I sat in my room on my phone, grinning from ear to ear. My crush, Paul, had just admitted to having a crush on me. You see we play this game, me and all of my friends, where we throw a ball around and if you don't catch it or if your throw is really bad then you have to tell everyone who you have a crush on (or you can tell one person and they'll tell everyone else). So, he dropped it, and admitted to liking me. I was over the moon.

I lay in bed, and I got a text from Paul. He had sent this picture to everyone and we got to choose two of the questions to ask him. I asked him to describe his crush , because I wanted to see how he described me, and I also chose what did he not like about himself. He replied: has brown hair, (well my hair has a reddish tint to it, but that doesn't really matter) and beautiful sapphire blue eyes, and is perfect.

I stopped reading there and thought. My eyes were emerald green. Maybe he hadn't noticed my appearance a lot...

It used to be you I had a crush on but a quote someone said told me to go for my second crush.

I stopped there. Tears formed in my eyes. I was about to delete his contact when I decided to send him a message.

Paul, you are such a bastard. You told me you had a crush on me and I was so so so sososo happy. We had a beautiful blossoming romance for a 'small infinity', (Yep a quote from TFIOS) and then, based on someone else's opinion, in a millisecond, you decided to change who you had a crush on. So goodbye, and when we meet again, bet ready for the most awkward time in your life. And you can tell everyone why.

The next day, there was a party at my friends house, and everyone was invited. Paul walked up to me at the party, while I was talking with my best friend.

"Uh, hi, Avril." He said nervously, waving at me.

"Paul. Hello, and goodbye." I turned back to my friend and Paul walked away.

"What was that about, Avril? You like him and he likes you. Why are you ignoring him." my friend was confused. I sighed, and showed her his text about his crush, and my last text I gave him before deleting him as a contact. She facepalmed "God, I'm so stupid. I'm so sorry, Avril." I shrugged. It didn't matter anymore. HE didn't matter anymore.