Maybe if you could just come back,

Chase away the darkness that's followed me for days

As has the poison coursing through my veins

Baby love me again, love me whole

You know I could never survive,

I'm falling headfirst into a shallow end toe-dive

You see the place I'm in, oh all this time I've sinned

You know I don't believe in god but for you darling, I'm sure I nearly could

My lover, my friend, I bet if you tried

You could pull me back from this ledge

But your hearts not in it, and soon no longer will mine

For it will soon be dead with my poor handle on these bottles of cheap wine

My systems fail from this abuse

But darling, you're the only one who could cut my noose

But that's an awful thing to carry and a terrible thing to say

So no longer will you have to worry

And no longer will I feel this pain

Because darling, you see, or you don't, today is my last day

Remember how I don't believe in god?

So please don't forget to pray