I always must be punctual to briefings,

where I hear the hot sheet listed out,

and have all my equipment ready,

from gun to ammo to notebook and ticket book.

Once on a shift, a call goes out

to check out an automobile accident,

which may indeed be an accident,

or maybe a violent homicide instead.

People always want to speed on the streets

and run the stop lights like mad dog racers,

or they may have done a parking offense,

or even a mere but risky jaywalking.

All of these things require tickets

and a day of payment or court;

people abuse me when I give it to them,

but it is all part of the career.

Foolish people will drink and drive

when they know that that's also against the law,

but I am there to stop the inherent danger,

and take the perpetrator to lockup in jail.

It's a dangerous job for any brave person,

but someone has got to do it,

but we have to obey the law too,

if we are to uphold and maintain the law.

Of course, the job is not all work,

and for a nice, east relaxation,

a good cop likes nothing more than

a stop at a corner café for hot coffee.


I do not wear the standard uniform

of a traffic patrol officer,

but my job is nonetheless important

to all who try to solve and stop crime.

While the uniforms track down the crooks

and bring them in to be booked and filed,

my job is to scrounge for the evidence,

and secure it for the big day in court.

We have the cases and operations

through which we find clues and things

that can stop a dangerous criminal

from getting away with murder.

Our days are filled with angry witnesses,

and the bureaucracy of the court's red tape,

but we must not let that get us down

as we try to save countless innocent lives.

In the deadliest of operations,

I may even put on a costumed disguise,

and go undercover as an ally

of the suspects I must bring to justice.

Disguises are not my more enjoyed forté,

for I am not a lover of deceit,

but sometimes it is necessary

in order to stop the racketeer.

It's even important to take pictures

and take blood samples and footprints

from each and every scene of the crime

if I wish to save the lives of thousands.


I am proud to be a city cop

with the talent to wield a gun,

and the brains to outwit a gunman

holding someone's life at stake.

It isn't easy to protect the innocent,

or to serve the public trust,

but I love serving the public trust,

because I'm protecting innocent lives.