~Emerald Sonata Works~



{By: Emerald Sonata}

[~PART 1~]

"Thermal conduction: a process where material like metal can absorb heat via kinetic energy and movements in its molecular structure. Silver is the best heat conductor, and often used in the real world to regulate and ventilate heat. There is a phenomena where if a metal were to be exposed to both extreme heat and extreme cool temperatures in rapid succession, it will break down its overall make-up and even shatter at the slightest touch…Gaaaah, this is just one of the definitions I need to remember – how the heck am I expected to remember all 300 of them?!"

"If you would stop walking while reading at the same time, that would be the first best plan of action. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Shut up."

In the center of Tokyo, Japan, within the heart of a particular commercial district, walked a certain high school boy. His black hair was long past his shoulders and was completely unkempt. The set of uniform consisting of a white-dress shirt with a crest over the heart, black tie, and sand-colored pants have been worn since the beginning of the day – yet it did not have a single crease or wrinkle to it, as if still fresh. The boy's sharp emerald eyes scanned from left to right, soaking up as much information from a large text book he had open in his hand while walking on.

He was followed by a voice, one that belonged to a lady of high stature and a strong sense of maturity if not justice. However, there was no one around the boy that matched the characteristics of the voice – let alone there being anyone following him in the first place.

"In all honesty, Tsukasa, there is no way you can cram three weeks' worth of information in a single night. As you would say yourself, you'll definitely 'flunk' this science test whether you like it or not. So why don't you put away the books and be on the look out for themthey could attack any second, you know?"

"Get – off – my – back! You have absolutely no idea what kind of crisis I'm going through right now! My grades are next to rock-bottom – only 5% higher than the douchebag in my class who doesn't even study or hand his homework at all, I might add – and if I were to fall hard on this stupid test, I might get a suspension from school!"

Tsukasa came to a short halt before a crosswalk, which was filled with cars at the time. Once the green light came on, he continued only right after hastily reading another super long definition.

"Besides, I was busy for the last two weeks with my part-time jobs and I planned I could prepare for the exam that was supposed to be for next week! It's that jerk of a teacher's fault, Yukimoto-sensei! He suddenly moved next week's examination to tomorrow – just so he could casually go off on his trip to the Bermuda without worry. Tch, I hope he vanishes there!

"Ugh, you vagabond. Never blame others when it is you who are at fault for not organizing your time properly beforehand. And besides, cursing others like that is not befitting of someone with your responsibilities."

"TCH!" The boy's nerve snapped and he jabbed a hand into his small school bag, wildly rummaging for something. He yanked out a pink cellphone and held it up to his face so he can clearly snarl at it.

"I – freaking – hate you, Celestia."

The cellphone's front LED-screen blinked a small green color, matching with every word given by that lady-like voice.

"Haaa…Deep down, you're still a vagabond to the very core."


The sky was still blue, despite being long past school hours. It was now for the timely rush in the commercial district, cars piling up into endlessly long lanes. A regular afternoon out in Tokyo.

A single mother was riding in the left-driver's seat of a SUV – why left is because of the fact that it was made and shipped from America. She was just a simple mother who had three children and was on her way to pick them up from afterschool club activities.

The single mother rested her cheek against her curled hand, which was propped up against the door's window-sill, utterly bored. Hoping to kill the time, she turned on the radio to listen to something—Wait, she remembered, the car radio was still broken. Sigh, the times where a man's help was necessary struck her harder than most people in life.

Wait a minute…did she hear some sort of scratchy-grinding sound? The mother thought it was from the radio – broken yes, but it could only sing static in pure dead-tone. No, that was not was making that noise.

A tremble from the car forced her to stop. Another pulse of movement moving the ground crawled up her spine and she sat straight in her seat. Slowly, ever so slowly, the trembling turned into shaking – soon into an obvious quake that rocked the whole jammed road.

Plus from the rear-view mirror, she saw something that she could never believe to happen in Tokyo, or in all Japan…

…A giant sandstorm was coming up from behind, swallowing everything in its path.