"S.I.N.s. – Forbidden Secret"

Chapter 1 – No Longer Human – No Longer Demon:

It has been 3 years since the Apocalypse almost happened. It was also at that time that the King of Hell had become an official entity throughout the Demon Population.

But something else also happened three years ago...

You see, you might be familiar with the name Azazel. It's a famous biblical name, isn't it?

Well, sooner or later, a demon in Hell would take that name and use it as his own. Azazel was one of the very first demons that broke out of Hell when the Gates opened for the first time in millenniums, and he was one of the first demons to become a reality after all Seven Queens of Inferno had appeared and become official figures of authority.

Actually, he was rather close to Mammon, the Sin of Greed, during that time. He was one of her first information bookers, but that ended when she offered him a chance to obtain power.

You see, Mammon was aware of a thing called "Hellish Elements". Hellish Elements are basically little vitreous shards, kind of like the remaining of a broken mirror, that contain power, which is basically what identifies a demon. Each Shard controls an element. You know, the classics: fire, metal, water, wind, and so on...

There are 10 in total, and Azazel was requested to recover them and keep them safe. Well, Lucifer didn't really care who had them, as long as they were trustworthy. Mammon recommended Azazel and he was chosen. It was an easy job, since they also had most of the locations. Azazel was a powerful Demon, but he wanted to leave.

He never caused a rampage or anything of the sort, and he was actually lucky enough to dodge the two demon killing sprees the Angels and the Knights of the Apocalypse performed.

After the later, he was allowed to walk much more freely around the human world. Shortly after that, about a week or so, he found himself in front of a building, staring at a single flower that remained from the construction of the large facility. He had his knees bent, staring at the flower with his yellowish-brown eyes. He had assumed a human form, obviously. He looked like a 13 year old boy, with bluish-dark hair with multiple bangs and spiked to the sides. He wore a long dark jacket, a scarf around his neck, and jeans.

"Why don't humans... Like this?" He spoke to himself, wondering why the human race wasn't as connected with nature as he was. He caressed the leaf of the flower, showing a little smile. That's when he heard it...


"Eh?" He quickly turned his body around, finding a girl, approximately 13 years old as well. She held a camera in her hands. For a second, he was hypnotized by her pale blue eyes. Her hair was pitch-black, with a ponytail on the side. She wore a red skirt, black leggings, and a white button shirt.

"Oh, excuse me, I didn't mean to disturb you."

"W-What were you doing?" Azazel felt obligated to ask the question.

"I was taking a photo of the flower." She bent her knees and stood next to him, looking at the flower as well. "People nowadays don't really care for this kind of stuff, isn't it?"

Azazel opened his mouth slightly in awe. It was like she had read his thoughts.

"Oh, silly me." She turned to Azazel once more. "I'm Tōki Yuki. And you?" She extended her hand for a hand shake.

"I'm..." Azazel took a second to conjure up a human name. Luckily, since he had spent some time in Japan now, it wasn't hard. "Kei Kaito. My name is Kei Kaito."

"Nice to meet you. So, to what school do you go to?"

And we return to where we should've started in the first place: 3 years later to the King of Hell having become an official entity.

"Hey, Kaito, want to eat lunch with me?"


Right now, they were on the second year of high school. Yuki naturally became 16 years old, while Azazel, under the name of "Kaito" had to simulate the process. Being a demon under disguise, it was very easy. He sometimes wondered why he ever got involved with Yuki, but to remember himself, he would only need to look at her.

"Damn it… What am I thinking? Demons can't fall in love with humans! Well, they can, but they shouldn't… There're no rules against it, but I don't die, unlike… her…"

He thought of this every single time he talked to her.

"How's your lunch?"

"Same as always: good enough." Kaito replied, as he bit down his onigiri.

"Mou… I already told you, if you want, I could prepare you lunch."

"Y-You don't need to, really." Kaito answered with a smile, as he bit down on the rice ball and whispered to himself. "You've already done a lot for me…"

The day was over before Kaito knew. After all, being a demon thousands of years old, one day was nothing for Azazel.

He returned home. And with home, it is rather obvious that I am referring to Hell. Now, since the gates were open, the passage of demons between Hell and the Human Realm was accessible to anyone. Well, any Demon.

He walked around Abarus, the sector governed by Mammon, the Sin of Greed. He spent a lot of time in that sector, mainly because there is where he gets money in order to buy food in the humn realm. He doesn't need it, but he had to keep up the disguise.

Mainly to his friend Yuki, who was basically the only person that motivated him to use a disguise in the first place. He walked around somewhat aimlessly, curled around his thoughts.

"Damn it, why couldn't Yuki be a demon? She appreciates nature, she's nice, she's… pretty… I simply love those blue pale eyes of hers! She's the cutest girl I've ever-"


"Oof!" Azazel had collided with someone by mistake. "S-Sorry, I didn't mean-"

"Oh my! Azazel?!"

A familiar voice made his eyes open wide. "Ma-Mammon-san?!"

The Queen of Inferno gave him a hug. "I haven't seen you for so long! What do you say joining me for a cup of tea?"

The two of them went for a rather luxurious and expensive café of Abarus. Of course, Mammon had free access and treats, along with her company.

"I feel a bit out of place." Azazel confessed, as he sat down on the armchair. Mammon sat across the table from him.

"Don't worry." She giggled. "My dear husband said the same thing the first time he came here."

"T-The King of Hell?!" Azazel asked, rather amazed. Mammon giggled again.

"Everyone keeps getting so amazed every time he's mentioned, but he says he's not as good as everyone makes him out to be."

"What? But he is awesome!" Azazel said, somewhat enthusiastically. "He defeated the 13 Great Demons, stopped the Angel Invasion and the 7 Heavenly Virtues, destroyed the legendary Baphomet, and stopped the demon riot of three years ago with only some words!"

"Teehee! I never said he wasn't good. I'm just saying he's a bit more normal than people think."

"Your tea and cake, miss." A demon approached Mammon and placed a cup of tea and a plate with a piece of cake on it. "Gentleman." He did the same for Azazel. "Now, if you allow me, I will retreat."

"Please do so." Mammon replied, as the demon walked away. "So, Azazel, how are the Elements?"

"They're fine. Still under my control. Literally inside me I just have a question…"

"Hm?" Mammon made the sound with her lips on the cup.

"Why are the Light and Dark Crystals connected? I can't separate them."

"Oh! Well, Light can't exist without Darkness and vice versa, right?"

"Well, yeah, basic comprehension of the laws of nature."

"So, since the Hellish Elements get attached to the soul of the possessor, in other words, your soul, as long as your soul is intact, those two won't separate."

"I see…"

"And how's been your life? Any news?"

"Well… I've been spending an awful lot more time in the Human Realm than I should, taking into account that now I am allowed to be there."

"What do you mean?" Azazel looked away, hiding his blush. "Wait a minute…" Mammon leaned in with a rather curious smile. "Azaaazeeel… Did you fall in love?"

"N-No! What makes you say that?!"

"That blush! It's exactly the same as my husband when he fell in love with Lucifer!"

"Stop it! You'll make me blush even more!"

"Crap, I'm going to get late."

*teleportation sound*

"Phew, that was a close one."

Azazel teleported to the human realm in order to go to school. "Kaito-kun!"

"But I'm older than you!" Azazel, now under the name of Kaito, turned, finding Yuki running towards him, waving her arm, saying hi. "Hi, Yuki."

"Oh, by the way!" she opened her backpack and handed him a box.

"…What's this?"

"Your lunch. I made the best I could." His eyes widened, as he took the box. "I hope you like it…"

"I will." He stared at the box for a moment. "I will…" "Despite not needing to eat…"

"So, how were the math problems? Hard?"

"Didn't do them."


"Don't need to…" Being a demon, he would never need the use of math. After all, he was already dead.

Kaito got lost in his thoughts and on his doodles of his best and only friend, and of course (because otherwise it would be creepy) romantic interest, Yuki.

It was the middle of the math class, which he always ignored. But this day was different...

The door was knocked down, making everyone turn around to it. Kaito's eyes widened.

"Yo, Azazel!"

Two teenagers stood by it. One was a girl with light cyan colored hair and eyes, eyes of the same color, and wore a suit track and had a piercing attached to the corner of the lower lip. This was the one who spoke.

The second one was a bulky male, with kelp green hair and red eyes. He wore a black suit, green tie, and a shirt.

Kaito immediately recognized them.

"Oh crap... Why do I keep forgetting my debts?" He stood up, non-caring for what everybody thought of what was going on. Well, he did care for what Yuki thought, but that was a different story. "Look, Lima, Jahi," he called them respectively. "I asked for some power, like, 57 years ago. Are you really that-"

"Look, we're from Abarus. Taxes are in our soul."

Everybody looked confused, some even saying that Kaito had smoked something he shouldn't have.

"Kaitou, who are they…?" Yuki asked, concerned regarding her friend.

"Kaito?" Lima, the girl who took out a knife from her pocket, asked, somewhat confused.

"You see, unlike you two bastards, I don't go around telling everyone I'm a demon."

"Demon?!" Everybody, especially Yuki, was confused.

"Why not? It's so much fun to see them not believe you, then do something like turn into a snake and see them confused like hell." Jahi explained, as he looked around. "See? Like all of your little colleagues are doing right now."

Kaito looked around, observing the expressions of his colleagues.

"Well, time for payment." Lima stepped further into the classroom, as she spun her hand knife. "And since you owe us, instead of paying in power, we want in suffering!"

Lima spun around her hand and threw her knife at Kaito. He knew it would hurt him, but a stab wound was nothing to him. But what happened next truly hurt him…


Yuki stood up and threw herself towards the knife. The knife embedded into her chest. Her yell was interrupted from the shock of imminent death. Her eyes widened somewhat in fear, and it began to increase as the crimson blood began to drip from the wound.

Kaito stared at her friend, who fell on her knees, in shock. "Y-Yuki!" He kneed down as well in order to place her inside his arms.

"Oops! Moving obstacle."

Kaito's brain began to process information at incredible speed, and all his memories of him and Yuki.

The first time they met.

The first time they went to school together.

The first time she shared her lunch with him.

The first time she asked him for comfort after failing a test.

The very first time she planted a kiss on his cheek.

Kaito's eyes turned yellowish-purple and he glared at Lima and Jahi with amazing intimidation. The two demons stepped back.

"Y-You know what, it's ok." Jahi spoke, as quick as he could, wanting to make a run for it.

"Element: Cold…" Kaito stood up, and pointed his palm at the two. A light blue shard came off of it and, in all of a sudden, Lima and Jahi froze up. They appeared like ice statues. "Element: Metal." A silver colored shard appeared and his arms became coated in metal. He punched down the sculptures, smashing them under 30 seconds into diamond dust. "Teacher, I suggest you clean the shards and place them in a trash can. It will take around 2 years for them to return to normal, but still." Kaito picked up Yuki and drew out the knife. "Element: Fire." His finger began to glow orange and placed it on her wound, sealing it, but he knew the knife had done more damage that he could heal. At least, there.

He opened the window and jumped out as he carried her body. But not before saying "Tell her parents I'm sorry." to the colleagues and teacher of the class.

"Oh man… Please hold on!"

Kaito tried to think of a way to make Yuki survive the injury. The knife had actually touched her heart and pierced it a little bit.

"Damn it! Why are humans so fragile?!" He had run to the top of a small deserted hill. He made his best to slow down her death. She had passed out and hadn't woken up since the injury had been done. But with those words, something occurred to him… "Humans are fragile… But not demons… Maybe…!"

He ran up to her, seeing that her breathing was becoming slower and weaker. He came up with a rather absurd but maybe possible plan. It was something that he was able to perform, due to having the Hellish Elements in his soul. His soul manipulation abilities were much more advanced than that of any other demon.

So he thought…

"If I give her half my soul, and take half of hers… She'll be half demon, right?"

He didn't lose any time.

He concentrated, focused in her image. An image of her smiling. He wanted to see her smile again, no matter what. He placed his hand over the left side of her chest and his hand began to glow.

"I won't be able to share my soul if I don't give half the Elements…"

There are 10 Hellish Elements: Plant (even I can't dodge that bullet), Fire, Cold, Lightning, Water, Air, Metal, Light and Dark.

Light and Dark are always connected, but at that moment… they split. Azazel placed the Elements of Plant, Cold, Water, Earth and Light inside Yuki's soul, keeping the other five to himself. For some reason, the Element Dark got… much more attached to his soul.

But that didn't matter to him. What mattered to him was getting Yuki back.

He performed the splitting and interchange of the souls with some difficulty, but he managed to do so.

Her body glowed brightly for 7 seconds, and her wound healed. Azazel smiled, but then felt a strong pain in his whole body. He fell over, letting out small grunts, but that didn't matter because he heard what he wanted the most in the world. Well, not exactly what he wanted the most, but at the moment, it was.

"Ka… Kaito?" she sat up, and he shot up, with a wide smile. "What happened…?"

"I… Oh, who cares?!" he hugged her tightly at the moment, surprising her.

"K-Kaito! You're acting as if I came back from the grave!"

"Well, you were almost there…"

"What?! Kaito, what's happening?! Where are we?!"

"Well… Umm… I guess you can say… You're no longer human. And I'm no longer a demon."


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