They Come With a Plan

2055 A.D.

Far out in the inky blackness of space, camouflaged by its cloaking device, the interplanetary spacecraft, the Communal, was orbiting a small, blue-green planet in the middle of the Sol system. The spacecraft was the size of a large city. It's exterior beneath its cloaking device was shaped much like a silver globe with geometrical indentations all over, with horn-like twin bridges on the top and giant ion engines propelling it from the rear.

The planet they were orbiting was considered by many interplanetary races and species to be rather insignificant, due to it's being a backwater world when compared to most of their own worlds, but the Communal was on a mission, and this planet needed these aliens' help greatly.

Evidently, this planet was the planet Earth.

Inside the ship, on the command bridge, there were two aliens, a man and a woman, standing at the viewport, observing the planet from a safe distance. Both of them wore bold green uniforms, caps, and dark brown boots that went higher than their ankles. They were mostly humanoid in appearance, except for the chalk white color of their skin and their heads being covered with a bone-like black hide tougher than a human skull, presumably as protection from projectile weapons and clubs. The woman was in charge, and was known as Captain Utopia. The man was her first lieutenant and was called First Lieutenant Paradice.

"So," said the captain, "Any word yet from the scout ships on where this place we have to go to is on this planet?"

The lieutenant cleared his throat. "They think that they've finally found the location of the source of our mission, sir," he said, "It's in the United States of America, one of the most important and popular nations on the Earth, in the southeastern-most state named Florida. It's in the midst of a land full of amusement parks they call Walt Disney World, 'The Happiest Place on Earth,' as some humans nickname it. In fact, it is one of the amusement parks."

Captain Utopia looked surprised by this revelation. "Curious that our mission applies to an amusement park. No one told me that was what it was. What is its name?"

Paradice looked at his datapad. "EPCOT," he enunciated, "The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. By a funny coincidence, that's very much like the name of our operation, except that we're using the word 'today' instead of 'tomorrow.'"

"Yes, I am aware of that, Lieutenant," stated Utopia. "Let's see now, what sorts of technology does it promote? I am aware that there is something called 'Future World' that takes up the northern half of the park. What's it like?"

"Its emblem is a theater/ship that looks very much like the Communal, except that it isn't a real spacecraft, and they call it Spaceship Earth," he started, "This 'ship' shows the rise of progress on Earth in a public show and also inspires its viewers to be creative with the ways they would live in a changed world and do things to help it. There's also a place for news about energy conservation, a simulation of a modern Earth spacecraft, a hang gliding experience, and Innoventions, something that has to do with combining innovations with inventions."

"Intriguing," said Utopia, "Evidently, at least some of the inhabitants care about what happens to their world. You don't have to read off everything they have in the Future World, Lieutenant. We'll learn more in time. How about the southern half? How does it differ from Future World?"

"It's called 'World Showcase,'" Paradice said, "It displays pavilions showing some of the culture, appearance, souvenirs, and food samplings of America and ten other world nations."

"And which nations are these, that play a part in this ingenious attempt to promote a happy Earth, may I ask?" said Utopia.

Paradice read the list on the datapad. "Two other North American nations besides America, Canada and Mexico, five European nations, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, and the United Kingdom, one African nation, Morocco, and two Asian nations, China and Japan. Basically, I believe World Showcase's purpose is to show people who visit Epcot how the nations of the world can mingle and get along with each other with brotherly and sisterly love, and that also includes all of the many nations that aren't represented at Epcot."

"Hmm, very interesting," said the Captain. "Well, as long as the people of America and those other nations are relatively sociable and do not resort to paranoia and use their deadly weapons on us or the Communal, I reckon this will be somewhat easier than I had thought at first." She turned to an officer sitting to the side of the bridge. "Second Lieutenant Hevenly," she said, "Order the men down in the docking bay to prepare my shuttle, and send down a message to the authorities of America and all other major nations that says, 'We come in universal peace; do not be alarmed or use your weapons on us, please.' Then, when you are sure they have the signal, de-cloak and join me by the shuttle."

"Sir, yes sir!" the Second Lieutenant saluted her.

"First Lieutenant, come with me," she said to Paradice, "We're going to handle this meeting together."

"Yes sir," said Paradice, "But why should Hevenly come, too? He a good authority figure on the ship when you have to leave it for important purposes."

"Yes," said Utopia, "But I think that for our first meeting, it would be best if the world's leaders get acquainted with all three of the highest ranking officers on this ship. Is that good enough for you?"

"Of course it is, sir," said Paradice.

"Very good," said Utopia. "Now, let's go. We have a world to save and a global society to create, before it's too late!"