I wrote this almost with spoken word in mind, so I think it flows better if read aloud without a lot of the line breaks...

I lie in bed trying to sleep but my mind keeps turning

The heat pours in and I wrap myself in my blanket thinking,

Maybe if I'm too uncomfortable to even think the memories won't find me

Instead they play across my conscience, a never ending movie

And it's an overused cliché but it's the only way

To explain the replay my brain is trying to strangle me with

They aren't tearful, heart wrenching memories


They're smiles and lunches and inside jokes and all the things I will never have again with him

And God I just want sleep but the smothering heat can't compare to the warmth found in his arms

And God I just want sleep but the pillow under my head is rock solid-

Nothing like the chest I used to rest on

And God I just want sleep but my brain won't stop kicking my heart when it's already down:

"How could you let him affect you so much?"

("How could you let him get away?")

Yeah, I'm exhausted and hurting and this came out of nowhere. I always love to hear what you think!