This next roleplay is a short one a tale of the meeting of two strangers via their school of magick. It is to date the shortest rp I have ever completed I hope you enjoy.

content warnings: cultural appropriation, death mention, murder mention

the Light hearted tale of Feeder and Neko


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Guest_xAshyBearrx: Chaz hissed as she walked into the doors of the school. Her ears drew back as she saw a few kids standing in the corner laughing at her. She was one of the few Neko's at the school, but she didn't quite fit in with the rest. She avoided the teacher she saw and went straight to the "fun" room. "This is gonna suck." She sighed, crawling on the couch by herself. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her tail around her legs.

Braincakereviews: *a young boy with pail grey ash skin wearing a dragon suit do to a bet causing humilation took a seat next to the girl hoping she woudn't stare*

Guest_xAshyBearrx: Her eyes wandered from the floor over to him and her ears stood up as she looked at him in confusion, "Uh, why are you wearing that?"

Braincakereviews: *he sighed* I lost a bet to some buddies who magicly bound it to me. Sometimes I hate...magic school. *he sighed once more leaning back*

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She laughed softly, "That's not so bad."

Braincakereviews: it is...embarising *he grunted*

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She shrugged, "I'm sure you can get it off somehow."

Braincakereviews: I've tried...

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She got on all fours and crawled to him, her pupils became huge as she looked at him, "What are you anyways?"

Braincakereviews: *he sighed* an energy look like a neko to me...not completly sure what that is...but you certainly fit the bill.

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She sat on her legs, "A cat human. Aka, a neko." she poked him. "What's an energy feeder?"

Braincakereviews: *he made a discoreging noise* we are beings simler to the human form of energy vampires exept greater..we are imortal by sucking the life or energy force of humans constantly...hope that doesn't scare you..

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She pawed at her ear. "Do you kill people by doing that?"

Braincakereviews: no not really just shorten their life span..or corupt it

Braincakereviews: so they become like us...but we need to do that to survive

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She cringed, "I don't really know how much that would effect me. I'm more cat then human."

Braincakereviews: oh no...we have..participents whom's energy is right for the feed..I could never feed of a neko

Braincakereviews: they are willing by the way

Braincakereviews: almost volenteers if you will.

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She slowly nodded, "I see.. What if you don't find someone to volunteer?"

Braincakereviews: we die. *he said the words bluntly and cold not reavealing how hard of a truth it is for his kind*

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She frowned, "well, you can use me." She smiled faintly, "I have nine lives, right?" She giggled softly.

Braincakereviews: I'm fine my...partner suplements me right now, i coudn't feed off you anyways but thankyou...*he outreaches his hand for a shake hoping to symbolize this new found freindship*

Guest_xAshyBearrx: She pushed his hand to the side and hugged him quickly, "It's okay." She smiled and sat back on her butt. She yawned.

Braincakereviews: *he noticed and blushed* t-thankyou...

see wasn't that sweet? no? well i think it is..that's all that matters. It was a short rp do to my partner having to go to sleep at who knows what in the morning. But we do hope to continue this one soon. Maybe one day.