Chapter 2

Kiyomi's POV

That stupid Haruto-san or the 'Let's Make a Game' guy! Asking me to go home with him like we're good—yuck—friends. As if I would become friends with such a stupid and air headed guy with a kidnapping fetish! And not only did he ask me to go to his house on Monday, but he practically grabbed me on Tuesday in front of that bitchy little spoiled princess. Of course I mean Ami-san! Today was Wednesday and I have to start the wonderful goddamn morning with all of my classes with Ami-san, starting with gym. It's not that I hate gym, but I absolutely dread it—because of Ami-san of course. Every time when I'm in gym, she and her little clique like to target me and I only assume it would get worse today. I'm so stupid! I shouldn't have shown that stupid guy with a kidnapping fetish my drawings! I HATE HIM! I hate how he always smiles at absolutely any situation! I hate how he's so…so…him!

"Good morning Kiyomi-san," said Ami from behind me. If you couldn't tell, she was being sarcastic. I ignored her. I didn't give a crap and I'd be a fool if I did. I walked into class and sat down. I took out my sketchbook since homeroom didn't start yet and drew pictures for stupid moron's game.

"Oh my Kiyomi-san," said Ami-san, "Don't you love to stay silent. Can't you see that normal people like to talk and make friends?"

"Don't you see that normal people don't usually stalk a guy with kidnapping fetishes?" I said, not looking up at her.

"Don't insult Haruto-sama!" shouted Ami-san, devastated that I dare insult her "Haruto-sama".

"Too bad, I just did," I said, shooting my signature death glare. She backed away a few steps. Ha, it always works!

"You little bi-!" shouted Ami-san but was interrupted.

"Sit in your seats everyone!" shouted our homeroom teacher, Yukino-sensei. I liked Yukino-sensei a lot. She was the only teacher that could see through Ami-san's fake angelic exterior and even gave me ideas for Ami-san's nickname: The Stupid Parrot. One day, Yukino-sensei caught Ami-san talking and she yelled at her for being a nonstop talking parrot! I loved it. Before I knew it, the stupid bell rang for me to go to gym. We were supposed to do kickball today and I was actually pretty excited. Within the past two days with the game making idiot, I had to kick him a LOT. I felt like I could actually do good.

"Good morning Kiyomi-chan," said my one and only friend, Rika-chan, or better known as, the "I can't believe she hangs out with that wallflower even though she's so cute" girl.

"Good morning Rika-chan," I said, "Are you okay?" She looked pretty banged up and had bruises and scratches all over her leg.

"Hehe," she started, "Yesterday, I was roller skating back from the super market and I was crossing the street. A biker hit me and I fell."

"Why the hell are you laughing?!" I asked in disbelief, "You were hit by a goddamn bike!" That's the thing about Rika-chan that makes everyone like her—she is an air head…in a good way of course. Her air headedness wasn't like Ami-san's. Rika-chan makes the mood light and friendly everywhere she goes.

"Rika-san," said Ami-san, who pushed me out of the way, "Let's go." Go where? We were all waiting for the gym teacher to come here—oh wait, right on cue! She's always late, probably flirting with the single male teachers. She is almost 30 and getting married was her number one priority.

"Okay little weaklings!" shouted our gym teacher, "We're playing kickball!" I tied my hair into a ponytail while everyone else got depressed.

"Um excused me teacher lady?" asked Ami-san rudely, "Can we play a sport where we don't have to sweat?" The gym teacher just laughed, taking it as a joke—who wouldn't? After the rules were explained, we began to play and as usual, the stupid parrot was up first.

"Remember!" shouted our teacher, "Kick the ball!" The reason she said that is because last month, we were doing soccer drills and the parrot kicked a CONE instead of the soccer ball.

"Ow!" shouted the stupid parrot right after she kicked the ball, "My pedicure is ruined!" What a stupid crybaby. After a few way better kicks by other girls, it was my turn. I kicked the ball all the way to the other field—on the other side of the school ! In fact, the coach just gave me a thumbs up and said that I was safe…I didn't even have to run!

"Nice job ponytail!" shouted the coach.

"Ow!" shouted a voice that sounded a lot like the game making kidnapper. The ball must've landed on his head and it made me feel even more satisfied with myself .

Lunch time…

Lunch was my favorite part of the day. I could eat alone on the roof and watch clouds past by and when it rains, I sit on the stairway.

"Thanks for the food," I said to myself as I took out a bento box that I bought from the market. It was filled with food: sushi, seared pork and beef rolls, mille feuille, and my all time favorite takoyaki! Just as I was about to dig in, someone came through the door.

"So the wallflower likes to be alone?" asked a voice that belonged to none other than the game making kidnapper.

"Now that you've ruined my day completely," I said, annoyed, "what the hell do you want?"

"Do you think we can finish the game?" asked the idiot.

"Maybe," I said, totally pissed. Why does he, out of everyone in the world have to be a game creator? Not that his game was bad. It was actually pretty good—wait! WHAT AM I THINKING?!

"Do you want to come over my house willingly today?" asked the idiot, "Or do I have to carry you bridal style today?" I looked at him angrily just to see a smirk appear on his face.

"None of the above!" I shouted angrily. As if I was going to let him touch me.

"Don't be like that," he said gently, "A lot of girls would be willing to come to my house."

"Are you bipolar?" I asked.

"What?!" he asked, surprised.

"At first you sound caring but then, you sound like a stupid playboy," I muttered, putting a piece of sushi in my mouth.

"And you love it," he teased.


"See you later," I muttered. Stupid bipolar, game making idiot. I walked down the stairs and back into the school and Haruto-san was following. The parrot was watching us—it was creepy.

"Haruto-sama!" shouted the parrot, "Did she hurt you?" The slap mark was already gone. Damn, I should've hit him harder. Haruto-san walked right past her and tapped me on the shoulder.

"What is it?" I snapped.

"I think I'm in love with you," he said.


"Very funny," I muttered and walked away.

"You bitch!" shouted Ami-san angrily—which ended up drawing the attention of the whole freaking hallway. Good thing there weren't any teachers around. Ever heard of restriction parrot?

"Whatever," I muttered and walked out.

After school…

"Wait up!" shouted the game making idiot from behind me.

"If you pull me to your house again, I will personally rip your limbs apart and remove all parts of your face—except the eyes so you can watch the process," I threatened.

"Sadistic today, are we?" he teased.

"You won't stop until I actually help you, won't you?" I asked, annoyed.

"Glad we're on the same page Ms. Sadistic!" he shouted loudly.

"Shut up," I hissed, "And don't call me that!" Me, sadistic? As if! I just like talking about the idiot's pain and suffer—crap. I am sadistic…not that I'd admit that!

"Kidding," he said, "If I could nickname you, it'd be Kiyo-hime!" Then he started patting me on the head.

"Haha," I muttered, slapping his hand, "Let's just get it over with."

"Ouch," he muttered, "Sorry that I upset you, Kiyo-hime." I walked ahead, not looking at him. Are all idiots this annoying? We walked in silence—well, I walked in silence. The idiot kept making up insanely stupid jokes. Why did girls like him? When we finally reached his house, I just drew what he told me to draw—for three straight hours. It's not that I hate drawing, it's just that drawing for hours? I'm no game graphics pro, so I eventually get super tired—and cranky.

"Can I go now?" I snapped.

"You could've gone any time in the last two hours Kiyo-hime," said the idiot.

"What?!" I practically shrieked. "You stupid idiot! I HATE YOU SO GODDAMN MUCH!"

"I love you too!" he replied, smiling. That was the last straw.

"PREPARE TO DIE!" I shouted. I kicked him—into the wall…which now had new crack marks on it. Damn, I wasn't able to break the wall. Guess I'll have to practice more.

"Goodnight!" I huffed and stomped outside.

If only I could get his words out of my head…