It's Better To Love a Dog Than a Cat

There are all sorts of good reasons

A dog is easier and wiser to bond with

Than a little cat who may or may not

Love you truly and faithfully to the end.

I love canines, big and little,

For every lick and wag of their tail,

Their undying loyalty to my command,

And the way they look at me with adoring eyes.

Dogs are so strong, loyal and cute,

With puppy-dog eyes and a panting tongue,

And their oh-so unconditional love,

Which they display as often as they like.

Except, of course, for human babies,

Puppies make the cutest babies ever,

Playing and yapping and dozing the day away,

Always managing to make my day.

Pug, poodle, beagle and terrier,

Golden and Labrador retriever,

Doberman, Rottweiler, and bulldog alike,

All make up this family of pets I like.

A feline, though, may or may not love me,

For he is too aloof to care about a bond,

Where he just goes wherever he pleases,

And snoozes the day away under the bed.

A dog will love me no matter what,

While a cat will just sat 'Hi,' and be off,

So think about what you want for a pet,

An indifferent puffball, or a sweet-tempered pal.