Fame Sucks

Ugh no, not again ! Why can't I cross the street without kids wanting to take pictures of me ?

And they'll show'em to their friends, publish'em on Facebook... I'm tired of those stupid tourists !

Alright... I'm going to calm down and grab someone's neck on the way home. No one'll be able to ruin Dracula's holidays !

The Goddess Of The Sky

Everyone complains about the cold, it's tiring ! I've said it already : no sun rays for the whole week, period ! Stop trying to make me to change my mind.

Ain't an easy job being the one who tells if it's going to be raining or not. People are never satisfied.

It sucks being the weather woman.

A Crime Scene

Finn finally reaches Rachel but it's too late. He's already there, pointing his gun at her face.

As his finger moves to the trigger, Finn throws himself in front of her. A sharp pain pierces his chest.

He falls to the ground, his vision's blurring and he closes his eyes.

"And cut !" the director yells.