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"Kiss it better." He uttered under his breath. "Kiss what better?" "My feelings." "Oh my god, you are so drunk right now." I tried to push him away from me. "No, you just don't want to kiss me." Well, at least he got that right.

Georgina Perry had lost all hope on the idea of love. Zachary Maher lost his only love to someone else. Her best friend, his first and only love's wedding could only mean trouble. Would Georgina and Zachary's unlikely friendship help them go through a disaster that's waiting to unfold?

Eyes Unaware

© R. Biscuit


Like a ghost, when my mind was not thinking of anything at all, I would feel his fingertips grazing at my arm. I would look, and he wouldn't be there. When I try to erase him from my memories, he'd manage to slide back in and make sure that he'd cling on stronger. Maybe if I've never met him in the first place then his presence wouldn't follow me like a shadow.

But I did manage to survive five years without him or even remembering him, what's changed? I don't know. I don't want to know.

Chapter 1

"So where are you going again?" Jacky asked for the thousandth time, but her attention was fully consumed on whom ever she was texting on her phone. Probably that random guy she met in Starbucks, who gave her a cup of iced green tea with a "For the prettiest girl I see today", and his number scribbled on a napkin.

"I told you, I'm meeting a friend from back in high school." I sighed as I looked at my reflection for the last time before coming out of the office restroom.

She followed me out, eyes still glued on the glowing screen of her phone. "And you kept in touch with this friend from high school?"

"We tweet every now and then. How do I look?" I asked trying to revert the subject while spinning to emphasize my need of her opinion.

Jacky finally looked up with a raised an eyebrow but nonetheless replied, "You look good, great even. So can you stop worrying about how you look like? I mean, this friend isn't a guy, right? You went to an all-girls school." She wishes. For the whole week, she's been stalking this friend of mine through almost every social media website she can find this person.

"Yes, Jacky, I went to an all-girls school. But it's just that… of course I want to make a good impression. It's been years and I just want to make sure that I… don't look as bad as I was back in high school." A groaned left my mouth as I remembered the days back then. That's the stage of my accidental bowl haircut—which totally did not help me make people think I'm straight—and awkward hair growth stage, with my plaid shirts and boyish shorts. Definitely not one of my best years.

Jacky rolled her eyes. "Well, will it matter that you look hot now?" That's right. Jacky has never seen me in my high school days. You see I met Jacqueline Rivers in college. We were lab partners in biology and we ended up getting a job at the same place. We're pretty much inseparable since then. And at the time that we've met, I was sporting my mermaid hair, and grown out of my insecurities of wearing something too revealing to the point that I would never look like a pubescent boy again. "Georgina Perry, please stop putting yourself down. I'm sure you don't look as bad as you claim to be back in high school, okay?"

"I hope it's not sarcasm that I'm hearing from you." It's quite unnerving when Jacky use the full name card on me, and I can't tell when she's joking or not.

"Nope, so just go. And leave me with Darcy, the worst movie night companion." She groaned as she violently slammed her phone on the desk beside her.

A smirk played on my lips and nudged her side. "Oh come on, you like Darcy."

"In his dreams." Jacky scoffed.

I looked around the bright hallway to the main building of Radar, waiting for a familiar face to arrive. Should I just go wait for them inside? Probably not the best idea when the only thing my eyes could focus on would be the neon strobe lights inside. And outside seems too scary since I'd be alone.

I guess time could never change someone completely. I'm here a little too early, and my friends are always a little too late. Especially since I'm waiting for someone who's known for being a notorious tardy her whole life.

"Georgina!" An excited exclamation entered my ears. I looked around and spotted Rebecca Maher waving her arms to catch my attention. She looked exactly like the last time I saw her. She still had the childish face but maybe a little bit slimmer than before. "Wow, East Coast did good on you, Gerry Perry!"

"Look who's talking?" I laughed as I poked her flat stomach and hugged her tight.

"Finally got a parking space!" A man then rested an arm on Rebecca's shoulder, groaning about how the place is packed. His messy dark blonde hair was hanging low on his face, and he didn't look familiar to me. Did Rebecca forget to say anything about inviting a guy friend to hang out?

"Zach, what do you expect? It's a Friday night." Rebecca patronized the guy. "Oh yeah. Georgie, do you remember my cousin, Zach?"'

My eyes met his gray ones as he started to assess me. I nodded awkwardly. Of course I now remember Zachary Maher—how could I forget? He'd always be in Becca's house when my friends and I come over. Apparently, he's always in their house visiting anyways. He didn't change much, except maybe his body isn't as bulky as it did before but he still has that charming smile on his face, and his always short and quipped hair was now a little longer and messy. Like Rebecca, he looked mature.

"Anyway, let's go inside!" Becca grabbed my arm and swept me away inside, into the booth that was reserved for us. As expected, flashing lights were the main source of illumination in the whole room, and it was hard to make out faces in here. The only place where you can actually have normal lighting would be in the booths and maybe the bar at the other corner of the room.

"And how exactly did you manage to snatch up a booth nonetheless even get us in Radar?" I asked. Maybe I shouldn't have because the Maher's are flipping rich and they have tons of contacts to get us this table.

"Zach's got a friend who's the co-owner." Becca sighed, "Perks of having this idiot as a cousin." She nudged him playfully.

I turned to Zach—who was scowling at his cousin—as he was sipping his beer. "Yeah, I just moved to a new apartment. One of the owners of Radar is my neighbor actually."

"That must be cool." I commented to be polite. "So the owner lives in LA?"

"Zach actually moved here, since…? Since when have you been here?" Rebecca turned to her cousin.

"More than a year already, Becs. A few years actually." He said as he waved for another round of drinks for us.

When the server came back, a bottle of expensive tequila arrived with some shot glasses and lemon wedges. "The boss said it's on the house." He smiled and placed the contents of his tray on the table. "Have a fun night."

"Wow, that long already." The words just came out of my mouth without thinking about it.

"Well, you've been here for what? Five years?" Becca commented as she took her shot.

"Um, sever years. Why haven't I seen you around though?" Why I asked Zach this? I would never know. I don't know him, not even a bit. As usual, I'm just embarrassing myself pretending that we're such close friends.

Zach just smiled back politely as he shrugged his shoulders. "I should ask the same thing to you."

"You guys should totally hang out!" Becca suggested giddily, not at all intoxicated even though she practically drank most of the tequila already.

The both of us nodded awkwardly knowing that it's probably not going to happen. Far from it actually. Like even in another universe, that would never happen.

Zachary then excused himself, and left Rebecca and I alone to catch up. And that would just prove my point. There's this awkward aura between us, and I, for sure, am more comfortable with the distance between us.

"I heard you've been having suitor problems." I started with a smirk evident on my lips. Becca, for the past few years, has a line of suitors waiting for their turn to date her. Being rich, pretty, and smart didn't hurt too. She's the next in line to run her family's law firm, and let's just say that she's an over-achiever lawyer. And if I ever get in trouble with the law, I won't land in jail by how good her family is in the business.

Becca groaned and drowned the beer she has. "Nooo," She whined, "Don't even begin with that. Shouldn't I be asking you about your dating record? I haven't heard anything since a year ago."

I rolled my eyes. "That's probably because that's the last time I even dated anybody? My love life is as boring as watching weeds to grow." The last guy I dated was so horrible, and let's just say, ruined dating for me.

"What? No computer nerds falling for you? Heard there's tons of hot guys in Hanson's Creative." She playfully nudged my side.

"Ugh, if you think dating one of my colleagues is a great idea, scratch it off your head. They all see me as one of the guys, they probably think I secretly have a dick." I gestured obnoxiously at my lower parts. "They call me George for goodness's sake."

Becca guffawed and some of the beer she was drinking spouted out of her mouth. "You don't have a…? Do you?"

My eyes widened. "No." I answered violently. "Now tell me about your boy toys." I said as I shook her body from side to side.

She laughed, "Do I even have to?" I nodded. "Carter Davis started to come around again. He tried to pick a fight with the other guys who are bothering me. It wasn't an attractive scene."

"Carter Davis? The guy you asked to wait until you graduated from high school?" She made him wait only to make him think she likes him but really, she didn't want to do anything with the guy. She thought that he'll just move on but he totally didn't. Not until a few years into college, that is. But apparently, he's back.

She nodded and effectively changed the topic, "Anyways, did you know that Tamara's engaged?"

"Tamara, as in Mara? BFF Tamtam?" Tamara, or Tamtam, or Mara, is a part of our group of best friends back in high school. We kept in touch but how could she not tell me about her getting engaged? I didn't even know she was dating anyone.

"Yeah, to the guy she's been dating for the past few months." Becca shrugged. She was definitely not impressed by the guy.

"Months? Like how many months?" I exclaimed. Maybe I'm just too surprised but I knew that Mara wouldn't do something this impulsive. Plus, I didn't even get a chance to even know this guy. And that totally says something since Mara and I are really close. Well, before we were—now I'm not so sure.

"Four, maybe five? Three?" Becca cringed at the numbers. Obviously she didn't like the idea as well. "They just couldn't wait to get married. They're still planning the wedding so in maybe a few more months, you'll receive an invitation."

"When did she get engaged?"

"A week ago." Becca said lowly.

"How's Zach reacting to this?" I tried to look for the poor guy in the sea of people but failed to do so. He hasn't showed up at all since he scurried off.

"Surprisingly nonchalant. He just shrugged with a grimace, and then quickly pushed the topic away just like that." She ended with a snap of her fingers for emphasis.

"Really?" It wasn't a question, just a reaction.

Zachary Maher did not react to Tamara Gibson's engagement? I mean, I don't think the two of them dated but everyone who knew them thought of the same thing. They liked each other—badly. No one really knew why he or she refused to make it work. Zach was always dating some hot chick, and Tamara was too busy trying to pass classes to be distracted with dating anyone. And when high school ended, their paths just never did seem to cross too. Almost like star-crossed lovers.

Do I even know any of these people that I haven't seen since the summer I moved to New York? Social media made it seem that they haven't changed that much but really, who was I kidding? We're all different from who we were before. The things I expected from the people I knew, they quickly defied it. I guess everyone just had to grow up.

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