Eyes Unaware

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Chapter 13

The feeling of relief didn't last long though. By the time I got out of the restroom that I've been looking for, for what seemed like hours—it seemed like it when the conversation with Mara kept on playing in my head in a loop—Bella McAllister was waiting for me in the hallway.

"Finally, I got you alone." Bella groaned as she wound her arm around mine. "Seriously, the love fest in that room was too much for me. I still cringe every time I look at that Samuel guy."

"Well, I thought your game plan was to get it on with one of Mara's brother's friends?" I asked with a suggestive wink.

"The hot one wasn't there." She sighed. "So you and Zach are getting serious, huh? Poor, Paxy-Pax."


"Don't try to lure me away from the topic. So you and Zach?"

I sighed, "What is it about Zach and I that got you so interested?"

"Don't you see it, Georgie? Zach spells trouble. We all know he's still in love with Mara, and then all of a sudden he wants to move on?" Finally Bella spills out her real intentions.

"Wow, you're really trying to step on my pride today." I asked sarcastically. But the hurt was still apparent. It hurt because what Bella was saying was the truth.

"That's not what I mean, you know. Any guy would grovel at your feet to date you if you just give them a chance." She tried to lighten up the subject.

"Then why not Zach? Not that it has to be him. But why not?"

"Are you even listening to yourself?" Bella grunted. "You know what? Do what you want but when all else fails, I'll be here telling you 'I told you so.'"

"I am not breaking my friendship with you over this."

"Oh, woah, woah. This is not about breaking of however-year-long friendship over a guy. I'm just saying, I won't do anything to stop you in your decisions anymore."

"We better not." I would never want to wish to lose any of my friends over some guy.

"Yeah, because I believe we're better than this." Bella pointed out.

Sound of heels clacking on the floor approached us, "Oh my god, finally! I've been looking for the two of you!" Leslie said while trying to catch her breath. "Uh, the bouquet toss is about to start and we have to bid the couple goodbye."

"Well, you didn't have to call the single girls up for that, Les." Bella then smirked, "You're still single, right?" She asked me as we started to follow Leslie back to the reception area.

"Well, you don't hear me calling anyone my boyfriend, right?" I glared at her.

"True." Bella nodded.

It ends up with Becca actually catching the bouquet—giving her nudges toward her date, Carter Davis.

Paxton and I walked behind Zach back to the car. We retired from the party a little late. The wedding wasn't as bad as I thought it would've been, and not as chaotic as expected. Sure, the whole gang knew that something was going on between Zach and I but we left unscathed by Bella's attempts of putting Paxton between us, Becca and Leslie trying to push Zach and I together, and Mara's unsuspecting approval.

"So you're leaving tomorrow morning, huh?" I asked Paxton.

He nodded, "Yeah, unlike you, I have to get back to Hanson's. By the way, have you seen any of your emails the past few days?"

I raised an eyebrow out of confusion. I was on vacation; no one should be emailing me from work. "No, why?"

"Some supervisors saw your profile and some works you've done, I think they're interested in your style for some sort of book deal." Paxton explained.

My eyes widened. "Book deal? Like cover arts?"

"Yup. Some sort of debut young adult book, and it seems like it's a big deal for an emerging author."

"Wow, do you know who's supervising?"

"Isabelle Reginald, I think."

"Ms. Reginald? Then this book must really be that good." Word is that Isabelle Reginald came from the Reginald Publishing Company but is working in Hanson's Creative to make a name for herself.

"I think if you're interested in it, maybe you can go back early?"

"Uh, I can't. I still have some unfinished business here. You see, I decided to visit my dad. It's about time anyway." As much as I want to go back to my normal life, one of the reasons why I'm here was to make up with my past.

"I see, well, tell me how it goes? Both for your dad and the book art?"

I enthusiastically nodded, "For sure. There's no way I'm going to turn that down."

We dropped Paxton in front of his hotel building a little past one in the morning. Paxton was pleasant to be with, even when Zachary was obviously seething over the "enemy". Even with nothing going on between us, Zach has been pretty possessive—which was quite unnerving to some extent. This is probably one of the things that keep me away from relationships.

Zach then suddenly spoke, "Do you want me to accompany you to your dad's?"

"No, it'll be fine. You really don't have to. Honestly, I really don't want to go but I didn't want to seem like the worst daughter in the world."

"If it'll make you feel better on going with support, I will. Plus, I want to pay you back for everything that's been happening. I know you're pretty stressed out about everything and I didn't mean for it to happen."

"No harm, no foul. But I'll think about it. Thanks." In truth, I have no plans on taking Zach with me. I plan on going with no one.

The trip back to Becca's house was quick—quicker than expected to be honest. Becca still stayed back in the hotel with the other bridesmaids. Surprisingly, she allowed us to stay in her house alone for another night. Not that I was planning on ever doing anything close to what happened the night before.

As we walked in the house after parking in the garage, the silence consumed us. I didn't dare to speak, but that wasn't the case with Zach. He pulled on my hand before I could reach the stairs and pulled me onto him.

"Georgina," he started. But seeing my silence and how I didn't want to look back at him, he continued, "Are we really going to play cat and mouse?"

I let out a frustrated sigh and looked back at him, "Can you just give me a some time to think? What's the hurry anyways?"

He let go of my hand and didn't dare to compete with my glare. "Fine, I won't push."

"Thank you." I mumbled exasperatedly.

"Only if you kiss me goodnight." Seeing my glare come back, he held both of his hands up. "Just kidding, kidding." He started moving up the stairs and to his room.'

And tonight, I'm sleeping in my own room too because if this keeps going on like we're on the fast and furious, there'd be no time to think.

As soon as I got in my room, I pulled out my laptop to check the emails that Paxton informed me about. There was an email from Isabelle Reginald about submitting some sample covers of this young adult novel. The email also involved that if she liked my samples, she'd take me in the team for this project. I replied to her that I'm interested in being part of her team and I'd submit a few samples in a couple of days. This will be a great distraction from Zach.

The next day, the sun was out so I decided to work by the pool with my sketchpads and my laptop. The novel's setting was during the regency era about a girl running away from the prince. So I was trying to play with images like crowns, or character sketches.

The lounge chair that I was working on dipped a little from behind me.

"So you're taking on the thing Paxton was talking about I assume?" Zach's voice flowed from behind me.

I just nodded my head and looked at him. He seems to think the same as I did, since he had on his swimming shorts. "Are you going swimming today?"

He hummed and took a second before answering, "I was actually, but maybe I'll rather hang out with you here."

"You'll get bored out here with me."

"Maybe I'll model for you." He then pulled another lounge chair next to mine and posed on top of it. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

I couldn't help but laugh at his joke as his eyebrows wriggled suggestively, "Since you're volunteering. I won't draw you like that, awkwardly sprawled on top of the chair."

He pretended to be hurt by my comment but sat up away. "How would you want me?"

I frowned a little at the suggestive question. How I want him? Honestly, I want him closer, his skin touching mine. I tried to shake the thoughts off and told him to just be comfortable which meant lying down on the chair with his arms under his head and eyes closed. A smile crept out of my lips at how comfortable the air was. Zach remained silent and his body language was totally relaxed.

Within five minutes, one of Zach's eyes opened slightly to look at me. I knew he was about to say something but I quickly cut him off before he could say anything. "If you want to be my model, you shouldn't be moving."

A grin appeared on his lips and now both of his eyes are open and looking at me directly. "Let me see."

I handed him the sketchpad and watched for his reaction.

"Wow, is that really how you see me?" He questioned.

I didn't know what he meant by it. Did the sketch look bad? I thought it was a good rough of his face.

He looked back up at me with a smirk. "Only you could possibly make a representation of me like that. If that's how you really see me, then I'm very flattered."

My shouldered softened at his approval.

"Come on, take a break with me. Let's go swimming." He placed the pad on his seat and pulled me up from my seat and towards the pool.

Looking back at the work waiting to be done and toward Zach smiling brightly and excitedly, I shrugged off my light kimono and revealed my bikini underneath. Zach jumped in first, splashing water on me. I decided that revenge would be the best plan to swipe off the goofy grin off of his face.

I got in the pool in a gentler manner and made my way towards where he waited for me. Before I got near him, I grabbed an inflatable toy nearby and hit his side with it.

He gaped at me for a moment, processing what had just transpired, "Oh, this is war, Perry."

"Bring it, Maher!"

"Water gun war on inflatables?"

"Water gun war on inflatables it is." I agreed as I swam to the edge of the pool with Zach to retrieve water guns of our own and took dibs on the floaties—I got the dragon while he got the funny looking pink flamingo.

"Lookin' good on the flamingo, Maher."

He smirked. "You think you're so tough just because you got the dragon, huh, Perry?" He then proceeded to target my side with his water gun.

Gasping on his sudden attack, I gathered my own water gun and did my damage directly on to his face.

In the end, we both passed out on one of the lounge chairs, tired of swimming around the pool. It was probably the most fun I've ever had the whole week I was here—and to imagine, it was with Zach Maher.

I woke up with one of his arms around my shoulders and my head on his chest. It was still bright outside which means that we didn't nap too long. How we got to this point, I have no idea, but to be honest, I couldn't care less. There was no denying that like always, I felt comfortable in his arms. I wonder if he felt the same too. Was he content that it's me beside him?

I looked up and found grey eyes staring back at mine. His dark blonde hair was highlighted by the sun, and we both smelled faintly of chlorine but he still smelled like he always did under all of what the pool water did.

"Hey there, gladiator." He grinned lightly. His voice was a little husky, an indication that he too fell asleep.

"How does it feel to lose?" I couldn't help but grin back.

"I have to say, I was being chivalrous. A prince may have the need to beat the dragon but if it's owned by the princess, he has to make sure she wins, right?"

"Who said you're the prince?" I asked as I snuggled closer to his side.

"Says I." His smile turned a little less playful but softer—more sincere, "If only the princess knew, then she didn't have to let her dragon out to protect herself."

"But she could've just been the wicked witch, fooling the prince in a ball gown and tiara."

"Or, she could've been the one who's fooled to think that she's the wicked witch."

"So what did you think of the wedding?" I asked, hoping to change the subject away from the two of us.

He took a deep breath in and slowly exhaled, "The wedding was nice, I guess."

"Nice? Just nice?

"Weddings aren't really my thing. You know how I think of marriage." He frowned a little.

"That doesn't mean you can't celebrate other people possibly finding someone to share their whole lives with."

Before Zach could even reply, the backdoor opened with a slam. "There you guys are. I've been looking all over for you guys! Ooh, getting cozy with each other I see."

Zach's arm tightened its hold around me as if sensing that I was about to leave my place beside him, and I probably would have done so if he didn't.

"What do you want, Becca?" Zach barked jokingly as if he wasn't affected by our past conversation.

Becca then walked all the way in front of our lounge chair and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Well, I was wondering if the two of you wanted to get some dinner with me and the guys but I guess you'd probably want to just stay in for tonight." She smirked, "Make sure to keep it quiet, alright? I'll be sleeping here tonight—it's my house after all."

I hid my face on Zach's chest as Becca strutted back inside the house. My face heated up from embarrassment, remembering what had happened yesterday morning.

"We're taking it slow, Becca!" Zach shouted at Becca.

"Sure you are!" Of course she wouldn't believe us. Not when she knew we already slept with each other.

"We should probably go to dinner with them. I'm hungry." I suggested. Hopefully, this won't give Becca more ideas of what we have been doing in her house.

"Whatever that makes you happy, princess."

I took a deep breath in. Maybe its time to trust Zach Maher. Maybe it's time to actually give him a chance to prove himself. "Then promise me, when we go to my father's house tomorrow, you won't run off—whatever happens." I said hoping that he was still up for his offer last night.

His lips touched my forehead and smiled at my change of heart, "How else can I be your prince if I can't even handle the almighty king?"

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