In the bedroom of one high school student named Hayashida Kyou sat him and his childhood friend, a short girl (151 centimeters apposed to his 168) by the name of Tachibana Mii who was seated on his bed with her legs underneath her and her hands on her thighs. She had short, orange hair with red eyes while Kyou's own shoulder-length hair was black and his eyes were the color of the night sky. The (surprisingly) younger boy was laying on his stomach, his attention completely focused on his manga.

Since Mii has been here, ever since she suddenly came over without any warning, Kyou has just went on reading his manga, ignoring her presence. However, despite his ignoring her, Mii continued to sit there, waiting patiently for when he would finally turn his attention upon her; but the minutes kept passing by as the pages kept flipping by, one right after another without stop. Then, suddenly, Kyou's own patience had dissipated.

"Alright! You win!" Kyou cried out, not being able to bear Mii's silence any longer. Yes, he had been doing his best to ignore her; but all the time she had been sitting there quietly she has been staring at him, not even once turning her eyes away to look at something else. It really bugged him, especially with how cute she looks just sitting there quietly; although he is hesitant to call her cute since she's his childhood friend, but he can't deny the truth. Especially when it's just sitting there, staring at him nonstop. "What is it that you want, Mii?"

"Pocky." Mii told him, keeping her eyes locked onto Kyou's own like a sniper's crosshairs on a target. "I want Pocky."
"I don't have Pocky."
"Go buy me some."
"Why do I have to!?"
"Because I want some." She hadn't blinked for a bit, and that was starting to really creep him out.
"Fine! I'll be back!"

With that said, Kyou got up, went out, brought some Pocky, and returned to his bedroom where Mii was still sitting in the same exact spot. "I found your stash of adult magazines while you were gone." She told him, turning her eyes back towards his.

"Nice try, but I don't have any." He said as he walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge before opening up the box and the package, taking one out before handing the entire box to Mii. "Enjoy. By the way, it cost 120 yen."

She took the box, but kept staring at him. "I wanted that one." She said pointedly, her stare growing more intense.
"Too bad~" Kyou said just before he took it into his mouth.

Before he could start eating it, Mii suddenly leaned forward and took the other end of the Pocky into her mouth, sending a heavy blush flying across Kyou's cheeks. She quickly started nibbling it down, closing the distance at a fast pace; however, as soon as he got his senses back, Kyou pushed away from her, breaking the Pocky in half and sending his half falling out of his mouth. "Wh-what do you think y-you're doing!?" He cried out, covering his mouth with his arm. "W-why did you do that!?"

"It's because I like you." Mii said, still staring at him with not so much as a single hint of red on her cheeks.
"Y-you're just saying that because I brought you some Pocky!"

She kept staring at him, keeping silent as she just went on staring, not breaking eye contact at all, not even to blink. Kyou kept leant away from her, his cheeks growing redder with each passing moment as he wondered if what she said is really true. Mii rarely ever shows any emotion, so he can never tell when she's kidding or being serious; and she does that on purpose! All the time!

"Let's play the Pocky game." She suddenly said, breaking her unrelenting stare as she took out a Pocky from the package.
"W-why should I!?"
"Because it's fun." She stuck the end of the Pocky in her mouth, holding it in place and sticking out towards him.

S-should I...? After what she just tried to pull? What's her plan; why is she doing this!? Is she just playing with me? Amusing herself by making me all flustered and embarrassed!? Kyou couldn't help but to blush a little harder when she closed her eyes, the boy almost not believing how cute she looked like that with the Pocky sticking out of her mouth and towards him. She's probably playing around, so I shouldn't humor her!

But, maybe... I can get back at her! I'll pretend to play along, and then I'll break away before she can just say it's all a joke and that she's kidding! Yeah, that's what'll I'll do!

"I-I'll play..." Kyou whispered, scooting over next to her and taking the end of the Pocky into his mouth. He slowly nibbled away as she did the same, the distance closing between them. Then, when her eyes started opening, he took that as his cue; and, without warning, he jerked down, breaking the small remaining half of the Pocky and taking it into his mouth. "Too ba-!" He started to cry out, right before Mii suddenly leaned forward and kissed him right on the lips.

The tips of his ears went red as she kissed him, her eyes closed once more until she broke away from him, the end of the Pocky that had been in his mouth now in hers. Kyou fell back on his bed, staring at her in shock as Mii stared back at him. "Delicious." Was all that she said.