**Author's Note: This is the first story I have ever written, and English is not my native language, so please forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I will be very grateful if you point out my mistakes or give some comments. This story is just a random idea that popped into my head when I was racing with my little brother. Thank you!**

''Honey, I'm back!''

''That's great, sweetheart,'' A blond, green-eyed, stunningly beautiful woman stepped out of the kitchen. ''Go change your clothes, darling, the kids are starving.''

''They're always starving, except when it comes to broccoli,'' He chuckled. His wife just smiled, and shoved him into his room.

He looked at the large bedroom he and his wife shared, and simply sighed with content. (My memories, my fun, my happiness, my perfect family life) It had been ten years, or maybe even more, since they moved in. But it never got bored for him to look at every single detail of their room, their house, their family. All was perfect. He had known. He had known it the day he first kissed his wife on the beach;the day he slipped the golden ring onto her slender finger; the day he stroked her large, swelled belly- All would be perfect. All was perfect, now, and there was no sadness.

(Yet do you remember, do you remember?)

Remember? What was there left to remember? His only memories, were of his beloved woman, his dear children, his best friends. They were perfect. Their smiles, their love. And he loved them back. These, were worth remembering.

(But after what you had done, what you had caused, who you had abandoned?)

''Daddy, DADDY!''

The calls of his children awoke him, and shoving his thoughts to one side, he quickly pulled on a shirt and headed downstairs to the dining room. The dining room. The house. His house. His house, which he had bought, with his wife, after saving up for so long, working for so hard... And the laughter and tears they had when their dream came true- The house, their own dream house. This was all worth it, because it was perfect.

(Did you change when you turned eighteen? Who says only perfect things are worth fighting for? How do you even know it is perfect? You are not you- you're now a commoner, you think your life is perfect because there's no trouble, no sadness, NOTHING. You weren't like this before. Is it that you've changed, or you're just escaping?)

He took a bite of the chicken, and enjoyed the taste of his wife's cookery. The usual- roasted chicken, spaghetti, mashed potatoes and mushroom soup. Everyday, the same, yet perfect. He never stopped reminding himself how perfect now was, how perfect the future would be. Always, no matter at work, on the bus or even sleeping, he always said to himself, ''Now is perfect. This life is perfect. Everything is perfect. Perfect, and nothing will change.''

(But why keep reminding yourself? To keep yourself unconscious? Prevent yourself from remembering? From remembering that day-)

He had nothing, nothing else to remember. Nothing else than his beloved ones...

(Is there a beloved one that you forgot? The one that you-)

''Sweetie? Are you okay?'' She waved a hand in front of his face, '' You look... blank''

''No I'm alright,'' His eyes snapped open, '' I was just...''

''Daydreaming?'' She joked,''Doesn't sound like you.''

He smiled. His wife, playful and cheery, perfect in every way. Yes, everything was okay, there was nothing, nothing, to worry about.

(What about the dreams? The dreams you have, the dreams you fear, about-)

He always forgot the dreams he had. Many people did. That didn't matter, just a dream, after all...

(Dream, or memory?)

He didn't really cared. If it was a dream, it was probably about joyful things, like travelling around the world with his loved ones... If it was a memory, then it would be, very likely be, the memory of his wedding day. The flowers, the people, the laughter, the tears, the ring, the kiss...

Yet there was a part of him that wasn't quite perfect. A little corner in the dark, neglected, forgotten, abandoned. He never knew it was there- he thought it was long gone, forever. For he had long ago left that little corner or his life, and headed down the wide road of his 'perfectness'.

(But all roads have an end, even a perfect one. And the day when you reach the end, when you finally look back, you will see every detailed part of the road, including the twisty, muddy footpaths. And you will see that little dark corner, almost forgotten, sitting in the corner, the person you never bothered to wait for.)

A twinge of guilt hit him. A drop, only a tiny drop, of regret and sadness. And that tiny drop, barely even seen, brought a gush of warm air touching his heart. The single touch made him shudder, for he heard a sound, a sound he had never heard for years and years... So sweet, so soft, like small golden bells ringing, like the spring birds singing, ''Wait, wait for me! Wait for me!''

And there they were, laughing and running and chasing and shouting, as happy as the free birds in the sky, rolling in the grass. And as they ran, both the white-blond boy and the raven-haired, the younger one cried, ''Ge-ge, ge-ge, wait for me, wait for me...''

But even as the shouts faded, he never bothered to look back.

**And there it is, my first story! I really want to make it into a full fic, but I'm still not sure... Would you guys want to know who 'He' is? And what had happened before? I have this story all planned out and the only thing I lack is confidence! Thank you!**