Hayashida Kyou, a sixteen-year old boy with shoulder-length black hair and night-sky blue eyes was walking along with his childhood friend, Tachibana Mii, who had short, orange hair (the top came down long to the start of her neck, but the bottom barely fell down from her head) and red eyes. The difference in their height was quite immense, with Kyou standing seventeen centimeters above her 151 at 168. To go along with her short height, Mii also had a childlike body with a very small chest, though it wasn't quite to the point of being flat.

Anyways, it was just a regular day for the two childhood friends who were headed on their way to school, having just left Kyou's house a few minutes ago. They were walking along silently, something that was a bit common for the duo; however, it was a bit too silent with Mii barely having uttered more than 'good morning' and 'I woke up at 5' since they had left. She usually spoke a bit more than that; and for her to suddenly not speak as much as she usually does is making Kyou worry... for himself.

It's never good for him whenever she starts being so quiet.

Then, all of a sudden, Mii suddenly stopped walking, making him stop as he looked back at her, a little afraid of what she was going to say. Instead of saying anything, though, she simply started staring into his eyes, relentlessly and without stop until he finally spoke up. "Alright... what do you what?"

"A piggyback ride."
Kyou blinked, staring at her in confusion, a bit surprised by her statement. "You... want me to carry you?"
She just kept staring at him, not blinking.
"Wouldn't that make you look more like a child...?"
She didn't stop staring.

Kyou crossed his arms, looking away from her eyes, not being able to take it directly anymore. "I-I refuse... I'm not going to carry you, Mii. Nope, not going to happen." As he waited for Mii to give in as she continued to stare at him, beads of sweat started to roll down from his forehead. It's... definitely... not going to happen...

Five minutes later...

"I'm so tall." Mii said from where she was sitting on top of Kyou's shoulders as they walked to school together, the boy's eyes somewhat turned towards the ground. There was just something about Mii's unrelenting stare that completely unnerved him, so he really could never actually refuse her if she started that dreaded staring. He's been trying to change that for years now, but he's had absolutely no luck with it; so she pretty much gets everything she wants.

"Why are you on my shoulders...? Why not let me carry you with my arms under your legs?" She looks just like a kid on my shoulders...
"Pervert!? Why, no, how is that perverted!?"
Mii placed her hands on the top of his head, looking down upon him. "You want to feel my legs up."
"Why would I want to do that!?" Kyou exclaimed, his cheeks turning red.
"Because you like me."
"I'm not a pervert!"

Mii didn't say anything after that, allowing Kyou to bask in the respite he was unexpectedly getting... until she finally spoke up again. "You didn't deny it."
"Deny what?"
"That you like me."
Kyou's ears turned red. "W-well, you're my childhood friend, so of course I like you... as a friend!"

Mii stared at the back of his head, Kyou feeling the stare upon him even though he wasn't looking at her; and without warning, her hands came down to his cheeks and she pinched him.
"H-hey! What are you doing!?"
"I'm annoyed." She told him, continuing to pinch him.
"You don't sound like I-! Ow!"
"I am."
"S-stop! That hurts!"
"If you don't, I'm going to drop you!"

Mii stopped pinching him, though she kept her hands on his cheeks. Kyou glanced back at her, wondering what's the matter with her today. Before he could wonder for long, her eyes met his. "You're feeling my ankles up."
"Get off."