So what can you use for a source

so your opinion will be in force

Cause you know you can't use a website

even though the internet calls you like a gravitational force

She said no websites

cause you need to know when to pick your fights

and fighting with the teach is just not right

so really you know better don't use websites

so come on get started if you have to rewrite

toss that old paper out of sight

so understand we are not doing this out of spite

so you may write a popular indite

So filling a page with writing

Is such a horrific fight

That after the first page you have nothing more

To bring into the readers light

So what is the rule for

So your paper is not complete lore

So your paper is not trash

That needs to be checked at the door

No threat of a computer crash

Cause all the good sites cost cash

So remember no websites

So the teachers teeth won't nash