"Convince me."

The words echo in my ear, even though it had been approximately 24 hours since I had even laid eyes on the damn orphanage. The world was starting to annoy me. No matter how hard I try I could never have IT. The life I've seen other children lead. The life full of love and laughter.

They were different.

I am different.

I'm sick and tired of the headmaster of the orphanage look at me like I'm some special case, like I am different. My difference is what made my parents turn me over. They were horrified-horrified at their child.

I am not human, or so the officials have told me. Yet, I look human. I have the same body, the same hazel eyes matched with porcelain skin, the same jet black hair. I am not pretty, I am not ugly, I look ordinary. It is my mind that scares them and the rest of humanity. I can do things an average human can not do. The government analyzes me-tries to figure if I can be a friend, a foe, or a military weapon. They said the orphanage would be the best place for me, where I can be away from the people who would try to use me-exploit me, where I could live an ordinary life away from prying eyes. Yet here I am, on the streets. The other kids have seen my power, asking questions, curiously prodding me, and eyeing my like I am an unapproachable animal. I look back at the orphanage, and look at the second floor window. The headmaster sits there along with a government official. They talk hastily, making wild gestures. Their eyes are the only clue towards what they're saying. The headmaster is furiously shaking his head, I do not have to be an expert to figure out what that means. I am not permitted back, he is not convinced of my restraint on my powers. The government official sighs and puts his head in his hands. He looks out the window and our eyes connect, he's young for a government official. At least I thought he was one until I see another man step out of the shadows. Realization hits me like a bullet in the chest. This is who they're sending to "protect me" from the world? A son of a government official to try to present the case for me? I look carefully, but the more I look, the more my feelings of rage feed the monster inside me. I feel that spark, then warmth and fire course through my veins and my body. I look wildly around, trying to calm myself. Yet, the monster is too strong, it can not be resisted. Through tears and blinded eyes, I see a world coursing with fire and despair; innocent passer-byes stare in horror at the chaos.

Then the world goes black.