At the beginning of the world, Gaea had a child whom we know as the first mother. The mother's first born was a girl who was given the name called Earth. Earth is the first Earth Guarder. She was able to make the grounds rumble, causing earthquakes. One day, as she was bathing in a river, a mortal man spied on her. When she became aware of his presence, she grew furious and created mountains, hills, ravines, and finally volcanoes. She slayed the mortal man.

When the first mother had her second child, she named her Fire. The first mother placed Fire into the sun and that is how the first Pyreians came to be. Though they too conjure fire, they do not call themselves Pyreians, like we do. They are called the Fire Hunters and still exist today. When the Fire Hunters began moving to earth, they began dying because earth's surface was too cold for them. Thanks to Earth, who created volcanoes, the Fire Hunters were able to survive. They moved into the volcanoes where they now reside in the warm pockets of air in the mantle. The first Fire Hunters are similar to the Ice Warriors. They have two hearts that make it easier for them to breath in areas that lack oxygen. Their two hearts also help them run longer. They are taller than average mortals which makes their bodies have more space for the organs in their bodies.

Over the years, the Fire Hunters relationships with the gods. Their offspring were half god, half elemental. The new generations of elementals carried on their powers from then. Depending on the species of the elemental's parents, they gained new powers. Based on our observations, a demielemental who has children with a pureblood have the pure power of the element (this is determined by the parents). If the demielemental has children with another demielemental/demigod, their child will have the power that no other tribe has. They also have the power that their elemental parent has but it would not be as powerful.


I hope you like this so far. This is for a role play group on a different site. I do not own the idea of the Fire Hunters (they belong to my friend, Valen). However, I do own the idea of the Lions (Which includes the council, pyramid [will be added later], Families, ect).