-Henry's Dreams-

dylan: *being dream*

Henry: *walking into a mirror of the hallway until he sees the end of hallway with a big mirror that shows him more bloated and he screams*

-End of Dream-

Henry: *wakes up and end of sleep eating and he spits the food out*

Mark: *yawns and walks up* Good morning, Henry.

Henry: *feeling dizzy and his face feels bloated as his body too* Umm...what's going on with me?

Mark: I think you're gaining more weight and overeating at night.

Henry: Why was I sleep eating?

Mark: Hmm...I don't know...

Henry: *moans and then closes the refrigerator*


Melanie: *cooking food*

dylan: mm..oh! he getting better as good news

jin: why not henry make your arms back normal like he did to kimmy's hand?

dylan: oh not today, jin. He is not in the good mood ya know

Sunny: Well, good I hope he learned his lesson about being evil. About your arm...you need to fix them

dylan: i know, sunny

Cecil: Man, I haven't heard Henry for awhile.

jin: yeah i know. mom, he talked with ya

dylan: oh he did but he misses his childhood...again

jin ohh *sighs*

Melanie: Oh he's going through depression again.

dylan: yep...

jin: did ya cheer him up, mom?

dylan: yeah but ya know henry. I mean, shadows does depress or hate, etc blah

jin: yeah...

Melanie: Depression isn't good you know. It can cause that you can't sleep, you feel hopeless you lost your appetite or can't stop eating and so on and on. There is short-tempered and aggressiveness too.

dylan: umm last time i saw he eating

jin: really?

dylan: yep really and like is ay he getting better

jin: guess he's okay

Melanie: Okay. Why don't you check him now?

dylan: yeah i was about getting ready to go to see him

jin: alright and tell him we all say hi but we missed him

jung: i hope people forget about henry's mistakes

Melanie: Yeah, it's separating him from us.

jung: yeah.. it's not fair, ya know?

dylan: i know i know, my dear kids

Cecil: We should tell the government.

jin: i don't know, cecil but ya know how they greedy or stubborn

Cecil: Perhaps there should be a way...


Mark: *trying to help Henry fitting his new clothes* Henry, you weigh like 150 pounds and how did you eat a lot over the past weeks?

dylan: *teleport to see henry* *comes to mark and see henry*...um...

Henry: Well, I just eat and eat and also...I met new cook in the village of Shadowlurk.

dylan: *sweatdrop*….ah i see...

Mark: Um...Henry...did you eat any sweets because you're chocoholic.

dylan: *sweatdrop and sighs*

Henry: Yes and I think I told Sunny before when our bodies were switch that I hate chocolate, but I love chocolate.

Mark: *sees Dylan* Hello, Dylan. Um...is my son normal?

dylan: well...not really but it is first time to see this but how happen he eat like this?

Mark: Well. He just got depressed and eats more than 3 meals a day.

dylan: what? ohh boy it's time he need stop depressing *sighs*

Mark: Yeah and he can't go to school because he doesn't have the energy to do it.

dylan: *sweatdrop* he should eat vegetables or fruits, but he need cut some of candies or chocolates off

Mark: And carbs. *sighed* He's just getting lazier and lazier everyday.

dylan: ohh that not good . Don't ya do something to stop him depressing? i mean, ya are his father because ya and henry spend time then what happen?

Mark: I tried everything. He just go lazy on me and don't want to hang out like father and son or visit Selene and Scumhunt.

dylan: oh how strange i think it is not working on him to live in shadowlurk

Mark: Carelessness leads to depression. I even don't know how to cook food and he just went out in Shadowlurk get real food.

Henry: *burps out a giant parasite worm*

Mark: *hears Henry and sees a worm* WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?! *goes against the wall*

dylan: *wide stares*...*burns worm death*

Parasite Worm: *hisses*

Henry: I think that's the reason why I got more hungrier.

dylan: *sighs* so that's how it made him eating too much...yes i know, great nephew and now it's dead

Henry: I think it laid eggs inside of me

dylan: *facepalm* but is tummy's acid kill them?

Henry: Not really.

dylan: *sighs* guess it's time to kill worms.

Mark: *hears someone knocks the door* I think someone is here. *opens the door and sees Damien and Kimmy* What are you both guys and gals are doing here?

kimmy: *shrugs* we are here to see how he doing

Mark: Henry is not doing well and I say he's fat.

kimmy: huh?

Damien: He's fat?!

Mark: And possibly impregnate with a giant parasitic worm that just laid eggs inside of him

Damien: What kind of food did he ate?

dylan: chocolate

kimmy: *sweatdrop* i see...

Mark: Well...fruits like apples and then one day he got sick and try eating something else and then eats more and than more.

kimmy: how we make truce and we help to kill worms, damien?

Damien: No. *walks away*

kimmy: *blinks and whispers* chicken

dylan it's okay i can handle this , thank ya

Mark: And also...*held out the obsidian mirror* His future changed once again

dylan:...*annoyed*mirror again?

kimmy: hold on let's hear mirror out

dylan: *sighs*okay...

Obsidian Mirror: *shows a 10 year future show when Henry was being overweight more than now and still in Shadowlurk and then dies months later on*

kimmy: *wide stare and sweatdrops*

Mark: You rejected Henry to be your husband later on in the future too.

dylan: *sighs* nonsense, i going kill worms

kimmy: i did not reject because HE rejected me

dylan: calm down, guys

Mark: Yeah but later on, he asked you again and then you rejected him.

dylan: *facepalm*

kimmy: *sighs*

dylan: do ya believe mirror, mark?

Mark: Yes and if we don't change Henry back into 113 pounds again, it's all over. He's 150!

dylan: ...i said we are going kill stupid worms then *sighs* i am sure he will back normal size. let's go inside or teleport them out of him

-Inside of Henry's body-

*The rush of bloodstream pushes the ship*

Mark: Wow...you still have this ship?

dylan: yeah jin take care of ship years and i remember my bro and i were in your dad's (dennis's )brain ...long story

kimmy: *look at window* wow

Mark: Man, that must be great. Hmm...now, how are we going to destroy those parasitic worm inside of him?

dylan: well, we get them out then kill them

dylan: but lucky they are not hatch yet

*suddenly, the swarm of worms passes over the ship from the nest near the heart*

dylan: oh there we are

Mark: There it is! And there is more eggs near by his heart. This is gonna be difficult.

kimmy: aw man we have remove them from poor heart

Mark: *hears something like a "chomping sound* Oh no, Henry's eating again and no one was watching him!

dylan: *sighs and uses machine to picks them up away from heart careful* kimmy? could ya stop him eating?

kimmy: *blinks* oh sure, sir *teleports*

Mark: *growls frustratedly*

kimmy: *appear front when got bigger as normal size and stops henry* ya need stop eat and ya know worms making ya eat, please stop

dylan: what?

Henry: *sees Kimmy* No.

dylan: mark, why ya frustrating?

Mark: Because he won't listen to you and also...he made me lost my wife since my wife...didn't like the way he appears.

dylan:….ohh… *sighs and hugs mark* i understand ya trying help

Mark: In the future, he has no one to support him. No one!

kimmy: *put food away*

dylan: ya know we always there for him but..well, *killing worms* he's stubborn because he's teenage ya see

Mark: *takes the microphone and calls Kimmy* Kimmy, you have to try to tie him to the bed so he won't eat anymore food.

kimmy: *hear mark and nods understand then stop henry and use chains/rope to ties henry*

dylan: good thinking, mark

Henry: *growls toward at Kimmy*

kimmy: sorry but ya know we trying to help

Mark: Now, let's destroy the worms that just hatched in the bloodstream

dylan: yeah i shooting worms and eggs as death and cleaning, mark *driving to bloodstream* i wish he shouldn't put worms into this

Mark: He probably ate a rotten fruit and that how it got worms inside of his body.

dylan: ohh no wonder...*sighs and killing worms more and cleaning it*

*The bloodstream and his heart are clean from parasites*

dylan: good news, heart and bloodstream are safe but how's his body if there is more worms anywhere? *check on machine to track them*

Mark: I guessed that's all of them. Now, let's return back to the surface.

-Out of Henry's Body-

dylan: *nods and drive it back to surface as to be normal size as out of henry* there we are

kimmy: *pat henry*

Henry: *moans and gets a headache*

dylan: well, he get headache but pain will gone in few minutes, no problem *get out of ship with mark*

kimmy: will he okay, guys?

dylan: oh yes yes and so he will back normal in minute

Mark: Yeah, but he needs to run and exercise if he's willing to accept Kimmy to be his girlfriend.

Henry: *stops getting dizzy and look himself being strapped to the bed and sighed depressive*

dylan: ok untie him

kimmy: *unties him as free him*

dylan: good thing ya are okay, henry

Mark: I just wonder why, Dylan. Do you always feel sad when little babies or kids suffering from death?…..

Henry: Yeah and except that...I'm gonna have to work out but I have no energy to do so.

kimmy: let me help ya to work out *help henry get up*

Henry: *growls toward Kimmy* Don't touch me.


Mark: Um..Dylan?

dylan: ya think how parents feel sad or depress to lose loved ones as children? but what about ya?

kimmy: henry, why ya keep angry at me for no reason?

Mark: Not really, but I died for saving Henry's life. If Henry and I never escaped from Aku's wrath, we both died.

dylan:…oh right

Henry: Because you hate me!

kimmy: *facepalm* i never said "hate" ya said yourself not me. Told ya i still alway love ya years many t times times 100 times but ya didn't listen

Henry: I never liked you when I was five years old.

kimmy: wrong, henry ya never say "never like me" because ya told me ya worried to touch me with your death hand. I remember exactly.

Henry: Guess what I remember? I hate humans.

kimmy: *shakes head* ya never hate human but ya hate bad guys who tried use ya like labrat or jail. ya remember wrong

Mark: Dylan, how do you feel if Henry died as an infant or a five years old. How would you feel because I am not sure. I always feel like.."I must protect him", in warrior mode.

Henry: And do you love me the way I am now?!

kimmy: don't matter how i love ya

dylan: i did kept protect him years

Henry: *his voice grown softly* Even when I'm hideous?

dylan: of course i am sad if he dead

Mark: *went silent* Alright...

kimmy: *sighs* calm down i could help ya work out and ya will back good shape

Dylan: i was sad when ya were dead

Mark: Half alive, half dead...you took my words and then I died.

dylan: *Sighs* ya know how i care about ya because ya are my nephew and henry's my great nephew, remember?

dylan: i wanted to save ya form that murderer but ya wanted me to find henry remember?

Mark: That's exactly that I told you. I don't want him become an orphan or gets adopted by those ghost hunters or starved from streets*

dylan:..yeah... *sighs* that's why i protect him

Mark: Today if without him, the race of shadows may die out fast.

dylan: hm? wait ya sure? i mean we saved him

Henry: *look at Kimmy and nodded* Then let's get work out *removes the pillow that stuffed with paper clips from his stomach*

kimmy: *blinks*

Mark: Yeah but part human, part shadow dies fast because the shadow side takes over the human side fully which causes the human side to become depression. Also, without a parent who has dark powers, the children will die fast once it hits teenager years.

dylan: ahh...got it

Mark: *look at the pillow* What is that?

kimmy: *Giggling*

dylan: hmm?

Henry: A pillow full of paper clips. You've been pranked by me. *removes the skin cometic from his face* And I don't have a fat chin like you said to me.

Mark: *annoyed* But why were to sleep eating?

Henry: The parasite worms told me to and it kept getting my muscles getting thinner and thinner until a giant worm came out of my mouth.

dylan: *sweatdrops*

kimmy: oh henry

Henry: And the worm probably ate the forbidden fruit that I accidently ate from Damien.

kimmy: ooh no wonder damien ran away...

dylan: so that's why...

Henry: The forbidden fruit powers attract demons to the person who ate it no matter what genders.

dylan: ah i remember that fruit...*sweatdrop and look at mark*

Mark: That fruit is forbidden to eat. Even angels too.

dylan: yeah

kimmy: then now henry's okay?

dylan: guess so, yeah

Mark: Yes...the fruit, the worms, and the depression are gone. Now, he's back to himself.

Henry: What about the Book of Callers?

Mark: I made it up. *chuckles* I made new shadow friends and they're different.


kimmy: omg

dylan: ya pranked on your son…well, that means ya guys are even^^;

Mark: Yes and Dylan, thank for making me understanding how to felt if kids or babies were dead.

dylan: oh no problem *Smiles*

kimmy: *smiles*

Mark: Anyway...these shadows I discovered were name Alpha and Omega. They're both twin shadow brothers and they're like magnets.

dylan: really? interesting

kimmy: *blinks*

Mark: One has a slightly red eye which is Alpha, Omega has a bright blue eyes. They wore white suits that matches their eye colors. They are best known as servants for Cosmic but abandoned Cosmic one day when he fell into eternal sleep.

dylan: *blinks* they did abandoned him? that's odd

andowon: *pops up and clapping* now ya know hehehe bravo!

Mark: Huh? *look at Andowon*

andowon: hehehe ah, i am nebula shadow *bows when take hat off* well, i am different from my friend cosmic *chuckles*

Mark: Okay...and do you know Alpha and Omega? I just met them and they fly fast when they're together

andowon: *put hat back on* why yes i know them and of course they do because they love to fly like, your family member mu *chuckles* but they were tired of being servants because they wanted free and love, happy when they changed

Mark: Oh okay...*look at Henry* Henry, you will meet them one day. Maybe tomorrow, alright?

Henry: *nods*

andowon: *chuckles* oh yes they planning to meet our dear caller