It was a good time at the opera house that night. The guests in their evening dress were all seated and ready to be entertained by the latest tearjerking story of romance created by the masters of opera. A handsome announcer in a tuxedo stepped forth and said, "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. We have a fine show for you tonight. Let's all give a big round of applause for, Mrs. Loretta Camamari!"

An attractive woman in full costume came out and bowed to the audience. The announcer stepped off the stage. Other cast members came on-stage to play their parts. Loretta took a deep breath, and prepared to deliver her first song in the show.

And as she went, "Ahhhhhh!" there was a ripping sound, and her entire costume came off and flew into the ceiling.

The audience was aghast, very surprised by this. She proceeded to sing her part, with a smile on her face. The opera seemed to be not so much of a tearjerker as they had expected.

Then, one by one, the other actors started to play their roles, and as each of them bellowed, their costumes came off, too, and hit the ceiling without coming back down.

The audience actually laughed. They were finding this very funny. Then, it was the orchestra's turn. As they played a dramatic high note at the beginning of the second half, they lost their clothes, as well. The audience thought it couldn't get any funnier than that, when it suddenly did.

During the climax of the opera, as the nude lovers sang their bittersweet love for each other, making some of the guests roll around in their seats, there was the moment when they made a dramatic kiss. And then...

To their profound bewilderment and embarrassment, every guest in the audience suddenly felt their clothes pull themselves off their bodies and fly into the sky. People scrambled for cover initially, as they naturally would, but seeing so much surprise nudity amongst the opera players, they relaxed and laughed, seeing how it was all in good fun.

Finally, at the end, the announcer came out again and said, "I must apologize, ladies and gentlemen, there may have been a few problems, a few disappointments-"

"Take it off! Take it off!" the audience urged. "We want more!"

Loretta Camamari stepped up behind him and pulled his clothes off with one tug. The audience roared with laughter.

"All in good fun, wasn't it, people?" he said, smiling. "You may get your clothes in the lobby."

A/N: This was inspired by one of the appearances of the "Nude Organist" in Monty Python's Flying Circus, the one where he sits at the organ fully clothed, strikes the first notes, and instantly loses his clothes to the ceiling as he gives his signature grin.