It was definitely the worst day of my life,
When I stepped on the school bus
And went to school,
For little did I know that that place
Would be a haven for bullies and complexities.

I have Autism and Asperger's Syndrome,
But no one knew they existed at the time,
And naturally, everyone assumed
That I was the weirdest kid in the world.

Teasers mocked my imagination,
And bullies hated me.
Taunting, farting, threatening me,
There was nothing I could do
But rail and curse their names.

But worse than that was the fact
That the teachers took the side of the bullies
More often than not.
And they thought I was little more
Than a loudmouth worm who always disrupts class.

Few teachers there were in any school
That I could feel a bond with,
And even bus drivers thought I was a scoundrel,
As was the case with one old lady who thought
The world would be much better off without me.

Even the work there was no joy or pleasure,
As I was not the type who liked to learn,
Partly because of my daydreaming habit,
But mostly because I didn't understand the work.

Algebra and geometry were two courses
I couldn't understand how they could be useful
In the world today.
Biology and ecology were sciences
My ineptness with shows why I
Am not pro-science today.

Thank goodness school is in my past,
But it's malignant influence means that I
Have not the heart to move on to college
And learn a subject to help the world with.