"Mia!" I yelled. Mia was not only my personal servant, but also my best friend. Of course she was my only friend. As the only prince of Domina, I had to have lots of protection. Ever since I was little, I'd never left the palace. Or at least thats what my parents thought. When my mother and father had long meetings that were meant to last for days, Mia would sneak me out of the palace. We'd dress up as poor and ofter to help farm the land the farmers owned, for free. The first time I had snuck out, with Mia, she showed me around the town closest to the palace. Though the land was beautiful, I felt bad for those without homes and money. When I told Mia I wanted to help them, she gave me some money to buy food for them.

Starting today, my parents have a 2 week meeting. So Mia told me she would take me to town for the day. Even though for right now I am Prince John of Domina, once I'm out in the town, I will become Blake Melody.

"Blake? Where are you?" Mia called from the opposite end of the hall way. Her eyes fell on me as I started towards her. "Blake!"

"Mia!" I cheered as I hugged her fragile bony body. Mia has worked at the palace since she was 5! "Are you ready to go?"

"I am. Lets get you in your disguise, and then head out." She smiled.

"Hello, Mr. Miles!" I shouted from the fences surrounding his property.

"Blake! How old are ya now? How ya been, big fella?" The man replied.

"Well, I'm 17, I turn 18 in two days. Other than that, I've been great! What can I do to help you today?" I asked him. I loved helping tend the fields and livestock. Just the idea of helping my people makes me happy.

"Well, I guess I could use some help plowing the fields. After all, my old body doesn't have the strength to push that heavy hunk of metal any more." He told me.

"I'm on it!" I smiled.

"Great! Let's get started then." Mr. Miles returned my smile, as we headed off to work.