Synopsis: An emo, goth, prep and hipster walk into a bar on their 21st birthday to celebrate but end becoming best of friends. They decide to listen to their 'inner child' and head to an amusement park nearby. Even though they all go different directions when they graduate, they promise to meet again as they had the fateful day they all turned 21.


Daimien Yaeger: (token emo)

Juniper 'June' Hollister: (token goth)

Francis 'Frank' Rothchild III: (token prep)

Valencia 'Val' Kincaid: (token hipster)

Bartender (Brady):

Carnie (Hal):

Slingshot Operator (Juan):

Zandria Amy Rothchild III: (child of Frank and Val)

Elias 'Eli' Rothchild III: (child of Frank and Val)

Calvin 'Cal' Yaeger: (child of June and Damien)

Scene 1-It's My Birthday, Too !

Daimien: (looking into the mirror) The day I've waited for so long has finally arrived. At last, I can officially call myself an 'adult'. There's a bar not far from here called Spectre. I hear it's uber chic and elite but that doesn't mean I won't try to get in myself. I mean I am 21. I at least deserve to drink my first beer there. No harm in trying.

(A more 'techno' version of 'Eleanor Rigby' plays in the background as Daimien makes himself look extremely dapper and suave. He drives his metallic purple Kia to Spectre.)

Daimien: (sliding up with swagger to the counter, pulls down shades) I'll have a Yeager, if you don't mind. The only beer bad-assed enough to be named after (points to self) yours truly. Yeah. Dig that !

Brady: (rolling eyes and scoffing)

Daimien: Scoff all you like Brady. You're just hating. (sees a very fetching goth walk in) On second though, cancel the Yeager.

Brady: (shakes head back and forth, muttering to self) I lose more customers this way...

('I Would Die For You' plays in the background as June sits down with a pair that has become friends in and of themselves.)

June: Is it your birthday too ?

Frank: Yes, coincidentally. Isn't that something ?

Val: Frank, myself, and apparently you two share the same birthday, also.

June: Isn't it true that over 1,000 plus people share the same birthday though ?

Frank: I think so, but I would assume that number is larger. I don't remember where I saw those stats, though, so don't quote me.

Daimien: I'm Daimien, by the way.

June: I hadn't introduced myself earlier, but I'm June. It's short for Juniper. (chuckling) I think my parents were hippies or something to name me after a tree.

Val: I think it's a beautiful name and it suits you. Who wants to be conventional anyway, am I right ? I'm Val, short for Valencia. I was actually born in Valencia, California.

Frank: Don't laugh but my real name is Francis. I was named after my dad. Kind of a tradition in the Rothchild family.

Daimien: Is it me or is more boring than watching tumbleweeds here ?

June: No...It's terribly boring.

Daimien: There's an amusment park not too far from here called Champagne Supernova. They have a rollercoaster called Phantasma Gora and it's supposed to be wickedly fast.

Frank: I don't know, I'm not really a fan of rollercoasters.

Val: Frank, we're all going to be there. You won't have to ride alone.

Frank: What are we waiting around this dingy, dank, and frankly, depressing place then ?

Daimien: Look at that ! Frank, overcoming fear the day he becomes a man ! (pats Frank on the back)

(They quickly leave the Spectre and head to Champagne Supernova. In fact, the song of the very same name begins playing in the background, but a more instrumental version thereof with a full choir.)

Scene 2-Unlikely Friends

(As they ride different amusements at Champagne Supernova while 'Supernova' plays in the background.)

Frank: I just told my fear to take a hike. Better yet, it packed its bags after that totally awesome rollercoaster !

Daimien: See ? What did we tell you ?

Val: Your life isn't so insulated any longer. (hugs Frank from the side)

June: What about that slingshot over there ! I've always wanted to try one.

Daimien, you have to go with me !

Daimien: Uhm...isn't that a bit...high ?

June: Don't tell me you're chickening out ! (starts to make clucking noises)

Frank: If you do, you're gonna be the bravest one amongst us, man.

Val: Yeah, cuz we're not ridin' that thing. One fear at a time !

Daimien: Screw that ! YOLO, right ?

Frank: YOLO ? Isn't that a bit overdone ?

Val: Maybe, but Daimien does present a valid point.

Daimien: (takes a deep breath) I've decided to ride that slingshot. June, you're going with me. No amount of whining or complaining will sway me otherwise.

June: I fully support you. You're the one afraid of heights, remember ?

Daimien: (laughing) Not for much longer.

('Kingmaker' plays in the background as they make their ascent.)

Frank: Daimien's a little nuts, but I have to give him credit. It takes cahones to do something this insane.

Val: If you think I'm going to try the slingshot after him, forget it.

Frank: (lighthearted chuckle, snorts) Don't worry...There is no way you could pay me enough to even consider it. After all, I am rich. I'm comfortably well off, anyways.

Val: I swear sometimes you can be so shallow, Frank. Makes me love you even more.

Juan: Are you two head cases ready to rock ?

Daimien: (shakily) Uhhh...I guess. Rock n' roll !

Juan: (lets them go) Away you go, jefe !

Daimien: Oh...God...OH GOD ! Too high, too freakin' high !

June: (singing) I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. Think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and fly away !

Both: I believe I can soar...I see me runnin' toward that open do-oh-ohhhhhrrrr !

Daimien: I'm gonna PUKE ! June, get me off this crazy thing !

(Soon they are let down and Daimien seems alright, for the time being.)

June: Still gotta blow chunks, hon ?

Daimien: (collecting his nerves) No...but now I'm on terra firma.

TERRA FIRMA, BABY ! (kisses the ground)

June: (sticks out tongue) That's just gross, dude.

Daimien: (maniacle laughter)

Frank: Is he gonna be alright ?

June: I think he'll be fine. (helps him back up to his feet) There, there. You're going to be a-ok, partner.

Val: Hey, look. Carnival games !

Frank: I'll show you how a pro does it.

Daimien: Oh, it's so on now.

Scene 3-Fun and Games

Hal: A token a play. Who's next ?

All together: We are !

Hal: Four new challengers. Hmmm...this should be intrieguing. Take your guns. Once I ring the bell, start shooting at your targets ! Best of luck, everyone.

Frank: Get ready to lose !

(A alternative/punk rock version of 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better' plays in the background. Ultimately, Daimien wins and everyone else gets a plushie from his prowess/skill.)

Daimien: You were saying, Frank ?

Frank: I was a bit rusty. Your make-up was distracting me.

Daimien: Lame. L is for loser, which is what you are.

Val: Daimien, that's harsh !

Daimien: I'm just funnin'. Not like I really mean it.

Frank: (slaps his back) Yep. Hey, look...there's a laser tag arena over there.

Daimien: Have you ever tried laser tag ?

Frank: No, not really. Most of the time I spent studying my butt off and keeping my grades up. I am valevictorian this year, you know.

Daimien: My God, you really have no life, do you ?

(They laugh)

Frank: Daimien, I swear by all things sacred, prepare to have your heinie handed to you on a silver platter.

Val: Oh, snap.

('Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma' plays in the background as they play together until Frank wins the battle.)

Frank: Years of archery practice didn't fail me.

Val: I have to say, you were the quickest amongst us. None of us stood a chance !

June: I'm getting a little peckish. What about the rest of you guys ?

(they chat amongst themselves and find an ice-cream shop)

Daimien: I couldn't have been happier that we all decided to listen to our inner child. This is so much funner than that dumb, depressing bar anyway.

Frank: Funner ? 'Funner' isn't a word.

(They all laugh)

Val: Frank the grammer Nazi. All hail Frank, may he reign supreme.

Frank: Hardy har har. How droll.

Daimien: (narrating) I never would've thought that I would make 3 new friends on the anniversary of my birth. It just goes to show you if you go outside your comfort zone every so often, good things can happen.

(Scene shift)

Scene 4-Returning to Champagne Supernova

('Many Years Later' appears on the screen)

Daimien: After that frivolous day, we all went our different directions. Graduation carried us all away on our own currents, but we had pinky sworn on that date that we would come together again at Champagne Supernova to celebrate our friendship. At least email had kept us in touch, but we hadn't really 'seen' each other in reality for years. June and I had gotten married not long after we bagged a job in our respective fields. We now have a five year old who is curious about everything around him. He has heard stories about our friends and is constantly asking about them. So, as a treat, even though it's not his birthday, we're returning to the amusement park where friendship thwarts all.

Cal: This is Champange Supernova ? It's so COOL ! And so big !

Daimien: I know, Cal. I knew you'd like it.

Cal: Is this where you and your friends celebrated your 21st birthday ?

Daimien: Sure is. Here they come.

June: Val, it's been too long ! (hugging her, lowering herself) Who are these little angels ?

Val: This is Zandria and Eli. They're fraternal twins.

Cal: Can I go and play with Zandria and Eli, dad ?

June: (talking to Daimien)

Daimien: Your mother says yes, just don't wander too far off, alright ?

Cal: (giddily) Yea !

(The kids run off to ride some kid friendly amusements together while everyone starts to reconnect.)

Frank: Hard to believe that we're all in our mid-thirties now with broods of our own, isn't it ?

Val: They grow fast. Hold on to their youth as long as you can.

June: Oh, we know. Seems like only yesterday, Calvin was learning how to crawl. He can tie his own shoelaces and dress himself. He's even going to kindergarten and liking it quite well.

Frank: He seems to be a really sweet kid. Takes after his parents !

(They all laugh)

June: Oh, he can be a hellion at times, but it's rare.

Daimien: (narrating) I guess the addage is 'the more things change the more they stay the same'. Our child had expanded our family and it seemed that everywhere we went, it became larger and larger. Having children changed our lives forever, but only made everything better. Each and every day was an adventure, filled with curiosity, which kept June and I on our toes quite a bit. We hope that the journeys we take now with Calvin will remain in his mind for years to come and that he'll return here with kids of his own, if he ever has a family. Even if he doesn't, we still hope that Champagne Supernova shines brightly as the gem it always has been and is to the four of us.

(Shot of everyone coming together at the end to ride the carosel while 'The End' appears on the screen. Bloopers shown at the end for true blue fans, dedications mentioned at the end as well. 'Happy' plays at the end as well as 'Love Never Felt So Good'.)