Tim Tucker

They traveled across the furthest reaches of space to the fertile lands and carved their visage upon the planet.

Entire cities the world over became festering jungles home to the pervasive, otherworldly flora. Mutated vines criss-crossed and snaked their way across the once bustling roads and highways. Whole forest were left naked and raw as the infestation shocked them to their very roots, leaving the lands a desolate patchwork of death.

The places, the things, even the names of Earth were ravaged, desecrated, cleansed, and though no direct translation in any known language exist for the affliction, the planet was..."claimed" by an ancient scourge beyond any and all possibilities.

In an attempt to destroy the invasive species governments around the world set fire to heavily infested areas, bringing the policy of scorched earth to a global, Apocalyptic scale. Los Angeles, Chicago and New York blazed like colossal hearths, while Paris, Berlin, and Moscow drowned beneath floods of raging infernos.

To gaze upon the once mighty blue marble from space one would only see a bruised and charred mongrel gasping for Her final breath, they would bear witness to terraformed landscapes and much, much destruction.

And it was only at the end of the world when humanity was pushed to their ultimate extinction...

...that the last of us decided to push back.