Return of Slender

This chapter would be somewhere in the second book.

Dymphna was hanging out with Reina at her apartment. They had a game system plugged into the TV. They were doing multiplayer games with cartridges plugged in on the top.

"I'm really impressed, Dymphna." Reina stated. "That you were able to build this video game system by hand."

"Thanks." Dymphna replied. "I was able to make the cartridges too."

"That's very cool." Then, they heard a knock on the door. "Now, who could that be." They paused the game and Reina went to the door. They saw what looked like an older gentleman in a brown robe, he was near bald but had a white wig on his head. The irises of his eyes were light blue.

"Is this… the residence of… Reina Smith?" he asked.

"Uh… yes."

"Can you tell me where I can find Dymphna Quinn?"

"I'm here." Dymphna replied.

"Please, child. Come closer so I can see you better." Dymphna approached him. "I see, are you truly the descendant of Patrick Doyle Quinn?"

"I remember I had a family tree that my dad made. I think it had someone named Patrick Doyle in my line."

"Then, there is no mistake. You are the one I am looking for."

"Wait, what do you mean?"

"If I can come in, I'll tell you the whole story." They brought him in and offered him some coffee, which he accepted. "I have come to talk to you about your ancestor Patrick Doyle."

"What is this all about?" Reina asked.

"Let me explain. What is of significance was his final mission as an inquisition man."

"Explain, please."

"During the Great Depression of the 1930's, the rich tried to keep their power despite being near the edge of collapse. This was before the election of F.D.R. might I remind you. Some of the rich had made a contract with a bounty hunter to keep the order and to eliminate threats to their power." the gentleman explained. "This bounty hunter was exceptionally good at his job, but was completely ruthless against his targets. And eventually, he started to attack innocent bystanders and a bounty was placed on his head. But nobody was able to apprehend him, because he was trained in ninjitsu and he used occultic witchcraft."

"Sounds very dangerous." Reina added.

"Then, Patrick Doyle arrived at the scene; he was able to capture the bounty hunter. He gave the bounty hunter a chance to repent, but the bounty hunter spat in his face and shouted profanities at him. He cursed him saying, 'Upon your death I will return to wreck havoc, I will be powerful and no one will hear me.' Patrick said in reply, 'If that is the case, my blood will hear you and the one who can hear you speak. That person will send you back to where you came.' Afterwards, the bounty hunter was put to death for his crimes."

"Wow, I've never heard that part of the story." Dymphna said.

"I know you haven't." the old man said. "But a being known as the Slendaman began to appear the year he died. We have reason to believe that the curse had come to pass and we are seeking the one who will kill him."

"How will you find him?" He pulled out a cassette tape and player.

"One of the victims was able to record audio when he was attacked by the monster." He began to play it. Reina put her ears up to the player.

"I don't hear anything." Reina added.

"It's saying… 'you will die now'." Dymphna said. The old man was shocked.

"Dymphna, you understand what this means?" He asked.

"No, what does it mean?" She replied.

"No one was able to hear a word and you were able to hear him. You are the one that had been assigned to the task of killing the Slendaman."

"I… I don't know how."

"You will find a way."

"I get I have to go. Where does he usually go around?"

"He usually is hiding in the Agag Woods, which is to the west by southwest about 70 miles." Dymphna and Reina set out towards that area. When they arrived, they were able to scene a malevolent aura in the air.

"Do you think this is the place?" Dymphna asked.

"This has to be it. We followed the map exactly." Reina replied. "Although, what the locals nearby didn't sound too nice."

"What happened?"

"There were seven disappearances that happened, one happening each day of the week."

"We'll look for them while were here."

The girls went exploring the woods while it was still day light, noticing various landmarks along the way. Until they came across a clearing in the woods, it had a shore and a large pond with a little wetland attached to it. They noticed that there were plenty of homes for frogs in the wetland.

"The water is so peaceful." Dymphna stated.

"They call this place Frog Chorus Pond because on warm nights; they croak together forming a peaceful chorus." Reina explained. "But when the Slendaman shows up, the frogs would become silent."

"I see."

"This is why I think this would be the perfect spot to set up camp." Dymphna jerked back.

"Wait, we are setting up came in the middle of the woods?"

"Yes, that was the plan."

"Why won't we camp at the edge of the woods."

"Look, the monster only comes out at night. If we are to free any of the hostages we have to lure him out." Dymphna sighed.

"Fine, if you say so." The set up a tent and gathered wood for a campfire, they had an evening dinner around the fire as they listened to the croaking of the frogs. They went into the tent as the sunset over the horizon.

Later that night, the full moon was illuminating the starless sky. The girls saw the fog hovering over the lake. The only thing around them was the tent they were camping in and dying campfire. A breeze was being heard in the background. Dymphna woke up, noticing the frogs have become silent.

"Reina, wake up." Dymphna said.

"What is it?" Reina replied in a daze.

"I'm sensing someone is out there."

"It's probably some wildlife."

"Reina, this isn't funny." Dymphna drew her blade out and walked outside in her maiden form. She looked around seeing no one out there. She could hear herself breathing.

"It's so good to see you are awake." A voice said, but it was a voice inside her head.

"Who is there?" Dymphna said aloud.

"What is this? You can actually hear me?"

"How are you talking to me, if I can't see you?" Then, suddenly her vision was covered in static and she fell to the ground. She came to an hour later; looking around she noticed the camp was gone and Reina with it. Her claymore was also stolen. "WHERE'S THE CAMP!? REINA!" He heard the voice laugh in her head.

"What have you done with Reina?" Dymphna said.

"There's no need to get hastey. You will see her again in time."

"Who are you?" Dymphna thought.

"It is I… the Slendaman. And I know that you are coming to try to extinguish me from existence." It explained. "But first, how about we play a little game of hide and seek? I hide and you try and find me, if you can." He laughed. Then something fell behind her and she jumped. She saw it was a flashlight. "You can use the flashlight I have given you."

"I'll free everyone from your grasp and I will exterminate you once and for all." Dymphna picked up the flashlight.

"And now, let the game begin." Dymphna turned on the flashlight and started to walk into the Agag Woods in the eerie moonlight.

She was walking around with the flashlight on. She was looking in different directions, knowing that people are here somewhere. She noticed a bright red truck in the distance and she noticed something was on the other side of the truck. She carefully went up to the side of it and got around it. She found Reina tied up in ropes and gagged.

"Reina, I'll get you out of there." Dymphna said as she made a dagger out of ice. She cut through the ropes and removed the cloth covering Reina's mouth.

"Oh thanks, Dia." Reina replied.

"What's going on?"

"The Slendaman has seven other hostages and trapped them in these woods. I have to make an exit way for the hostages and make sure they remain safe."

"All right. I'll tell them to go to the bright red truck."

"Okay, good luck." Dymphna started looking for the other hostages. Then, she heard a constant soft booming sound while she was walking.

"I see you found the first one." Slendaman said in her head. "I'll stop you from finding the rest of them." She continued walking. "Don't even bother using your ice powers against me. They aren't going to work." She came to a series of pillars and started to look around them. She found the second prisoner tied up and freed him. As she was walking away from the pillars she started hearing a high pitched drone. "I… see… you, Dymphna." She turned back to the pillars and saw Slendaman by one of them. She ran down the path away from the pillars.

"How are you talking?" Dymphna stated. "You don't even have a mouth."

"I telepathically communicate. Of course, you should already know that." he paused for a moment. She came to a large dead tree. "You're getting close to a third one." She walked around the tree and found the third hostage tied up and gagged. She freed her and started looking around.

"Now where are the…" Dymphna said to herself. Then, she saw Slenda and made a mad dash away from the tree. When she turned around, he was gone.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "Don't you like my game?"

"Your game isn't fun."

"Don't worry; I'm just getting warmed up." She came up to a set of brick walls in a shape of an X. "Marco." He paused as she looked around the first wall. "Polo." He paused again as she went around the second wall and found the fourth hostage. "Marco." He paused a third time as she freed him. "Polo." She saw a piece of rope on the ground leading around the third wall. She followed it and found Slenda. As she ran away, she heard what sounded like a screech. She turned and saw he was watching her run away. She was continuing to walk down the path and noticed several piles of stones on the side.

"Hey, can somebody help me?" a female's voice said. Dymphna knew it was a normal person.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you." Dymphna replied to her.

"All around the mulberry bush," Slenda sang as Dymphna approached the stones. "The monkey chased the weasel." She walked around each pile. "The monkey twas all in fun." She found the fifth hostage. "Pop, goes the weasel." Dymphna cut the ropes freeing her.

"Oh, thank you." she said.

"You're welcome." Dymphna replied. "Head to the red truck immediately." The woman left. Dymphna went around the piles of stone and she got out. She turned right and saw Slenda up closer. She ran for it as she heard the screech and the wind began to pick up. Dymphna turned around and saw him slowly pursuing her, running faster to get away. She noticed some of her memories were scrambled and warped.

"What a minute." She said out loud. "Those events didn't happen that way." And she ended up seeing false memories in her head. "And those events never happened."

"What's wrong, Dymphna?" Slenda asked. "Aren't you having fun?"

"NO! You're games are sick and demented." Dymphna shouted.

"Get used to it, things are about to get exciting."

"Maybe for you." She encountered a large tunnel. At this point, she is a lot more intimidated before than earlier that night.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "Are you too scared?"

"I'm not afraid."

"I'll tell you this. There is one inside the tunnel." Dymphna headed inside the tunnel and she did find another hostage in there. She got her dagger out and her hands were shaking as she freed her. She rushed out of the tunnel and she placed her hands on her knees to catch her breath.

"Okay, I just need two more to free." Dymphna stated. "But I still need to find my sword. I sure hope Reina and the others will be fine. I'm at least keeping the Slendaman at bay."

"You want to know something you don't know, Dymphna?" He asked. He softened is voice like if he was whispering. "I'm right behind you." She slowly turned her head and saw the Slendaman with his hand on her shoulder. She ran away screaming; she didn't bother looking back. He laughed in a very wicked manner. The drone got louder sounding like two tritones mixed together.

She ran across a series of pipes laying on cinderblocks. She was sweating feeling very cold as heart was racing. She was looking for the hostage with haste.

"Do you like playing 'Super Mario Brothers'?" He asked. "Because I do." As she was passing the first pipe, he stuck his head out of the pipe. She went down the length of the pipe. She saw a long one that blocked her way. She turned and saw a hostage tied up at the other end. She was looking down the pipes as she was passing the pipes and saw Slenda between the fourth and fifth one.

She reached the seventh hostage and cut the ropes. Her cuts were getting sloppy and ended up cutting herself. The hostage was freed and she sped around the pipe. She saw him again, this time with two of his tentacles out. They resembled the legs on a spider. She panicked farther after dodging his tentacle whips. Running father away from him, she turned around seeing he was pursuing her at a faster rate. She accidently dropped the flashlight but left it behind.

"UGH! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" Dymphna shouted. She saw a brick house up ahead. The front had two walls with a hallway going toward a door into the house. The front was lit up by four dim lights. She opened the door and went in without thinking, shutting it. She was able to get out a flare and lit it and started exploring the house looking for a place to hide.

"I know you're in there." he stated. "Come out and play." Dymphna stumbled around and found the eighth hostage and with it her claymore. She undid the ropes on him and he ran out the door. The sounds got louder and louder. Then, there was a sudden silence to the point where she could hear herself breath. "You've found all eight hostages. Come outside, if you don't want me to start the whole thing over." She noticed on the ground that the guy left her two bottles. She picked them up to analyse them.

"Holy Water?" she thought. "And anointing oil?" Dymphna gathered up the remaining courage she had and headed outside with her claymore in hand as well as her flare. She stepped outside; her feet stepping in the soft dirt.

"En garde." Slendaman said. Then, he leapt off the building behind her and attacked. Dymphna turned around and blocked the two tentacles. She saw him supported up by eight tentacles like a spider and two more he held up in the air. He screeched and Dymphna flinched. The two free tentacles lunged towards her. She dodged them and cut them with her claymore.

He leapt towards the wall and his tentacles climbed up the wall and hung there. He brought his head back and lunged it forward. Dymphna's vision started to be covered with static. She got out of the way and covered her eyes as he charged to an attack. Then, the static faded.

He brought his head back a second time. This time, she threw the holy water at him. It broke right on where his face would be. The bottle broke open and a hiss was heard. He put his hands over where it hit. The water got on his tentacles too and he lashed them forward. Dymphna created a shield of ice in front of her. They smashed into it without damaging the tentacles nor the shield. She extended it to a wall.

Slenda crawled over the wall and saw her he extended his tentacles between both walls. He screeched at her a second time and threw the bottle of oil at him. He used four of his tentacles to block the shot. The bottle smashed and the oil landed on his tentacles. Her vision started to go static and he began his charge. She dodged and looked away; seeing the flare was still lit. As Slenda turned around, she picked up and threw the flare at him.

The oil ignited and his tentacles were set ablaze. The bright yellow flames reflected their light off of the ice blinding the two of them. Dymphna took pieces of the ice and threw them at him. He blocked them with the flaming tentacles; he roared in a violent manner. He glared at her and Dymphna's vision began to turn to static. She skated up the wall and onto the ceiling of the building.

He teleported onto the top of the building, in front of her. She looked away and moved from him, but he teleported in front of her again; this time closer to her. She moved away and turned charging in a different direction with her claymore. Slenda appeared in front of her again. Dymphna charged and thrusted her sword into him as her vision went completely static.

Her vision began to clear as she looked directly at Slendaman's face. She saw how her claymore was through his neck and chest. They looked to the East and saw the sunrise. Black smoke erupted from his skin and she back off. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing but an old skeleton. It fell over with the claymore and the bones turned to dust.

Then, little small lights started coming from the dust. They started going up towards the sky. But one of them came to her.

"Please, stay back." she said.

"Do not worry." the little light replied. "I have come to thank you."

"For what?"

"These lights are the ones who were slain by the Slendaman and now they are set free." And the lights left. "I knew that one of my blood would be the one." Then, the light left.

"Was that you who helped me?" Dymphna asked but there was no response.

Dymphna and Reina were able to get everyone back to the town nearby and headed back home. The two came back to Reina's apartment.

"Ugh, I'm so exhausted." Reina stated.

"You're exhausted?" Dymphna asked. "I was fighting off that guy, while you were looking over the people."

"I'm mentally exhausted."

"Okay, we're both tired. At least, we can have some fun."

"At least, we won't have to worry about any creepy pasta stuff anymore."

"Yeah." Dymphna turned on the video game system and Slendaman's face appeared on the screen. "All right, that's it." She unplugged the system with the game and threw it out the window.

"Oh cool, I got a free video game system." a guy outside said.