Private Amusement

I let my imagination run wild

And think about things that I like

Until I come up with something clever

That can make for a special story.

I sit in front of the computer

And let my ideas turn into words

And I type them into Microsoft Word

Saving my progress as I go along.

I use a seat-of-the-pants approach

By making up stuff as I go along

Improvising with each new sentence

Checking for spelling errors

Until my story is all finished

And ready to be posted and published.

I like to write my fictions and poems

For my own private amusement

As well as the entertainment of others

And the possible praise from them.

The most ingenious fan fictions

And the most marvelous original fictions

Sprout from my mind and go online

To entertain me for such a long time.

They comfort me when I need relief

And make me laugh with amusement

When people favorite or praise them

I feel like my work was worth my time.

This is why I write fiction with my time.

Just for the fun of it.