Animal Stories

A day out of the wind

By: puppylover13

"Hey Cooper," Catherine called out," Do you want to play with Merry Mint and Rosevelt?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute," Cooper answered.

"Ok," Catherine replied.

Cooper and Catherine had been in Animalville when they were talking. Cooper really enjoys reading books and the book he was reading was The tale of the Piasa Bird. No matter what you did, you could never pull Cooper away from a fastening book.

After Cooper finished the book, he put it in his necklace, using magic. Then he swirled off to catch up with Catherine and the kids. J

Catherine and Cooper have been married for almost twenty-five years now and they have eight kids. Merry Mint and Rosevelt are the youngsters of the family. Then there is California, Molly, Spot, Cocoanut, Princess, and Cocoa. This family is the Music family.

Cooper is the leader of a world called the Bookworm world. This world has millions of bookworms and billions of books! J

This family lives among over sixty animals, in which all are an amazing bunch to be around.

But, enough about Animalville, after Cooper caught up with Catherine and the kids, they all lively played a round of hide and seek. Merry Mint hid behind some rocks in the woods, Rosevelt made herself invisible, and Cooper quickly leaped behind a bush. While they were hiding, Catherine was counting to ten. Then she declared," Here I come, ready or not!" First, she saw some leaves rattling on a bush, and found Cooper. And by no suprise he was reading yet another book. Then, she found Merry Mint behind some rocks feeding a brown bunny. Finally, she bumped into Rosevelt while running because Cooper was never good at keeping secrets and accidently spilled the beans to Catherine that Rosevelt had made herself invisible, but by the end of the game, they all came out laughing because playing hide and seek was so entertaining.

In fact, it was such a pleasure, they asked California if he could make them a slide using his wood style power. You see, all these animals have special powers that they have when they are born. It can include six different styles: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Rock styles. Legend says that that there might be more than six different styles, but they haven't been discovered yet.

Talking about worlds now, I forgot to mention that Spot Music also has a world, in which has rainbows and Spot can change the color of his world anytime that he would like. J There might be something else that you might want to be informed about, too. There are a total of twenty different worlds, in which twenty different animals get to rule over. I have mentioned Cooper's world and now Spots world. Cooper's world is the tenth world and Spot's world is the seventeenth world.

So, after the long thrilling day of sliding, hiding, and seeing, the sun started to set and the moon started to rise. Then, a pony named Daisy Dreams sprinkled her dream dust everywhere, so that everyone can have good dreams all night long… J