This will be less of a diary and more of a place to rant..I think. I don't know how secure this thing is, because I have friends on this website and I'd like to keep this place private. So I guess I'll see about that.

Let's see...what to talk about.

I started a forum on my other profile, since I was having trouble finding a place to RP that I liked that was STILL OPEN. So many dead ones. So sad. I know of a few good ones actually, but they tend to be frequented by people I know on here who...let's just say I don't think they particularly enjoy my company. They RP with me, sure, but I don't think they really like doing so..heck, I don't know. I just get these vibes from them that they aren't exactly fans of me. Granted, I've only known them for a month, but I shouldn't still be so unsure of myself around them, right? Or maybe not..I am the worst person to ask about social stuff.

Anyway, being the distrustful, snoopish, weirdo I am, I went around and looked at a few of the other forums they're on. Creepy? Probably. But it's a public domain, so whatcha gonna do? Didn't get much info on what they think of me. They don't think very highly of my forum, but I'm not going to take that too harshly since it's my first and they're used bloodthirsty dramatic things, from what I've seen. Along with gratuitous sex. I honestly don't care, but I do make people take their sexy times to the PMs. But in any case, my forum is too tame for them. Okay, fine. Not going to beat myself up about it.

Although it does bother me a bit that when I was looking for forums to join a few weeks ago, no one said a thing. Well, they did, they said they couldn't think of any. If that doesn't say 'we don't exactly like RPing with you, we sort of do it to be nice.' Then I don't know what does.

So this first bit was disgustingly whiny. Eh, happens sometimes. Normally on my DA's journals, actually, but I always come to my senses and delete them afterward. More shall come. Maybe.

I'll try to pepper the whininess with things that are actually somewhat interesting though.