One afternoon at about 6 o'clock, it happened to be that there were two 5-year old twins playing with their medium-sized teddy jaguar. They had both fair skin, slightly tinted with a pink flush on their cheeks, which gave them a cute appearance when they were seen together. Their hair had the deep intensity of an ebony tree, though one of them had long black hair, while the other one had, well, shorter. Though they were twins, two differences failed their twin condition: Katsuto was the boy and Katsushi was his twin sister; and Katsuto had green emerald eyes, while his twin sister had blue sapphire ones. They looked like sweet angels with those marble-like eyes, which seemed to reflect purity and truth. The medium-sized teddy jaguar seemed to draw them closer to each other and one could not say that it was not the reflection of both children. It had on its right side a similar eye to that of the eldest twin, Katsuto and on its left side a similar one to that of Katsushi. In addition, the teddy was completely black, except for that red line which started off from its forehead up to its tail and for the two light green ring-like circles on the front paws: they were both on the middle digit on each paw, that is one on the right paw and the other one on the left paw. The twins were living in a house with their grand-ma Lois, whose son was the twins' father.

The two 5-years old twins were happily playing with their medium-sized teddy jaguar. It was already getting dark outside. But suddenly Lois appeared in their bedroom, worriedly.

"Take this, my Katties! Take this and go now!" said Lois, putting an old folded paper nervously in Katsuto's pocket and pushing the two kids towards the backdoor of the house.

The two children blinked in surprise and asked in a frightened twin voices: "What's happening, Grand-ma?"

"Just go away! And don't ask questions!" answered Lois anxiously, trying to find a way to get the children to go, "I hate you both! Go and I don't want to see both of you again…."

Tears were flowing down the cheeks of Lois while saying those sharp words to her dead son's offspring.

"Go, please my Katties….Go and don't ever come here again! Mam loves you very much and will forever….Fuse and go! Now! "

The twins, Katsuto and Katsushi, held their hands together and as soon as their pale green marks on their middle fingers of the left hands touched each other, they fused into the black jaguar again. They did it quite often to play but then was different: they had to fuse to save their souls. As soon as they were in the skin of the black cub, the small creature ran as fast as it could, scared of what was happening and what would happen next-

A crashing sound! The cub stopped, looking backward….It was the house of Lois. It was then on fire. A feeling …on hearing that crash, blood was flowing down that black fur from their eyes. The cub then felt a violent force submerging it. Its red claws came out and the different coloured eyes turned black. They felt that if they did not do something right then, that feeling would become uncontrollable. Without losing a second, they separated back to normal black cubs to become back the small innocent twins they were. They were really afraid of this feeling- a different noise...the sound of cars coming at high speed...What was it now?

"Katty! Run!" cried Katsuto, taking the hand of his sister.

They ran as fast as they could- unlucky! The cars were already encircling them.

"Don't stop, Katty!-" said Katsuto.

"Look out, Big Bro!"

As soon as Katsushi said that last sentence, she saw her brother falling right before her with blood coming down his head. "KATT!" cried Katsushi.

"You idiots! I told you not to fire on any of them!" shouted sarcastically someone, "anyway...I don't mind because you'd stopped those brats..."

A tall black-haired man, wearing a black coat, approached the twins, smiling sarcastically at them.

"I was thinking at first to take that boy but finally I'll take the sweet blue-eyed," said the man, taking Katsushi by the arm and pulling her towards him.

Then looking at the injured half of Katsushi severely, he said: "I don't want that BBJ to come back to life...Finnish him!" He went away with the struggling twin who was crying for her brother to answer. "Katty..." he muttered before closing his eyes. The men of that man, who seemed to be the boss, came towards Katsuto...

At the same moment in the car of DH

"Stop! Let me alone!" cried Katsushi.

"How can I? You're gonna help me in my work as from now!" answered the man, "oh! I just forgot to present myself. I'm Draman Hartley and as from today I'm gonna be your tutor. And of course, if you don't obey, you'll get punished as all kids are when they don't obey to their parents-"

"I'll never gonna obey you, murderer! You killed my bro-"

SLAP! Katsushi was lying unconscious on the couch of the car. "I'm sorry but he's no more your brother," said Draman sarcastically.

Back to Katsuto

Blood started to flow down the cheeks of Katsuto and suddenly that feeling came back. That feeling was emerging inside him as a force and a pain coming from his chest. He cried! It was painful! He felt that he was not controlling his body anymore! He was just crying out of pain!

After some minutes, he could open his eyes again...The pain was gone. In front of him, he could see other men, those men of before, lying with him on the ground. Feeling that all of his force was gone, he muttered before lying back to the ground: "Katty..."