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As far as wedding went, Neorian ones were… boisterous affairs, but they were beautiful. Apparently magic and technology came together to ensure more or less glorious wedding ceremonies. I'd gone standard traditional US wedding style for the color themes and any other suggestions, but Yuvile made sure to turn all my rather drab suggestions into something that was… well, far from drab. And all in less than three months.

It was what I'd consider more or less a shotgun wedding, but it was executed like we'd been planning the damn thing for a year or more. It gave me a good view of what Yuvile could do when he put his mind to something. It also acted as my officiation as the Alpha Mate.

We stood on our little platform and addressed the crowd gathered before us as the rulers of a country… which happened to span the entire planet. No pressure or anything though.

I'd memorized and rememorized my speech and if I needed a boost, I had a signal for Yuvile to whisper lines to me in the guise of whispering loving nonsense. It went without a hitch and soon the party goers were eating and drinking and generally being merry. It was… nice to see something other than books and labs.

"At some point I'm going to actually be allowed to go see places, right?" I sighed looking at Yuvile pleadingly.

"Once you appoint your counselor and we catch up on all our paper work, yes. We'll have to make a trip to see the Heads of the Noble houses in each of the other 9 districts and greet them properly."

"I see…" I said, leaning back in the chair, hand landing on my stomach in an unconscious motion and with a sudden realization I looked at Yuvile. "I think I'm pregnant."

Yuvile very nearly spit out his drink. "What?"

"I… It's just a hunch. Do ya'll have like pregnancy kits or something?"

Yuvile seemed to throw decency out the window as he crouched in front of me and buried his face against my stomach. I felt heat rise to my face.

"Y—Yuvile, what are you doing, in public no less?" I demanded.

He glanced up eyes burning with fire and joy.

"You're pregnant." He declared.

"Wait? What? You… did you just…?"

He stood up and turned to the crowd and called the lot of them to attention.

"I'd like to announce that my mate is pregnant!" he said, looking way too thrilled.

"Wait, Yuvile, you can't… what if… shouldn't we, I dunno… confirm it first…?"

"Derek," Yuvile looked at me with too much pride. "Magic is in this case, much more accurate than science. You're pregnant."

"O—oh…" I flushed again and gave a smile to the cheering crowd. "Well, in that case, guess we should start thinking up names."

"Mated and pregnant to a man no less," a familiar voice I hadn't been expecting to hear ever again had me out of my seat and spinning around much to Yuvile's surprise. "Nick!"

I practically launched myself at the man. "W—what? How?"

I could smell the scent of beta on him… he was someone's mate? But whose?

"Ansilu! Welcome home. You're late."

"Yes, well, someone didn't adjust well to space flight." Ansilu said and I pulled back to see him giving Nick a very pointed look.

"You're Ansilu's mysterious mate?" I asked.

"It does appear that way, yes." Nick laughed. "I guess I know why I could never find the right guy."

"Ah, if you two are here that means Avani and Niran are back as well?" I asked and as if summoned they appeared.

"Yes, I'm dreadfully sorry for being late," Niran said, smiling, "We got caught up in a small… business matter."

Yuvile and I shared a look at the obvious lie but just shrugged. I hugged them both as well. It'd been a long time since we'd spoken face to face. It was nice to see them.

"I hear many congratulations are in order though." Niran said, "Though I suppose I already knew."

"You already… Oh, right, Oracle…" I replied. "Wait, you knew and you didn't tell me?"

"Sometimes knowing the future can change it, you know? I thought it was best to let you get here on your own… You appreciate it more this way." Niran replied with a shrug.

"Knowing you two, I've definitely come to realize that omegas are nothing like we're taught." Avani sighed, but he didn't look disappointed in the slightest.

"Go get food," I insisted, "And then come destroy the social standards that say no one can sit with the bride and groom."

Nick laughed. "I always pegged you for a bit of a traditionalist when it came to this sort of thing."

"I've changed a lot." I replied with a shrug.

"Don't worry, he is still quite stubborn."

Nick's laughter lingered as he and the other three disappeared into the crowd which parted once they recognized Niran as an oracle.

"Yuvile," I caught his attention from where he was watching a group dance. He hummed and when I didn't say anything he looked over at me. "I think now is as good a time as any… so… I wanted to tell you… I'm not sure about 'love', honestly, but I am happy to be with you… I like you very much. I look forward to being with you… forever."

That last word had been given a simple definition 'forever,' but I'd found out that it had a much deeper meaning to Neorian culture. And I knew he'd understand.

"You…" he whispered and then kissed me in front of the whole banquet. There was whooping in the distance. I knew there were going to be struggles. Our personalities and interests clashed often, but I wanted to work through them. I wanted to find the love Neorian texts described with him. It'd be hard. But we both had 'forever'.