Fast Food World

Once there was a world unlike any other,

A parallel world to our own Earth.

In this world, there were five kingdoms,

Where inhabitants cooked and ate fast food

Just like that made on our own Earth.

Chief of these kingdoms was McDonald's,

Ruled by the benevolent King Big Mac,

Where the people used hamburgers and fries

As their culture and their heritage.

At his side was Queen Quarter Pounder,

And their proud son, the Prince McNuggets.

Their mighty military was made up of Fries Troopers,

The gallant soldiers that defended the kingdom.

Coca-Cola was their national emblem

And the Holy Grail of the majestic land,

But other drinks held sway there too,

And the people loved every one of them.

The Big Mac hamburger was their god,

Who saw all with his sesame seed eyes.

But they had a bitter enemy in Burger King,

The kingdom across the Sea of the Colas,

Which had its own king and queen,

King Whopper and Queen Whopper,

And the great Princess Double Cheeseburger,

With their own army of Fries Soldiers.

The Whopper Sandwich was their almighty god,

Who struggled for dominance with Big Mac,

Over which kingdom had the better burger,

And the better cola product, too.

Pepsi was the Holy Grail of Burger King Kingdom,

The sustainer of life in the great realm of beef.

Two brother kingdoms got along much better

Like the brothers and allies they were,

Hardee's Kingdom in the east,

And Carl's Jr. Kingdom in the west,

Alongside the McDonald's Kingdom.

Living by the laws of King Thickburger,

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. protected each other

From enemies without and within,

And kept the peace with perfection.

Sharing Coca-Cola with McDonald's,

They helped defend the latter from Burger King.

Then there was Dunkin' Donuts Kingdom,

A kingdom of standing neutrality,

That did not prefer to get involved

With the McDonald's/Burger King wars.

Donuts were the kingdom's subjects,

And Munchkins were their children.

Other pastries served as staff and soldiers

While ruling Queen Dunkin' ruled with a fair hand.

The war goes on to this very day;

McDonald's Fries continue to clash

With those of the Burger King,

While their kings and gods continue

To wrestle each other for dominance.

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. continue to help,

While Dunkin' Donuts stays out of it all.

Who will win the ultimate victory?

Which way will the cola waters flow?

Will Dunkin' remain neutral and safe?

Only time will tell, really.