The is the sequel of the Future 3rd Generation play. This story mostly involves when the Shees became the main villain of this play. The Shees are best known as trickster and liar and they are Half Angel, Half Demon. They love to mess with someone else love. They represent liberty, freedom, and flight. They don't make such promises. They created the Obsidian Mirror as it been told in the last RP.

You might encounter some capitalization mistakes because my partner owns the other half of the characters as well too.

My partner:

Rui, Xiao, Kimmy, Jin, Jung, Ying, Mu, Jung, Jun, Dylan, Jing, Hadi, Quing, Hao, Xin, Shadow (skasker), Austin, Dustin, and Ha

My characters

Main Hero: Henry, Dennis, Cecil, Selene, Scumhunt, Mark, Fang, and Yona.

Neutral: Victor and Varen, Chrona, Elemental Lord

Main Villain: Fang's sister, Demons (Leviathan), Shadow Hunters, Damien, and the Shees (Queen Shee, Spring, Winter, Summer, and Autumn)

Others: Clara, Sung Ki, Shang, Jin Ryu, Thao, Ajala, Baku, Master of Court, Agony Wraith, Aura, Master of War, Cosmic Shadow, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Zalgo, Satan, Archangelo

Each chapter is ONE long episode as the story proceeds.