Ode to Atheism


When observing the observable,

The sky, or a cell, inexplicably real,

We may ask;

First of its origin, and with our limited minds,

Next, through observation, of a primitive kind

We are bent towards a story, a tale with the face of an explanation,

That appears to make sense.


An understandable story, but hailed as divine,

Carried on hearsay through ages and times,

A parable disproved and distrusted but tacked to a promise so beautifully simple,

It's still here today.

"They promise us heaven, so they can steal this world"

For 'twas written in a bronze age, in confusion, by men

Surrendering interest, life, dissent,

To embrace a new dogma, do away with the strange

And unknown.

To find a god was to find an answer.

To find an answer was to stop asking. Stop looking.

To find heaven was to stop living in this world.


But what of the new voices?

One who liked to learn & question (Sceptic) observed, and understood.

And looked,

And saw with new eyes, as those story-tellers could not.

A whole generation, newer.

Seeing parts of truths, calling themselves godless,

And never claiming to know,

Before they could show.


You fear the mortality, the finiteness I accept,

Saying I am purposeless, of hope – bereft

For proclaiming the spread of faith might be detrimental,

When their morality is entirely ornamental,

Interpretation of translation,

Despite it being 'truth'

Over 41, 000 claiming to be without refute.

It is fear of the finite, once we are dead

Because in the need for reassurance, men fill their heads,

With supplications of heaven, bolstered by faith

The hubris of heaven the horror of hell,

All to ease, to explain

And suppress.



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