Sometimes I believe,

Everything is built on lies,

Everything deceives.

Religions abound,

Everywhere in the whole world,

Claiming their own truth.

Indigenous folks,

Say they've seen a great spirit,

On the grassy plains.

Missionaries say,

A great man came down to Earth,

And saved us from sin.

Scientists will tell,

Of "simple," clear evidence,

Of evolution.

But who among them,

Could possibly be correct,

In this world of man?

Who could possibly,

Be accurate enough with,

The meaning of life?

What if the straight path,

You have chosen for your soul,

Leads to Hell instead?

What if a broad road,

Everyone taught you to shun,

Leads to Heaven's gates?

Oh, the great anguish,

Not knowing what is the path,

To Heaven or Earth!

Oh, the agony,

Of not knowing how to flee,

Damnation galore!

It is a sad state,

For a world where everything,

Is built on deceit.

In a world like that,

A man may as well become,

A liar himself.