"How many days until I can have a steak again?" Ken groaned, picking at his plate of ratatouille.

Sophia pulled up the calendar on her phone. "We're on day nine hundred forty-seven."

"Forty-three days of hell."

She snorted. "Hush. You're in the home stretch now."

"I want to be back in Japan on day one thousand. Get one of those kobe steaks."

"I'll be too far along for us to travel then. The doctor keeps talking about putting me on bedrest as it is."

Ken smiled and put his hand on his wife's belly. "I guess I should have warned you fox demons have packs."

"I was honestly more surprised it took me so long to get pregnant. Considering how rabbit-like we were."

Ken laughed as he rubbed her belly. "If they have my powers, do you want to make them human as a child? It'll be easier to do that before they know the joy of a good steak."

Sophia tapped her cheekbone in thought. "I think it would be best to let them choose for themselves. Maybe they'll want to stay as fox demons for a while."

He stroked his beard. "Maybe I should have a steak today. I don't want to think about trying to handle three demons without powers myself."

She pursed her lips and huffed. "You're not getting off that easy. Do you really want to start the trial again?"

He buried his face in his hands as he growled in frustration. "You're the pregnant one. Why am I the only one having cravings?"

"You were craving steak long before I ever got pregnant."

"Those were preliminary cravings."

She laughed. "Well, they said triplets usually come early, but then they'll need a long period of time in the hospital."

"Don't worry. They'll be fine. They're part fox, after all."

She frowned. "What if they have the features at birth? You said you had to create your human form, right?"

"They're only half. They'll probably come out looking like humans. According to the texts I read about it, anyway."

"That's a relief."

He shrugged. "I think seeing the doctor's face as he held a pup would be pretty hilarious, myself."

"Hilarious until the media gets a hold of it."

"We're in France. They'll love it."

"Hush, you." She giggled. "I guess even if the media got a hold of it, they would still have a ton of friends growing up."

Ken nodded. "They ran into some problems with your additions, but the orphanage should be done in seven months."

Sophia smiled. "Do you ever regret taking on this life?"

He shook his head. "On the contrary. I feel like my life has just begun."

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