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Chapter One

Y'know, it's just one of those times were you just have to go: Why me?

As the Shadow lunged for my throat, I did ask myself that.

My day started out pretty normally. Well, sort of. First, I have to tell you about my dream- it's the weirdest one I've had yet.


I didn't really know what was so intimidating about that girl, or what screamed 'sass!' or 'cross me and you'll regret it!'

It wasn't the way she strutted confidently, or how she wore all black. It wasn't the way her boots were studded with silver, or the way her dark locks tumbled just past her shoulders. It wasn't her lithe but petite physique, and it certainly wasn't her tan skin or the amount of peculiar jewelry she wore.

A small, silvery cat's eye stone cut into the shape of a heart set in a bezel setting dangled on a thin but sturdy silver chain. A silvery-green stone hung in the crook of her collarbone in a seemingly hand-woven black choker. It wasn't the green leather string looping around her neck and disappeared under her shirt. But as I forced myself to look behind her glasses, I realized what made her so… scary.

It was her eyes. Her almond shaped, amber eyes glowed with a ghastly light that would've made anyone cower. She scowled, and turned to face me.

"Oh, so it's you." She pursed her lips, jutting her hip out at an angle as she crossed her arms. "What do you want?"

I tried to say something, but my lips wouldn't move. But she seemed to get the message.

She sighed. Holding out her hand, she concentrated. Her hand glowed a bright silver, the small cat's eye pendant flashing. The girl closed in on me, brow furrowed. "Hold still."
And she slammed her hand on my forehead.

It seemed like time froze completely, as an icy chill spread throughout my body. I felt a shock wave of… cold fire flash through my body.

Then, I woke up with a start.


I jerked in my bed, waking immediately. I was in a cold sweat, shivering like mad. I shuddered. That was a weird dream. I've had some scarier ones, but they were all random. This… it felt to good to be true. Flopping back down, I rolled over to check my clock.

It read: 6:30 AM.

I groaned. Slapping a palm to my head, I figured that I wouldn't be able to sleep even if I tried. I might as well head over to Gwen's and grab Michael.

Being the genius I was, I didn't even bother getting up. I simply rolled of bed, falling with a grunt onto the wood floor.

Blearily stumbling to the blinds to let some of the bleak morning light in, I paused to check my appearance in the mirror hanging over my desk and assess it.

Same old, same old, short, curly strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and lightly tanned skin. Still have that same zit smack-dab in the middle of my forehead, and I was still 5'8. Great. Just great. I guess I didn't have some epic, overnight transformation into one of those awesome dudes on TV. Oh, well.

I moved to the bathroom to brush my teeth and was my face and whatnot. I emerged a little while to change out of my sweats into some real clothes.

I didn't have work today, so I figured I could just throw on some jeans and t-shirt. I picked out a pair of faded jeans, and a black t-shirt. Throwing them on, I creaked opwn my bedroom door. I glanced down the dark halls. Good.

I crept down the hall, trying to make as little noise as possible. I softly rapped my knuckles on my little brother's door.

"Miiichaaaeel," I crooned. Hearing no response, I slowly turned the doorknob and pushed my way through.

My little brother, though only by two years, was sleeping in a heap in the middle of his bed. The blinds were drawn, his laptop still running. He snored loudly. All I could see was a heap of blankets and pillows, with a tuft of strawberry-blonde hair; like mine.

Michael was about two years younger than me, and almost my doppelganger. He had the same coloured hair, but it was curly. Same coloured hazel eyes, though with more of a touch of green. He was approximately one inch shorter than me, and paler than me.

"Oi." I prodded the mound with a finger. A low groan rose from it, the blankets shifting to cover that single tuft of hair. "Don't make me do this," I warned.

He moaned again, the blankets and pillows shifting. I sighed melodramatically. "Alright; you've asked for this!"

With a flourish, I threw off the blankets. Immediately, I got a reaction. He sputtered, eyes flying wide open as he jumped. "CALEB!" he shrieked- rather girly, might I add.

I snickered. I clapped my hands. "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty!"

He couldn't even make a coherent response. "You- you- you! It's like, what, 6:40 in the morning? What is your problem?!"

I gasped mockingly, placing a hand to my chest. "Your words hurt me, brother!"

He scowled. "Stop with the melodramaticism. Why are you up at this ungodly hour of the morning, anyway?" Yet, he was still washing up and dressing.

I stopped, pausing for a moment. "Well, I couldn't go back to sleep. I want to meet up with Gwen. And it's only 6:40. That's not that early."

His head popped out of the shirt he was wriggling into. He looked indignantly. "Yes, it is!"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. But you're coming, right?"

"Definitely!" His eyes shone. He quickly ran a comb through his curly hair. "Let's go!"

"Quietly, though!" I hissed as I peeked my head down the empty halls. Together, we snuck down the stairs. As he grabbed our shoes and fumbled with the keys, I grabbed a wad of cash from my wallet lying on the counter.

Shoving the cash into my back pocket, I nodded to Michael as he held the door open for me. We both slipped on our shoes, and as I sent a text message to Gwen, he closed it quietly behind us and locked it.

Meet us at the cafe.

I was surprised to see her reply so quickly.

ok rite now tho?

My fingers flew across the screen.


A pause.


I glanced up to see Michael innocently looking over my shoulder.

"What?" I asked, eyeing him.

"Nothingggg." He averted his gaze, whistling.

I rolled my eyes. Breaking into a quick jog, I trotted down the street. "Let's go!"


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