Nothing like poetry to get rid of some anger and angst, especially at 11:30 at night. I hope you enjoy!

The Door Too Big

Alone in the middle of nowhere

I open my door too freely

With not even a gate to guard

This house of mine

It has been standing unprotected for too long


They come in shoes off

Polite in their manner

Friendly in disposition

Careful not to leave a trace

Of their being here

And I am reminded

That they are only guests


And I almost wish

That they would streak dirt

All over the floor

Spill coffee on the rug

Or drop crumbs all over the table

So that I could feel rightfully wronged

When they leave


Instead all I am left with

Is an empty house

With a too big door

That I should close

That is better for letting people out

Than inviting them in

I just recently realized that I am a huge fan of metaphors and symbolism, which I try to incorporate into my writing and even my speech...unfortunately they don't always make sense, so hopefully this giant metaphor of a poem did. As always, reviews would be greatly appreciated. ^-^