Every role play in this book is done with permission of the players involved and if not their name will be censored or edited out.

hello dear reader I am braincake and this is a book of armature role plays. What does that mean? well you will be reading several stories that are in the form of roleplays that take place on an online game titled IMVU. The title is meant to be a pu u, i enve you. Haha. Anyways the reason armature is in the title is do to the quality. Some of these rp's are brilliance, some are noteworthy, some are bad, and some are cringe worthy. The magority of these roleplays are done by people who are either new to roleplaying without much expeirence (including myself) or just not very good. Some though will suprise you infact. Their is also a mishmash of style in this book all throughout the same stories. Because of all these reasons amature is in the title. I am fully aware out side of improv actors no one does role playing for a living. Now the number #1 rule of role play is always go with what your partner or partners say. Never doubt this. I hope you enjoy reading -Braincake.

Chapter 1

Now this first story is a probably my favorite rp that I've done I feel its pretty good, my partner's in the rp don't follow the rule always do as your partner says which made it difficult to act out however it is still an enjoyable read.

However it is quite grousom because of such here is a list of content and trigger warnings:

blood, gore, cussing, ableism,ableist slurs, casual sexism, sexism, hate, horror, body horror, weapons, cultural appropreiation, cussing, slurs, blood, blood mention, death, death mentions, sucide, suicidal tendiencies in one charecter, murder, murder mentions.

The Feeders


Guest_R0000D has joined the chat

Guest_Braincakereviews: *a young boy apears seemingly out of no where running in terror* ahhh fuk

Guest_Braincakereviews: shit

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks behind him slows down and catches his breath*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he gasps for air* hi

Guest_R0000D: She looks and jumps, "Hi."

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he exams her carefully* your in this hell whole too huh?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks behind him again* looks like were safe

Guest_Braincakereviews: for now

Guest_R0000D: *She sighed* I'm never safe..

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks at her curios* the names Eric by the way.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he outreaches his hand for a shake*

Guest_R0000D: *She smiled a bit* Names Tiara *She took his hand and shook it, smiling*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he smiles back* well Tiara welcome to hell.

Guest_Braincakereviews: they may be coming soon. we better get moving

Guest_R0000D: *she laughed* Thanks... wait... what do you mean by 'they'? *she frowned at him*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks in awe* you don't know do you?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he's shocked* how can you not know!?

Guest_R0000D: *she looked down, whenever people say that she feels st*p*d*

Guest_Braincakereviews: the feeders. Their coming and we'll be dead soon if we don't run.

Guest_Braincakereviews: c'mon everyone knows what the feeders are.

Guest_Braincakereviews: you have to.

Guest_R0000D: Vampires? *she asked curious*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks in suprise at her ignorence* no one knows what they are! But they eat your flesh and drain your life force or "soul" till your nothing but bare bones. We have to run now!

Guest_R0000D: *she shuddered and looked* I think there is an underground department!

Guest_Braincakereviews: where?

Guest_Braincakereviews: tell me *he grabs her viciously without consent*

Guest_R0000D: *she yelped in surprise*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he quikly puts his hands down* sorry but I need to know tell me!

Guest_R0000D: *she sighed* Alright, alright! Follow me!

Guest_Braincakereviews: ok. *he takes out his swords and follows the girl*

Guest_Braincakereviews: do you think we'll be safe here?

Guest_R0000D: *she nodded* I'm positive.

Guest_Braincakereviews: it is a jail after all...

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he turns quikly* did you hear that?

Guest_R0000D: *she shook her head* No.. you're probably just hearing things.

Guest_Braincakereviews: I don't just hear things *he says in disprovel* there it is again.

Guest_R0000D: *she frowned* I didn't hear anything.

Guest_Braincakereviews: must just be my...*he debates saying something* nevermind

Guest_R0000D: *she looked at him* what?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looked up* nothing none of your concern

Guest_R0000D: *she nodded speaking in a quiet voice* okay.

Guest_Braincakereviews: how do you not know about them? where have you been the past three years?

Guest_R0000D: i've been watching my family suffer and die from the past three years..

Guest_Braincakereviews: so you do know?

Guest_Braincakereviews: then why did you say you've never heard of the monsters?

Guest_R0000D: they died from a disease! they were never bitten by these 'monsters'

Guest_Braincakereviews: oh...

Guest_Braincakereviews: so you've been taking care of them?

Guest_Braincakereviews: have you been in isolation!

Guest_Braincakereviews: how do you not know!?

Guest_R0000D: *she snapped* Stop making me feel so fucking st*p*d!

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks at her sympethetcily* sorry it's just...weird.

Guest_Braincakereviews: everyone knows

Guest_Braincakereviews: how can you not ? *he stares at her*

Guest_R0000D: *she shrugged and walked out*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he rushes after her* wait where are you going?

Guest_R0000D: *she found another place with beds and ignored him*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he followed her in a flash*

Guest_Braincakereviews: stop walking away

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he was now angry*

Guest_R0000D: *she sat down in front of the fire and and pot and just stared at it, not saying a single word*

Guest_Braincakereviews: talk to me dammit!

Guest_R0000D: *she still ignored him*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looked down to himself and laughed* maybe humans arn't worth saving after all

Guest_R0000D: *she cringed and then hid her face, in her knees*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he walked towards her* speak to me *he said each word slowly pausing between each one*

Guest_R0000D: *she looked at him* why? why do you want me to speak to you?

Guest_Braincakereviews: because I need to know. Now.

Guest_Braincakereviews: how do you not know (he continued speaking slowly with a hint of intimidation in his voice*

Guest_R0000D: *she shouted at him* BECAUSE I JUST DON'T. ALRIGHT!

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he smirked and put his hands up in a defensive position* alright alright. No judgement just...curioustity.

Guest_R0000D: Well, hold down your goddam curiousity. And wipe that smirk off your face. *she crossed her arms*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he suddenly became expressionless* ok

Guest_R0000D: *she rubbed her temples suddenly getting a headache* what are you?

Guest_Braincakereviews: what? *he laughed* human like you *he gave her a grin and a pat on the back*

Guest_R0000D: You think I'm d*mb don't you? *she glared*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looked at her *of course not *he thought to himself {well she is human of course she is}

Guest_R0000D: *she shook her head at him* Well I know you're not human.

Guest_Braincakereviews: haha your silly.

Guest_Braincakereviews: How could I not be? hmm

Guest_Braincakereviews: I look human I sound human

Guest_Braincakereviews: I dress human

Guest_Braincakereviews: see human.

Guest_R0000D: You said, 'maybe humans aren't worth saving after all'

Guest_Braincakereviews: ya my kind *he looked at her* how are we worth saving if we refuse to talk to each other?

Guest_R0000D: *she looked at him* you think i'm not worth it?

Guest_Braincakereviews: maybe

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he said bluntly*

Guest_Braincakereviews: but it doesn't matter what I think

Guest_Braincakereviews: we seem to be the only two alive in this hell hole

Guest_Braincakereviews: so we have to stick together

Guest_R0000D: *she just sighed and walked around*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he examins the room and finds a sword with a bust. He practices stabbing the bust in the chest taking his sweet time*

Guest_R0000D: *she lied down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he walked over to a shelf of weapons examining them* hmm you think any of these will stand a chance?

Guest_R0000D: eh. *she didn't really want to talk to him. she wjust wanted to think*

Guest_Braincakereviews: thoughts? *he demanded an answer*

Guest_R0000D: *she sat up and her darkening* look, i don't know. *she layed back on the bed, her eyes tearing up*

Guest_Braincakereviews: your no hel *he barked at her*

Guest_Braincakereviews: (meant to say help)

Guest_R0000D: so i've ben told *she said, her voice shaky*

Guest_Braincakereviews: glad you know your place.

Guest_R0000D: *she rolled over and started to sob quietly*

Guest_Braincakereviews: {humans} he thought to himself.

Guest_R0000D: *she caught the thought and sat up smirking* i know. we're wonderful aren't we?

Guest_Braincakereviews: h-h-how?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he glared at her*

Guest_Braincakereviews: what are you?

Guest_R0000D: i'm not human, you id**t. *she held up a finger and a flame appeared*

Guest_R0000D: I'm a...magic user i guess.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he laughed relieved* thank satan

Guest_R0000D: Satan? I'm not satan. *she held up another finger and a water orb appeared. she threw the water orb at him, drenching him in ice cold water*

Guest_Braincakereviews: not what I meant *he said looking at her in disgust*

Guest_Braincakereviews: satan is far more great and powerfull then you "magic user" dare to be.

Guest_R0000D: Just leave. *she mumbled*

Guest_Braincakereviews: no. You powers may prove to be usefull.

Guest_R0000D: I'm not using my powers on anything. On you, it was just an example. *she sat up*

Guest_Braincakereviews: Who said you had a choice?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he smirked*

Guest_R0000D: Me. *she got up off the bed starting to walk off*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he flew over to her and hovered above her head* no.

Guest_R0000D: *she kept walking* It's funny. You act nice and then you appear to be an asshole. *she walked out*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he follows her still flying* isn't that how everyone is?

Guest_R0000D: No.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he laughs then is cut short as he sees something in the distance* shit.

Guest_Braincakereviews: run.

Guest_Braincakereviews: their coming.

Guest_R0000D: No. I might as well die. *she shrugged*

Guest_Braincakereviews: not your choice. *he picked her up without consent and started flying away with her*

Guest_R0000D: *she screamed* Put me down or at least pick me up in a nicer away!

Guest_Braincakereviews: haha no *he said as he flew her to saftey*

Guest_Braincakereviews: alteast you not dead *he said with a smirk*

Guest_R0000D: you only want me alove because of my powers...

Guest_Braincakereviews: your point?

Guest_Braincakereviews: you get to live.

Guest_R0000D: *she sighed* what if i don't want to life? *she held her hand making the fire in front of her warmer*

Guest_Braincakereviews: again not your choice.

Guest_Braincakereviews: nothing in this situation is

Guest_Braincakereviews: I know best

Guest_Braincakereviews: you dont

Guest_R0000D: *she mumbled* No wonder you don't have any friends.

Guest_Braincakereviews: haha there all dead.

Guest_R0000D: *she looked up* I'm sorry o.e

Guest_Braincakereviews: it's fine not that you care. *he looked away* anyways you are going to help me defeat the feeders *he glared* whether you want to or not.

Guest_R0000D: I do care. *she looked at him*

Guest_Braincakereviews: whatever. Fact is theirs an infection and we need to treat it *he spoke slowly and had malicion in his voice*

Guest_Ist###sair has joined the chat

Guest_Braincakereviews: * he pulled out his swords*

Guest_R0000D: *she shut up instantly*

Guest_Braincakereviews: (we're in the middle of a rp want to join?)

Guest_Braincakereviews: this is the only reason your alive.

Guest_Braincakereviews: (is that a yes?)

Guest_Is###sair has left the chat

Guest_Braincakereviews: (guess that's a no)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (back to rp)

Guest_R0000D: *she nodded slightly and looked* you hate me don't you?

Guest_Braincakereviews: I hate them, you are irelevent.

Guest_R0000D: you certainly act like you hate me...but i'm not surprised...*she turned her head and looked away*

Guest_Braincakereviews: you are an object. You are here for your powers and that alone. I do not care about you. Just your abilities. *he looked at her coldly*

Guest_R0000D: *she didn't meet his gaze. she was used a lot of times before. this man simply seemed to be the same*

Guest_Braincakereviews: now then. *he got up* we should get walking.

Guest_Braincakereviews: theirs a lot of ground to cover.

Guest_R0000D: *she spoke up* No.

Guest_Braincakereviews: (brb grabbing a glass of water)

Guest_R0000D: ((tyt))

Guest_Braincakereviews: (back sorry about that)

Guest_R0000D: ((weba and it's okay))

Guest_Braincakereviews: Like I said *he glanced at her* you don't have a choice.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he took one of his swords and aimed it at her heart*

Guest_Braincakereviews: now you can come willingly

Guest_Braincakereviews: or I can force you.

Guest_R0000D: Kill me. I don't care. *she looked at him*

Guest_Braincakereviews: oh (he laughed) who said anything about killing you, the pain would be exctrutiating that's what I'm threating with

Guest_R0000D: *she shook her head* I don't care.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he started to push his sword into her chest slowly twirling it as blood dripped out*

Guest_Braincakereviews: you sure?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he smirked*

Guest_R0000D: *she gasped* Yeah, I'm sure. I don't fucking care.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he took his other sword and started sawing at her leg* last _R0000D: *she grabbed the sword and snapped it in half* No.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *it magicly mended in a glow of red* hmm. Well then I'll just have to force you. *he took her and started flying in an unknown direction*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he flew her into a crowd of feeders*

Guest_Braincakereviews: attack now dammit!

Guest_R0000D has left the chat

Guest_R0000D has joined the chat

Guest_Braincakereviews: (ok let's continue)

Guest_Braincakereviews: fight dammit

Guest_R0000D: *she laughed* why should I?

Guest_Braincakereviews: because you'll die otherwise *he took one of his swords and cut the throaght of a feeder it screamed and melted into a pool of blood*

Guest_R0000D: i should die. just to leave you alone with n one without abilities.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he laughed* you can die or you can fight. I prefer the latter

Guest_R0000D: *she shrugged and let a feeder get her*

Guest_Braincakereviews: oh shit!

Guest_Braincakereviews: if she becomes one of them.

Guest_Braincakereviews: fuk.

Guest_Braincakereviews: fuk.

Guest_Braincakereviews: fuk,

Guest_R0000D: *she lets them drag her away willingly. she smirked at Eric* what did I say?

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he flies over to her right as a feeder is about to bite*

Guest_R0000D: *she rolls her eyes*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *it digs it's teeth into her* shit. fuk. dammit, hell

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he takes his katana and slices it's throat unsure of any damage*

Guest_Braincakereviews: you there?

Guest_Braincakereviews: you ok?

Guest_R0000D: *she holds her bleeding arm* Like you care.

Guest_Braincakereviews: ...are you infected? first thing to go is the soul.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he examins the arm*

Guest_R0000D: I feel fine.

Guest_Braincakereviews: your seirously wounded

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he rips off apart of his jacket and wraps it around her*

Guest_Braincakereviews: you'll live

Guest_Braincakereviews: thank satan

Guest_R0000D: Good to know *she muttered*

Guest_Braincakereviews: yes yes it is.

Guest_Braincakereviews: now whoever you are or whatever you are can end this why won't you help me? *he had struggle and anger in his voice*

Guest_R0000D: because i don't have too.. *she mumbled*

Guest_Braincakereviews: your really that selfish? to let millions die because you "don't have to" how can you be so so..cruel.

Guest_R0000D: you were cruel just before! stiking your sword into me like it was nothing!

Guest_Braincakereviews: I'm trying to save lives your being a dick.

Guest_R0000D: And you're not?!

Guest_Braincakereviews: theirs a difference miss.

Guest_Braincakereviews: no no I'm not.

Guest_Braincakereviews: last chance?

Guest_Braincakereviews: will you help willingly?

Guest_R0000D: if you don't stab me with a sword i'll consider it.

Guest_Braincakereviews: yes or no. Consider you options and weigh them carefully.

Guest_Braincakereviews: I don't want to have to kill you.

Guest_R0000D: *she mumbled* Sure you don't

Guest_Braincakereviews: their are more ways to get your powers then through your help. *he glared* now yes or no?

Guest_R0000D: *she thought* no.

Guest_Braincakereviews: I'm sorry.

Guest_Braincakereviews: I really really

Guest_Braincakereviews: am.

Guest_R0000D: *she stood up and vanished*

roleplaykitty has joined the chat

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he drew his swords and flew towards her, he pinned her to the ground drawing his sword into her causing her to bleed slowly*

Guest_Braincakereviews: (were in the middle of an rp want to join?)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (we can catch you up?)

roleplaykitty: (yes please)

Guest_R0000D: *she gasped, letting him do it, not even fighting him back*

Guest_Braincakereviews: (ok so neither of us are human in a world that is the apocolypse. she's a magic user who's powers I'm trying to steal by killing her i have the power to fly among other things. instead of zombies the world is infested by "feeders" which drain your sole and eat your flesh. I suggest you ready an introduction I'm trying to kill her now)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (we'll wait)

roleplaykitty: -walks into the city with my katanas drawn as my bike is srounded by feeders and theres not a scratch on me... im looking for survivors and i happen to see you about to kill her... tho i take my time to abserve you beacuse i dont quite know if you are friends or foes-

roleplaykitty: (scratch*)

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he digs his sword more carefully into her he feels the blood in his hands* again I'm sorry. But if you won't help me I'll save the world myself *he spits the words out*

roleplaykitty: "shes not dead" -runs to her-

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he notices* wait what are you doing! who the hell are you!

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he pushes the sword in further*

roleplaykitty: '' my hand glows blue and i start to heal her-

Guest_R0000D: *tears sprung to her eyes and she held the sword, fire melting it*

Guest_Braincakereviews: fuk no no no I'm the good guy here. She's ... you can't do this. I'm saving the world.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he's frantic with his words and incoherint*

Guest_R0000D: *She felt her wound seal up*

roleplaykitty: "hey kid... are you ok?"

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he freaks out* shit shit shit shit shit! no can't you see what's happening here! your puting us all in danger by saving her!

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he backs away from her*

Guest_Braincakereviews: what have you done?

roleplaykitty: '' my hand glows blue and i start to heal her-

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he laughs* please stop this.

Guest_Braincakereviews: I'm the hero here!

Guest_R0000D: She stood up, "Thanks." She walked off and stabbed a feeder in the gut. it dropped and she kept walking.

roleplaykitty: "can favor and shut the fuck up"

roleplaykitty: (youd do me a *)

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he gets close to the new strange girl * can't you see she's getting away. She won't help. We're all going to die.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he runs after the magic user*

roleplaykitty: -frezzes you with my magic-

Guest_R0000D: *She kept killing feeders. They all dropped*

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he stands frozen* {no no no! the world, everthing, it's all going to end because of her! } *he thinks to himself*

Guest_Braincakereviews: {just help me please! that's all I'm aksing} he thinks knowing the magic user will hear his thoughts.

Guest_R0000D: She stared hearing his thoughts, "I'm trying to help."

Guest_Braincakereviews: (for the record "the magic user refers to rod)

roleplaykitty: (rod?)

Guest_Braincakereviews: {then use your powers for good and help me end them} he thinks

Guest_Braincakereviews: (ya R00000D)

roleplaykitty: (why is she so important)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (has magical powers that could possible "hasn't been fully established" destroy the feeders or so my charecter thinks)

roleplaykitty: -frezzes her aswell-

Guest_Braincakereviews: {shit now what the hell}

Guest_Braincakereviews: {fuk fuk fuk fuk } *he thinks*

Guest_R0000D: (afk xD)

Guest_Braincakereviews: {were screwed}

roleplaykitty: ((omg what im kinda lost hear)) "now tell me whats your plan"

Guest_Braincakereviews: {wish I could talk} *he thinks*

Guest_Braincakereviews: (also just go with it role play is only improv after all)

Guest_R0000D: She sighed, being frozen sucked.

roleplaykitty: ((true)) -thinks- (whats your fucking plan)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (rp to find out)

roleplaykitty: -draws u both closer to me- tell me what the fuck is going on

Guest_R0000D: She sent a thought to her, "Ash him."

Guest_Braincakereviews: {well it's the apocolypse feeders are killing people everyone she can stop them but refuses. I was so close to getting her powers but you stopped me.}

roleplaykitty: "ok... why the fuck wont you help him?"

Guest_Braincakereviews: {beacuse she's a dick} *he thinks*

Guest_R0000D: She though, "Because he tried killing me at first."

Guest_Braincakereviews: {and selfish and crude and..} *he continues thinking non stop insualts about her*

Guest_R0000D: {Love how you treat a woman}


Guest_Braincakereviews: {im just thinking not peeping a word. Can't you froze me rememebr?} *he thinks*

roleplaykitty: -thinks to him- "she said she loves how ya trate a woman"-

Guest_Braincakereviews: {who the hell cares. Life is important not her gender} *he thinks*

roleplaykitty: -only frezzes ur legs- now talk

Guest_Braincakereviews: I need her to help. I'll do whatever it takes even if that means murder.

Guest_Braincakereviews: Same goes for you.

roleplaykitty: "bitch id like to see you try"

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he laughs* humans

Guest_R0000D: ((I really don't like this RP o.o xD))

roleplaykitty: -pulls out one of my katanas slightly-

Guest_Braincakereviews: (I'm sorry. Want to end it my charecter can kill yours or something and you'll be out?)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (we can take a happier role play in another chatroom after ^_^)

roleplaykitty: ill find one

Guest_R0000D: (Eh, kill my character o3o)

Guest_Braincakereviews: (ok)

Guest_R0000D: (-grabs popccorn and watches-)\

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he looks at the strange girl who has frozen him* you know a thought just occured to me. you may have frozen my legs...*he smirks* but I can still fly.

Guest_Braincakereviews: *he flies towards her and in a quik slice of his katanas ends her life*

Guest_Braincakereviews: prefer to do it slowly but that works.

for the record I like to pretend the rp ended here, and it sort of did. We all decided to do a new rp after this one. They didn't much care for the negativity. It should be noted that R0000d is from irelend and Roleplaykitty is from the uk. I am an amearican brah. Next story.