My name is Haley and I'm 7 years old. This is my first story. I hope you like it!

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Sandy. She had three kittens named Pearl, Rou, and Rebel. Pearl, the oldest kitten, was the protector. She guarded over her younger siblings fiercely. Rou, the middle kitten, could spend all day playing; playing was his favorite pastime. And finally, Rebel, the youngest of the three, was special: she could do magic by making things appear from thin air. Pearl, Rou, and Rebel were the pets of the Gibson family, particularly the three children: Stephanie, Emily, and Toby. The kittens loved the three kids very much and knew they were very lucky to have such a loving family.

One day, they came home from their daily walk with Stephanie to find that their mother was ill. She had eaten too much food that day and that night, at dinner, the amount of food she'd eaten, on top of her old age, took its toll on her and she Pearl, Rou, and Rebel were very sad to lose their mother at such a young age. Sandy would never get to see her children grow up. After a funeral, they buried Sandy and went on with their lives, knowing it was best to try and move on rather than sit around and be sad.

A month after their mother's death they found a portal, and it took them to a strange world called Destructiville, a place where everything was gray and covered in a layer of grime and fog. While they were exploring, the three kittens found a waterfall. Behind the waterfall, Pearl, Rou, and Rebel fell into a dark hole. The dark hole landed in the lair of Vanish, the evil ruler of Destructiville. He saw them, so he captured the cats, because he wanted control of Rebel's magic. Vanish kept the kittens for two months, but one night, late in the third month, the kittens finally had the chance to escape. Rebel used her magic to make a ladder appear so they could get out as fast as they could without being caught by Vanish. They got out of the hole and made their way back to the portal; this time it took them to a land made of candy called Gumdropolis.

Gumdropolis was much better than Destructiville; it was bright and cheerful, and everyone was happy there. They started to eat all the candy, but stopped when they remembered how their mother had died. When they returned to the portal to go back home, they realized it no longer worked: the battery had died. Their spare battery had been left behind in Destructiville, stolen by Vanish, so the three kittens were in trouble. Pearl, however, being the smartest of the three, asked Rebel to use her magic to conjure a new battery made of candy from Gumdropolis. Pearl, Rou, and Rebel worked together to make the new battery fit into the portal and after a long day's work, they got it!

The three kittens were able to use the portal once more to return to the Gibson family and they were so happy to see Stephanie, Emily, and Toby once more. They missed their adventured in Destructiville and Gumdropolis, but most of all, they missed their mother, Sandy. They had learned one lesson from their mother: eating too much food would make you sick, which was why they'd stopped eating so much candy in Gumdropolis. Luckily, the three kittens still had each other, so they grew old together with the children in the Gibson family and went on to have very good lives, living happily ever after.

The End