A Rottweiler was once walking down a path in a forest, when it spotted a Rabbit chewing happily on a plant a little ways away. The Rottweiler fancied himself a hunter, and goodness knew how many helpless animals he had caught over the months, and he decided to run down and kill the Rabbit. The Rabbit panicked upon seeing the approaching dog, and ran off. The Rottweiler gave chase. They ran for several minutes through the trees, but the Rabbit proved to be faster and more desperate, and ultimately got away.

The Rottweiler said to himself, "Blast! He got away! Oh well, it's my lot in life to be a hunter, and I'll catch and kill something before this day is over."

But later that day, as he was about to go home for a night's rest, he got caught in a man-made trap, a rope snare. The man who set up the snare came out, and it turned out he was looking to catch the nasty Rottweiler for a reward. He tied the dog up in a rope net and attached the net to a post. Then the man went to retire for the night.

The Rottweiler almost despaired of being found and saved, knowing that no one would find him here, or that someone would find him, but would not care. He cried for help and howled, but nobody was forthcoming.

But at last, as he was about to resign himself to his fate, an animal came along and started to chew through the ropes of his net. The Rottweiler gave a start when he saw that it was the same Rabbit he had been chasing earlier!

When he was free, he had to ask the Rabbit before he ran away again, "Why did you save me, Rabbit? I hunted you earlier today. Why not just leave me to die, like the cold-hearted hunter I am?"

The Rabbit said, "Dear Rottweiler, where I come from, one must always learn to help those in need, even if they are your enemies, and to forgive them their wrongs, whether they repent or not. How else do you think my kind puts up with all the homeowners and farmers that hate rabbits so much? That man who captured you wanted to stop you only for a wealthy reward, not to help people in need, and I thought it was the right thing to do to free you."

Astonished, the Rottweiler said, "I didn't know such generosity could come from a Rabbit to a hunting dog like me. From this day forward, I promise I will no longer hunt innocent animals for fun. I may play with some, but never will a be a sports dog again, and I'll only eat the food my owner serves me."

The Rabbit looked pleased with this promise, and told the Rottweiler, "Then I will not judge you for your earlier actions. Go, be on your way, and make sure you keep your promise." And then the Rottweiler and the Rabbit were on their own ways.

Help anyone in need, friend or foe, and be sure not to judge even your enemies for their transgressions.