Silver always knew she was different. She didn't like dressed, like other princesses did. She preferred Pants. She didn't really care a lot about her appearance, as a child her long silver blonde hair was often found tangled and unbrushed. Eventually, her nanny gave up and cut silvers hair. She gave her a cute, short pixie cut, and silver ended up looking like a boy. Since silver refused to wear dresses, and always wore pants, guests (usually kings from neighboring kingdoms) thought she was a boy. A prince. It didn't really bother her, but her parents were mortified. They forced her to be more feminine, more "girly" and like a princess. They had her closet filled with dresses and skirts, and took away most of her pants.

"Damnit" silver muttered under her breath as she tried, and failed, to tighten her corset. "Nanny do I really Have to wear the corset?" she whined.

"Yes you do. You know the king and Queen of kaylem are coming today With their children. You need to look like a decent princess."

"I don't see why i cant just wear pants, I look plenty decent in pants and a dress shirt"

"Silver" she shot me an irritated glance.


"We don't want another king thinking your a prince. It reflects badly on the kingdom, and other kings try to marry you off to their daughters. Its embarrassing."

I scowled. The corset was so uncomfortable, I could barley breathe. Ans I was pretty sure I was wearing it wrong. I glanced into the mirror, and saw my reflection. I was skinny, and overall shapeless. I had small nearly nonexistent breasts, and no hips at all. I looked like a giant stick. It didn't really matter whether or not I wore a dress, I looked like a boy. It didn't really bother me. In fact, I liked the way I looked.

The dress nanny picked out for me was really pretty. It was long and pink with lots of ruffles. It would look beautiful on any other girl. I noticed that there was padding in it, which kind of irritated me. I don't like looking like I have something I don't. And the padding looked stupid. It wasn't even the right shape for gods sake!

"You cant do this forever." Nanny told me.

"Do what?"

"Dress like a boy. Your 16, your going to have to start looking for a prince to marry eventually! If you look like a prince, you might as well start looking for a bride..."

Yeah yeah, I've heard this before. Dozens of times. The "you-need-to-marry-a-prince" thing. Honestly I don't feel ready to marry, I'm not mature enough first of all. I want to keep climbing trees and wearing pants. Getting married would mean no more pants, and honestly I'm not ready for that. Plus the Idea of courting? Gross. I'm not like other princesses. I don't want to be "swept off my feet", Or "dance the night away", and stupid stuff like that. And other princesses always seemed so... "dreamy" when it came to princes and getting married. Yuck. I hate the idea of romance.

Its not like I didn't want to get married. Of course I did. I just... Don't like princes. Or guys for that matter. I'm not attracted to them at all. I've always thought it was because I haven't met the right one, or I hadn't grown into the "liking boys" phase yet. But I'm thinking about it now and I know I do not like boys. At all.

If I don't like boys.. how will I get married? Who will I marry?

"And you'll grow old and die alone! Silver, are you listening to me?!"

Oh yeah. She was talking. Oops.

"Don't worry about me nanny. Ill be fine." I shot her a quick smile hoping she wouldn't freak out again.

" I'll find someone someday." I wasn't sure if I believed that, but It calmed her down.

I like nanny. Shes amazing. I know I'm difficult sometimes, but shes usually pretty patient. I appreciate her. Shes taken care of me for as long as I can remember, since I was a baby I believe. Shes more like a mom to me than my own mother, who I hardly see. Shes always busy taking care of kingdom stuff. She doesn't have time for her own daughter.

Its not like I don't know my parents. I know them, were just... Not close. I have dinner with them every evening. Their really great people, perfect to run the kingdom. Their just not the people I would run to for advice and stuff.

I sighed and looked into the mirror again. The dress looked so wrong on me. It didn't fit my personality at all. Ugh. I don't think Im wearing the corset right.. it looks weird.

"Nanny... am I wearing this right?

She turned her head and chuckled. "Oh silver.. Its upside down and way too loose."

"Too loose! I cant breathe!"

"Here. Ill help you."

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