Just because someone says something about Jesus and God, does not make them self-righteous. When it comes to living the life I have lived, you get used to being judged in that way. Especially when they don't stop to listen to who you are.

I know that a good portion, if not all of you believe in things other than Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit, but this is my testimony of what they have done in my life. Nothing more, nothing less.

I was abused in all possible ways by my biological father. He molested me, showered with me, and forced himself on me, all within the first six years of my life. When I had gotten the God-given strength and courage to do so, two months after I turned eighteen, I had left the house and stayed in an emergency homeless shelter and started going down a road looking for love in all of the wrong places. In my eighteenth year, I had been with six guys by choice. They got whatever they could get from me, and either couldn't handle me, didn't want to commit, or didn't want a relationship just sex. December 23, 2012, I had been raped by my mom's boyfriend. He'd made it look like I was at fault and my mom had judged me based off of the fact I had been with guy after guy and that I had used him like I had the other guys. I didn't use those guys, and I didn't use her boyfriend. I had grown up Jehovah's Witness, but a week after the rape, I had gone to college and a month later I was introduced to who Jesus really is and that was also where I met most of my good friends. I was saved April 5, 2013, turned nineteen on April 24th, and I was baptized on April 28th. May 19th, I was able to baptize my mom and my brother. My mom and I have finally and truly through the power of Christ, restored our relationship. Last June, I had met my best friend and hopefully future husband who hadn't been saved yet. I met him June 17, he was baptized in September 15. After bumps in the road, I have built boundaries, have been able to stand up for myself, and I have been able to remain pure in the love of Jesus. God has restored most of my relationships and has helped me to understand what I have been through and why I have done what I've done. I know that Jesus is God, son of man and son of God, I know that he died on the cross for my sins, and conquered hell for me. God raised him from the dead to show me that I was important enough to him that he gave his son, so that I could live. He died for my sins, and for the sins that people have committed against me. It has been a process, but I know that I am a princess of God's.

Thank you.

My "Take A Chance" was based off of what I've been shown in my life. Not me judging you. I share my beliefs to a certain point. Don't judge me for sharing what I have seen and believe. You don't know me.