Boston Corks looked up from his studious book reading to see a girl of medium height striding towards him, a scowl upon her otherwise pretty face. Deciding not to risk rolling his eyes in front of the short-as-a-fuse tempered girl he stood up and dusted off his black skinny jeans. Facing her with a scowl of his own he waited for the girl's complaint.

"Yes, de Blanc?" He asked through gritted teeth.

"That's South to you, Corks," she answered, a glare present in her eyes. "Anyway, what is your problem?"

"What are you talking about?" Boston dusted his dark hair out of his eyes and faced her with his own glare.

"Oh please. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Your cronies were all up in South territory. Mind explaining that?" South bit viciously.

North shrugged his thin shoulders, "Sorry they actually go to class? The gangs extent does not include missing an education due to a butthurt leader with a grudge."

"Maybe not, but I'll be watching you, Corks," Eleanor de Blanc, also known as South, snarled before walking away.

Boston had no idea why Eleanor was being such a bitch. Normally the other gang leaders got by fine, but after the winter break ended tension was rising and there had been multiple gang disputes including some broken noses and knocked out teeth. Sighing, the leader of the North division at Wieldings High Boarding school leaned back against the wall, wishing to get stoned. Attempting to go sober was the worst mistake of my life, the 17 year old senior thought bitingly before heading to class.


"'Ello, Curren. How's the first day back from break?" Noah Strensrud asked, his long legs carrying him towards the dirty blonde wavy haired boy sitting on the curb of their beloved school: Wieldings.

The boy looked up from his texting and slid his Samsung Galaxy into the pocket of his trousers. His other hand grasped a beat up skateboard with a doodle of a green skeleton on the deck. Standing, he greeted the brown haired boy with an easy going grin and held out a skinny hand with multiple rings decorating his long fingers. The hand was beat up and covered with gravel; some of the fingers were so obviously broken before.

"West," he said, his voice light and containing a European twist. Noah's own hand reached out and shook Curren's calloused hand.

"Nah, I'm just Noah here. How you been, Curren?" Noah asked as the two boys set off towards the school doors.

"Good, I've been sensing a lot of drama though. My skaters tell me something's going down within the week or so," Curren ran a hand over his damp curls.

Noah chuckled, "Your skaters are almost like your own gang, hm?"

Curren stopped in his tracks, shaking his head. "We doing this again, Noah? Seriously, thanks for the offer and such, but I really don't want to be a leader. Find someone less laid back and more tight."

"Dude, these skaters respect your ass. They'd follow your lead. Think about it, okay? Eleanor and Boston both wouldn't mind. We all know you're more than capable," Noah clasped a hand around Curren's rigid shoulders.

Nodding good day, the brown haired boy Noah - or West, disappeared into the school door, leaving Curren wondering what was going to go down in Wieldings.

Nearby a cheerful whooping caught his attention. Class was beginning in only 3 minutes yet a hoard of kids were still outside. He made his way and circled around the crowd, keeping to the edge, his board clutched under his arm. Shading his eyes he looked up and spotted Eleanor de Blanc. Well. This was going to be interesting.


"South's called a meeting!" A joyful girl's voice rang out in South territory.

The entire hill was flocked with around 350 or so kids. It was hard to believe this was less than a quarter of the students population. A mingle of 20 kids who were hardcore believers in fairness and equity stood at the top conversing with South. After all that was South's specialty - equality. She had a rather down childhood growing up and had rose to the top to secure the last South leaders spot just last year. No one knew why but Eleanor was all about only retaliating against violence in a prank war. She had such a thing against violence and no one knew why. That's why those who didn't believe in harming one another followed South. Just because they didn't believe in it did not mean the other gangs went easy on them. The Souths had to be amazingly smart and fast to avoid those situations.

"SOUTHS," Eleanor de'Blanc's voice called out amongst the kids. Everyone stopped moving and stared at the source. With her brown hair tied up into a pony tail and her eyes circled with dark racoon like spots she looked every bit the cunning ruthless leader she was. "We meet today because of the feuds going on between the gangs. We need to fight back without the violence. I need hackers assembled. Pornography, assault...I want every felony uploaded onto unsuspecting North students accounts. Even upload their numbers onto 4Chan or Reddit. Make sure they can't be traced back to you. Spies, I need you to infiltrate West. Find out what he's doing. If I know him he's planning something... This meeting is adjourned. Tell no one it ever took place."

She disappeared off the podium/hill. As Eleanor stumbled to a stop at the bottom of the hill she looked into the cunning eyes of Curren Mark Gems. His green blue eyes twinkled with delight at her speech. Raising an eyebrow she smirked at the skater before her.

"What's up, Skater?" Her deep husky voice cut through the miles of silence between them.

"Listening to your speech. Fascinating, by the way, how you're dealing with all the other gangs and y'know...not Cloverfield," his smirk matched her own.

At the mention of Wieldings' enemy rival school the grin Eleanor was sporting melted off her face. She stared at the skater's strong tanned arms and his easy going relaxed pose and wondered what exactly he knew. She faintly remembers Curren a couple years back when he was just transforming into a skater. He used to play hockey and sit with the popular kids in the tenth grade. She had been in the 8th grade then. Of course since then the tide had shifted. Wieldings didn't have a popular crowd anymore; they were divided between the Norths, Souths, Wests and Skaters. The others had painstakingly tried to guide Curren into being the new East but was declined each time.

"Look. My group is out for North blood. We want our revenge. Boston knows better than to mess with me," Eleanor spat.

"Risking some nerds because of a personal vendetta? North will have the hackers beat to a pulp if he finds out. If I were you, I'd deal with Queen first. Unless you want this to be Cloverfield's third consequetive win," his voice was trustworthy, but Eleanor glared.

"Thanks for the advice...but you are not me," South said, her voice coiled.

With that she turned and walked away.

Curren stared after the so-called ruthless leader of the South's. He had to admit she was stronger than most of the other Southies he had met and Curren Gems never admitted to that. She was only 16, only a sophomore yet she had this many kids under her control. A sly grin crossed his face. Imagine what he could do if he became a leader. He was a popular drifter, everyone knew him – but he was neutral.

As he headed to class, late (as usual), he spotted Boston sitting under his prime 'getting-high' spot. He watched for a moment as the 17 year old smart ass lit up a joint and sucked in. All the leaders were still the same – uptight and snarky Eleanor, laid back cool dude Noah, and high, intelligent Boston – it was only the followers who were changing.

Curren was going to have to cross over to Cloverfield and talk to Queen if he wanted more information. It was going to be dangerous, dangerous work, but someone had to do it.

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