Get me outta here!

The bird in the cage would sing.

The melody finds ears to ring,

Yearning for just about everything.

-Seeking truth to make it all clear.

Convicted without felonies,

The bird is not frail, she's strong.

She will not fail to fly among-

The ones whose ears she has rung,

And those who listened to her melodies.

She's crafty, alright.

She'll find a way to open that cage.

And will be set free by the passion within her rage.

Cannot compete with the fashion she sets ears ablaze.

You're laughing, but she will bite.

Don't test her.

Her skills are beyond your comprehension.

But still, you calm your apprehension.

Until you free her song from its detention,

You cannot best her.

The bird's got tricks.

Try as you might, she cannot be tamed.

From her plight, she will escape, unclaimed–

By you and your "rights", she'll no longer be detained.

You've unleashed The Phoenix.