I said while smiling. "I think we should end our walk here."

"Why? It's still quite early?"

"Well, maybe you can spend your weekend in other ways, because..." I smacked away a bullet that is aimed at milady with a backhand. "A lot of guys wants to ruin this morning walk."

I picked up milady and started to run toward the narrow alley.

"AH?! WHA?!"

"Hang on tight, milady."

The suspicious person in the alley pulled out a knife and attacked me.

I dodge his knife with a side , i kicked his knee from the back, then proceed with a roundhouse kick at his head.

His head hits the wall, then i kicked his head in to the wall.


"GET THEM!" The man who followed us earlier yelled. He is coming at us with another group of attackers.

I used the walls between the alley to jump to the top of the building with the sniper.

When we arrived on top of the building, the sniper already took his aim at us.


He fired a bullet aimed at milady who i am carrying.

I kicked the bullet away.

*bang* *bang* *bang*

This time, more than one shot are fired at us.

I kicked away all of the bullets.

The sniper press the trigger to shoot again, but it looks like he ran out of ammo.

In a flash, i appear in front of him and kick him hard at the jaw.

He was sent flying.

Then i proceed to stomp his head, making a crack on the floor.

I heard footsteps coming from the door near us.

"They're coming!"

"Don't worry milady."

I ran to the door and proceed to kick the door, sending it flying toward the group of chasers.


The flying door hits most of them.

The chasers who didn't get hit by the door proceed to shoot at us.

I took cover nearby.

"GUARGH!" A scream of pain is heard.

I looked at the door.

The chasers are laid out cold on the floor.

The only one standing there is someone who is wearing a maid outfit.

Her long silver hair is flowing freely, her violet eyes stares at me.

On her hands, is what look like a staff.

"So, are you an ally or an enemy?" I asked at the mysterious maid.


She didn't respond to my question.


I turned around and delivered a stiff, hard kick at another attacker.

She is sent flying as the result of the kick and hit the railing on the roof.

It was another maid

She held two silver knives on her hand.

But she manages to get up.

Another attack comes from behind me.

The first maid thrust her staff at my back, but i managed to dodge it just in time, only my shirt got ripped a little as the result of her attack.

I ran towards the railing, and from there, with milady in my hands, ran on the walls of the building to the street below.

"UWAAAAAAAAAAH!" Milady screamed in horror.

We managed to land safely on the street below.

But, the two maids keep chasing both of us.

Both of them also run on the walls and leaped toward us.

I blocked the staff with my knee, then proceed to kick it upward.

But the maid with the staff attack didn't stop, she slammed the staff downward.

I side stepped and a crack is created on the floor.

I heard the many scream of fear from the passerby. They all started to run away from us.

Then the maid with two knives attacked me too.

Her knife almost sliced my head clean off my shoulder.

This is a very tough situation, i can't use my hands and i'm facing two highly skilled attackers.

I ran away from them with milady in hand.

I ran and ran, Some of their attacks hits me, but i managed to dodge the fatal ones.

I found an abandoned building and proceed to get inside.

It looked like it used to be an office.

There are still some desks and chairs in the building.

I kicked one of the desk at the chasing maids, yet it was no use.

The maid with the knife easily sliced it apart.

I ran with milady in hand to the top floor of the building.

It's a room with only a chair.

I took a glance on the window nearby, and it looks like the only people chasing us are the maids.

The men from before is nowhere to be seen.

I put milady down on the chair.

"Don't worry milady, just relax, i'll end this game of cat and mouse."

I rushed toward the direction of the door, but my aim is not the door.

I punched the wall left of the door, Resulting in the wall crumbling.

Looks like the two maids are surprised by that.

I grabbed the wrist of the knife wielder and drag her closer to me.

I kicked her knee and headbutted her, stunning her.

Then, i throw her toward her partner, breaking the wall of the room next door

Both of the maid stood up.

The maid with the staff then proceed to attack me.

A long curved blade comes out of the tip of her staff, making it looked more like a scythe instead of a staff.

I ducked and dodge the attack.

But the maid continues swinging her scythe at me.

Some of my clothes is teared up as the result of the slices.

"HRRGH!" A wire is choking my neck.

That wire comes from the maid with knives.

The wire is coming from inside the hilt of the knife.

She pulled me toward her and she tried to stab me with the other knife.

I managed to prevent the knife from piercing me by grabbing her wrist and preventing her from thrusting the knife.

But the other maid took the chance and sliced my back with the scythe.

*slash* *slash* *slash*

"GUARGH!" I screamed in pain.

She took one giant swing of her scythe and aimed it at my neck.

To dodge it, i fall down on the floor on purpose, then with both my feet, i kicked the solar plexus of the maid with the knives as hard as i could.



I can see it clearly!

The maid with the staff is wearing a sexy black panties!

Now's a perfect chance! This is a once in a lifetime chance!

I pulled down her panties.


Now i have a clear view.


What a sight to behold.

Her ass is really something else.

And it looks like she really take care of her 'precious spot'.

But i can't stare at it for too long.

I pulled back my feet, raised it and lock it on her head, then, i did a reverse frankensteiner.

"HEAD MAID!" Her ally, the maid with the knives, yelled in anger. "YOU!" She rushed at me.

She tried to kick my head off my shoulder, but i ducked and managed to avoid it.

She continues with another attack by using her knife.


Her attack managed to hit my neck, thankfully, i managed to react on time, and as the result, the wound is not deep, only a scratch.

She threw the knife on her other hand at my face.

I avoid it.

But, she already knew that i would avoid it, as she immediately rushe-



Something hard just hit the back of my head.

I took a glance on my behind.

The maid with the sexy black panties is holding her staff in a thrusting motion.

It seems that she hits the knife with her staff so that the hilt of the knife of the maid in front of me threw hit the back of my head.

A pair of hand then grabbed my head roughly.

The owner of the pair of hand, the maid with the knives, proceed to slam my face to her knees.



My nose appears to be broken as the result of her hard knee to the face.

Another attack then comes from behind me.

The staff wielding maid then sweep my feet with her staff.

As i am off the ground, she immediately thrust her staff at my body.


I screamed in pain.

But the punishment did not stop there.

I saw the fist of the maid who uses knives coming at me.


I can't block it!


Her ax kick hits me right in the face.

Her kick is powerful enough to even make a crack on the floor under my head.



This is not a good day for a first day work.



Something just latched on my knee.

It looks like a mechanic claw coming from that staff come out and grabbed my knee.


The maid with the staff threw me so hard that the wall breaks when my body hits it.





Looks like she threw me pretty hard if i'm in now in milady's room.

Don't worry about me milady...

I heard footsteps coming this way.

Looks like the two maids are coming...

Well now, i can't let them come near milady now...

Even though blood is dripping from my face, i stood up.

"Ah...just so you girls know...i'm done being the sandbag..."

I quickly dashed to those 2 maids.


This time, it's my turn to deliver a punch to the face.

Both my punches hits the maids right in their face.

They were sent flying as the result.

I quickly followed both of them.

I grabbed their heads and slammed them to the floor.


The floor breaks as their heads hits the floor.

Now, both of us fell on floor below.

Surprisingly, both of them did a kip-up at the same time.

They also elbowed the side of my head at the same time.

The maid with the staff then delivered a kick to my head with her right foot.

I blocked it with my hand.

Then, i sweep down her left foot.

As she fell to the ground, i picked up her staff and hits the other maid with it.


I hit her straight at her stomach.

Then, i thrust the staff to the silver haired maid that is laying on the floor.

She caught the staff.

I use my arm strength to lift her up using the staff, and i slam her to her fellow maid.

I threw away the staff to the hole above me.


A wire wrapped my feet.

As she pulled the wire, i forcefully fell to the ground.

No one can fight the force of gravity, after all.

As i fell, the maid with the knives is now in the air.

She threw the knife on her left hand .



The knife is now latched on the floor.

That was close...

If i was 1 second late of moving my head, i would have met my demise.

But she still has one knife on her hand.

She grips it firmly with her hands and aimed it at my face.

I prepared myself for a counterattack.





I gathered all my strength on my legs.

I kicked her just in time before the knife stabbed my face.

I followed it with a kip-up.

But the maid is also on her feet.

This time, she attacked me with strikes instead of using her knives.

She delivered a straight punch with her right.

I managed to catch it, but...



Her rising kick hit me right in the jaw.

As i was stunned, the maid pounces on the opportunity.

She continued with multiple punches aimed at my body.

*smack* *smack* *smack*



I think i heard the sound of some of my ribs breaking from the punches.

As my body staggered back, she delivered a flying back kick at my head.

Before the kick hits me, i managed to duck and completely avoid her kick.

I delivered a rising uppercut to her as the counterattack.

As she if in midair, i immediately placed my head between her thighs, my hands holding her thighs firmly.

Then, i jumped and delivered a sit-out powerbomb.


Cracks appeared on the floor below her as the result of the powerbomb.

I stood up and looked at the fallen maid.

Her body is unmoving from her current position.

It looks like she is unconscious.



As i was focused on the opponent in front of me, i didn't realize that the other maid had already got up.

And it was too late when i finally noticed.

She elbowed me on my back.


I coughed up blood.

Then, two powerful strikes hits me on the back

I was flying forward as the result of the strikes.

Before i knew it, my body hits the wall.


I looked to the back.

I saw the maid is already behind me, preparing the finishing blow.

Dammit, i can't even move a muscle...


This voice?!

"Ojou-sama...?" I looked at the hole above.

Indeed, Emi ojou-sama is the one screaming.

"...Well, that's my order i suppose..." The silver haired maid said.


Wha...what's going on...?


A girl is hanging upside down from the building where the fight between a man and two maids occured.

"Hmmm...that was intense, and that boy isn't bad at all, maybe i should teach him a thing or two..." The girl said as she let her thought out loud.

"Should i offer him my help...? Nah, mistress will be furious if i do that..." She continues talking to herself.

"Well, i'll give him a passing grade...though i wish i could be the one that test him..."

Her orders were to be the one testing that boy ability.

However, it seems the maids working under the young Ojou-sama's dad had already done that.

"Well...i should go back now that i already got the results needed."


"Ow! OW OW OW OW OW OW!" The maid screamed in pain as ojou-sama applied ointments on her wounds..

We are now at Ojou-sama's home.

Next to me is the beautiful silver haired maid who was fighting with me earlier.

"Judging from the look in your eyes, i take it you're really confused about all of this..." The silver haired maid said to me.

"Obviously." I replied.

"Sorry Shou-chan..." Emi ojou-sama said to me.

"*sigh* Don't apologize, Ojou-sama. It was my idea after all." The maid then turned her head towards me. "I wanted to see your ability with my own eyes, so that's why me and Minami over there attacked you."

"Hey new guy, you hits really hard you know..." The other maid said to me. "OW! Owie..."

"Muuu...hold still, it's hard to treat you if you move around so much."

"Y-yes Ojou..."

"But, you are pretty good, i'll say that. You even managed to beat those other hitmen while carrying ojou-sama." The silver haired maid continues her talk.

"Well, thank you..."

"And did you get a good view back then?"


"When you pulled down my panties? Did you get a good look of my...hmmm, what's the word? Ah, 'secret garden'?"

"Wait, what?" Ojou-sama said in surpirse.

Oh no...

"Ah, i almost forgot Ojou! That man pulled down Head Maid's panties during the battle! Be careful Ojou, don't get too close to that guy!" The maid then said to me. "Don't go near Ojou-sama again you creep!"

"N-now...wait a second here..."


How the hell can i talk my way out of this mess...?

What? I was this close to see a beautiful woman's secret place, how can any straight man not take the chance while it's there...?

But i can't say that obviously...



I feel something soft pressing on my back.

"Hmmm, what's wrong...?"

The head maid hugged me from behind.

I can feel her breast pressing on my back.

"Why didn't you answer my question, boy?" I can feel her breath as she whispered to me.

Her hands are also erotically touching all over my body.


Now she's nibbling on my neck.

"Aah..." I let out a moan.

This seriously feels so good.


"Head maid! What are you doing?!"

"Fufu...what's wrong you two? This is just something called skinship, oh, and don't look away Ojou-sama, didn't you ask me before about how to make a boy happy?"

"W-w-wait, don't say it out loud Maya-san! And there's no way i can do something like that!"

"Is that so? Fufu, Ojou-sama, a girl must be very bold when she's with a boy she likes you know...? If you can't do things like this, he'll never like you, Isn't that right boy?"


She seemed to be talking to me.


"Hmmm, looks like my extra service feels too good, well then..." She had her hands on the side of my pants.

And she pulled it all the way down.


My big boy down there is standing quite happily.

...W-wait a sec...


What just...?

Did she just...?

Did she just pulled my pants all the way down?

"Oh, yours are quite splendid!" The head maid said.

"W-w-w-w-whaaaaa?!" The other maid said in shock at what just happened.

"K-K-KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Emi ojou-sama screamed at what she just saw.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I screamed in shock.

"P-pull up your pants, Shou-chan!W-wait, i should take a picture of it...f-for reference, W-wait, what am i thinking?! Pull it up, quickly!"

"T-that's...a horse's... p-p-pe..."

"D-don't say it Minami-chan! You'll become a perverted adult if you say something dirty like that!"

I frantically pulled my pants back up.

"With this, we're even now..." The head maid whispered to me.

"You really have to pull my pants down in front of everyone?! You could have pulled my pants when they're not around!"

"Ah,so you want me to strip you in private? Fufu, you naughty boy."


"Shou-chan, i can't believe you! PERVERT!" Emi Ojou-sama said as she ran to her room.

"W-wait, that's not what i-"

"Shut up! Don't come near her you beast!" The other maid said as she followed Emi Ojou-sama to her room.



No way...

After such a long time, i managed to ruin my whole relationship with Emi Ojou-sama in just one day.

I guess it is as what master said.

I have one hell of a talent in ruining relationships with other people...


Well, that's it for the first chapter, hope you guys enjoys it.