A Toast: To Life, Love and Beauty

Beauty is everywhere,

In the land and the sea.

Never ceasing, always roaming,

To find the perfect one

To hold its affection.

To be breathed into:



Out once again.

Holding onto Life so dearly

Until the flame begins to dim.

Like the rose in midsummer.

Like the woman holding her child.

Love clings to the stem, the bosom,

As long as Life holds its whim.

Sometimes it leaves early.

Sometimes it stays late.

Keeping its own schedule.

Life and Love and Beauty intertwined.

There is a certain Love

That can be felt throughout the air.

It is always remembered,

And for some it is feared.

The absence of Love

Can leave a heart broken.

Can leave a little girl lost.

Love can be distorted 'till it is no longer love.

Merely a shadow of a parody,

Ugly and unrecognizable.

But who am I to tell you that?

You already know,

Cupids bow's a fickle thing,

His arrows strike without care.

Bringing two lives together

For good or ill we've yet to tell.

I once had a pretty lad,

When I was but a child.

He was light and summer's fun,

But winter's Cold stole him away.

Now his ashes ride the wind,

Searching for a tender heart to love him dearly again.

I hope someday I'll find that lad,

Walking along the shore,

And I'll stop and tell the lad,

"I've loved you ever more."

Then he'll smile and walk on.

Life is short and pain is long

As I've already found

Life is a kiss in the rain

Death can be found in the pain

There is Beauty in Life

And there is Love in Beauty.

As I said before, the three are intertwined,

One cannot exist without the others

The others cannot exist without the one.

But alas, my heart is lonely,

Seeking Life and Love and Beauty

Till the bell does toll.

Then upon white wings I'll fly,

And I shall know I am married.

To Life. To Love. To Beauty.

A toast.