His arms are so cruel and comforting. If I just lay back, he will take care of me. The darkness makes the pain leave. After all, you can only see the monsters if you leave the light on. Why fight him? He helps in the only way he knows how. Yes, it will hurt for a moment, but then it's all gone. Lets thecool blade draw a grotesque masterpiece on your wrist. Dark, crimson drops will smile up at you as they splatter onto the sickeningly white bathroom tiles. Chilled porcelain caresses your pale cheek. Are those tears running down your face? He wipes them away. His cold, loving voice whispers one last goodbye. Slowly, the hot sting of your gashes fades away. Memories of past pains mean nothing in this darkness. Let your head lull back, eyes close, and a melancholic smile play across your colorless face. He holds your clammy palms as he pulls you away. "Quiet, my love," he whispers so sweetly, "I won't let the world hurt you anymore." His grip tightens. The blackness rises. You hurt no more.