Nudist Christians

Problems plague me day in and day out,
My mind is always troubled,
And only God and Her promise of Heaven
Can get me out of my sore old rut.

But I have learned that I cannot
Be close to God or Her other children,
When clothed in the filthy rags
Our society calls clothing.

When I strip off all my vestments,
I feel like I took off an ugly barrier
To communion with the Holy One,
And all Her Angels and Saints.

To be in the nude is to be vulnerable,
To be in the nude is to be humble,
To be in the nude is to confess my guilt,
And feel at one with the Triune God.

When I see myself naked,
I see a man submissive to God.
When I see others naked,
I see men and women without troubles.

There is nothing wrong with being nude,
It is even good to be nude sometimes,
When you must pray for God's forgiveness,
Or to feel the joy of innocent life.

Only when I am in the nude,
Do I feel like a complete Christian man,
A sinner and a saint alike,
Who can be joyful with his lot in life.

Naked men and naked women
Are the friendliest people as a whole,
In any community here on this Earth,
And the most beautiful, too.

Though I grew up and live with textiles,
I seek the company of more like me,
Who strip off their rags and bare themselves
Before the eyes of the pro-nude God.

May more of the people of the world rejoice
In the splendor of clothed righteousness,
And discover the blessings of a life
Naked with naked Jesus, Mary and God!

There will be no clothes in Heaven,
So why bother with vanity and style?